About Korky

Korky is the lead Telecommunications Systems Analyst at the University of Texas at Dallas. He was formerly Manager of Supply Chain Manufacturing at a division of Fujitsu Corporation specializing in Enterprise Applications. He also is the founder and President of Entropy Dynamics, LLC, an enterprise dedicated to small business IT consulting and web marketing. He has been in the IT arena since 1978, after graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas with his Masters Degree. He lives in the Dallas, Texas area, is married and has three children.


Korky has been working with Linux since 1996, where he's tried multiple distributions including SUSE, Debian, Libranet, RedHat, Fedora, and now Ubuntu. You can find him most of the time on #kubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntu-offtopic and #kubuntu His screen name is kkathman.

Linux Installation

Entropy Dynamics, LLC (http://www.entdyn.com) is run on a home network that includes an ecletic mix of Windows, MAC and Linux boxes. All web development is done on the Linux platforms which is a home built system. The other two linux boxes are used for file servers and a small testing server. UT Dallas employs a wide variety of Linux installation including systems that power the telecommunications data analysis.


Korky is active in working with systems engineers at the University, including further adoption into campus system. He formerly served on Fujitsu-Glovia's interdepartmental team for Linux awareness and training, supplying both technical and non-technical support for internal and external projects. He has been involved in the alpha, beta and finial rollouts of an Enterprise Resource Planning suite on Linux that is used by companies worldwide. He also works on a consulting basis with several small businesses in the Dallas, Texas area, aiding in their implementation on Ubuntu and RedHat implementations. Korky is also a member of the Launchpad New Member Team that helps new users of Ubuntu/Kubuntu get up and running efficiently. He is also a charter member on the Kubuntu Wiki Documentation Team. He spends upwards of 8-10 hours a day in #kubuntu helping solve day to day issues, especially in the area of KDE configuration and networking. He is also an active member and poster to Kubuntu-Central (http://kubuntu-central.blogspot.com).


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