About me

Currently working as LAMP web developer in a interactive agency in Zagreb. I have working knownledge of PHP, HTML/CSS/DOM, JavaScript/ECMA Script, XML/XSLT. Currently my goal is making a web what is was in a beggining, a web of informational documents with hyperlinks to other. Trying to enforce usage of W3C standards, accesability (WCAG, Section 508).

My first contact with unix was in 1994 (HPUX), and then later with all kinds of Linux distros, but i haven't satisfied with either of them until i stumbled on Ubuntu last year, and immediatly fell in love with Ubuntu (since WartyWarthog). It has wastly improved since then, so i want do contribute in any way i can. Currently with other people from Croatia trying to establish s Croatian translators team, and maybe in future some kind of Croatian Ubuntu community.

As i am a programmer, i am trying to return to the "real" programming word, i think i will go for Python and GTK libs.

Me and Ubuntu

Me and couple of other guys( AnteKaramatic, EdgarBursic and some other) have founded Croatian LOCO team. Our goal is to spread the Ubuntu spirit in Croatia and to fix( and complete) translation of Ubuntu to Croatian language. I have done most of the work on building site ( i am webmaster), and i'm constantly heliping newcomers to Ubuntu through forum on our site, and ond IRC chanel #ubuntu-hr on Trying to push ubuntu on servers ( i think it has a great future there)

Also i have completed a translation of several gnome apps into croatian.

Mail: <kkunjas AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com> ICQ: 115065295 IRC: deresh



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