Hi my name is Kreg, I live in the US and I am 21 years old.

Currently I am employed by an Intel Premier Provider Systems Integrator. This provides me with a good amount of information on new technologies, both desktop and laptop, including Centrino Technology.

My current exposure to Ubuntu would be just short of total immersion. I have converted both of my household systems (my desktop that was running SuSE and my fiances laptop that was running Win XP) to Ubuntu. I try to offer my talents to the community; I am active on a few of the Ubuntu mailing lists and I spend time in #ubuntu on freenode under the name "liberal tugboat". I also work locally advocating Ubuntu; helping new users with installs, giving out discs to customers where I work and providing support whenever I can.

Since the majority of my computer skills is hardware based, I have a good understanding of laptops (I have even assembled them by hand). This would be the oppertunity I have been looking for to contibrute to a project that I really beleive in.

Thank you for giving the community a chance, like this, that no other distrobution has done before.

-Kreg Schlosser email:


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