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* The main reason I added this was to have kicker applets again instead of the crashy plasma widgets. I included the paths as indicated: "PATH=/opt/kde3/bin:/opt/kde3/games:/opt/kde3/bin:$PATH KDEDIRS=/usr/:/opt/kde3/ KDEHOME=$HOME/.kde3 XDG_DATA_DIRS=/opt/kde3/share/:/usr/share/ MANPATH=/opt/kde3/share/man kicker" but I get the following when trying to configure it: The diagnostics is: Library files for "" not found in paths what path do I need to set then?

*Three tries, upgrading -->Jaunty, and keeping KDE3. Followed instructions --to the letter-- every time, yet ended up with a broken KDE, both before and after reboot. First lockup happened upon PAM upgrade, and finally, KDE was totally broken after the final reboot ...couldn't even get to the login screen, because KDM wouldn't load.

  • [Addendum]Sometime later, I found a backup of Intrepid, which was restored to its default partition. I checked all the UUIDs in grub, fstab. I then let it build its own /home/<username> directory, so got the taskbar icon offering upgrade to 9.04. It worked. HOWEVER, I could find NO kubuntu-desktop-kde3 package --or any variation on the name-- in the package listing. OOPS! Smile :-) -Yogich

* Though I don't use kde 3.5 anymore I think it's important to keep it as an option to give people a choice. Thank you for that! ANDREA54

  • I do not use KDE 4 yet since in my opinion lacks some features I want. The idea of being able to use KDE3 with the latest updates that Jaunty has to offer is very appealing and useful, thanks! LINUXFEVER
  • KDE 3 on Ibex is well. But in Jaunty and more I would like see more effort in KDE 4 for bring it to a very stable and fast release. On a good base and full manpower the feature-lacks will disappear soon. My mentality is: "Always forward, never back ..." --scholli
  • I agree and I do not want to see more effort in the KDE 3, for me it's perfect the way it is now. I just want to be able to have KDE 3 if I choose to and use the updated packages that come with the newer distro (eg the kernel etc...). LINUXFEVER
  • I thought this was a joke at first. I hope this doesn't lead to a lot of accidental installation of KDE3 apps. Please tell me this is using a separate repository. -- Lunarcloud
  • Yes, this uses a separate repository, Lunacloud. I did a fresh install of the Jaunty Beta and added KDE3 to the top of it. It's not perfect but definitely usable. The main problems I encountered were that you can't "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm-kde3 stop" so I just did a console login to build my NVIDIA blob driver. Other than that, KMix settings seems to pop up on every login(annoying, but minor). Other than that, I chuckled when trying to log into KDE4 now, it just fades to black and all I can see is the mouse. I'm not sure if these occur in the LiveCD too or not, but this has been my experience when installing it on top of the Jaunty Beta on my box. Otherwise, it's been great so far. I can actually get work done until KDE4 is MUCH MORE feature rich. I can say that I did like the addition of KPackagekit in the standard Jaunty Beta since it's very similar to Adept and my Adept wont let me modify my repos for some reason. -- red_team316
  • It is very nice to have the option of KDE 3 in Jaunty. There is one thing that bugged me about KDE3 in Hardy, however.
    • If you had a flash drive or CD in the computer when you started KDE3 they would not appear mounted on the desktop. If, then, you opened them in Storage Media, any and all mounted mediums would THEN appear on the desktop. This doesn't happen in Gnome for it shows my flash drive and any mounted CDs on the desktop when I log in. If this is still a problem on KDE3 in Jaunty can you please tweak it?
  • In any event I will make sure to grab my KDE3 version of Jaunty when it is released. --blue
  • @blue - Have you made sure that you have this option enabled? Go to kcontrol->Desktop->Behaviour->Device Icons Tab and click to check the "Unmounted" things that you want to appear on the desktop. --linuxfever

  • This doesn't feel like the right way to make comments... I can edit what other people have said! (I didn't, and don't want to) Sorry, I couldn't figure out another way to give feedback.
  • I'm curious about going from this version to KUbuntu 9.10LTS when it comes out. Will I be able to upgrade from KUbuntu 8.04 64bit to this KDE 3 Jaunty, and then to KUbuntu 9.10, without any problems? Will there still be a KDE 3 for 9.10? --BryanFRitt
  • Thank you!! This is a great idea and very welcome. While I like the underlying changes in KDE4, I dislike plasma and the inability to configure my desktop to act and look like KDE3. I fear that KDE4 is going the way of GNOME with the removal of many configuration options I've learned to love over the years while using KDE. llavern
  • Well, it's always nice to have KDE3 available. However, for me this is coming too late. I suffered badly from having to use KDE4.1 on Intrepid through all the tough time. (My problem was that I needed the 2.6.27 kernel to run my hardware, so hardy/KDE3 was not an option.) I was one of the many users crying for KDE3 on Intrepid, but we were all told that this was impossible due to a lack of manpower. Now that KDE4.2.2 is running well and we are up and running, the option is suddenly available. It kind of hurts. I won't forget the KDE4.1 pain too soon. --hasi
  • the liveCD and install works well, but I didn't find any option to switch on dual monitor desktop (and after installation I had just cloned view). Actually IIRC I didn't see even resolution settings or something similar at System settings or anywhere else in the menu. After installation of ATI Control center (it was one of first packages I did spot on in add/remove programs and tried) and reboot the X is dead (after splash it goes into black screen with a bit of colour dots around top of screen, like remains of text mode gfx memory). I tried the rescue boot option, tried xfix in menu. X is still dead. I tried rescue boot option, netroot (and root), it asks me for root password. Mine password of first user does not work. I will not hack it from liveCD to fix it, because it was fresh install so no harm done, but I would not like to encounter such situation if it would be my main OS installation, and I would feel very sorry for ordinary user. (I have at least some idea what I would be able to do trough liveCD session with mounted partition, still I would have to learn many new things, but I think ordinary user would be left completely down without any chance to recover). In the 2h I was toying with this RC1 the final result is "just as incomplete as new KDE4.x line". I will keep 8.04.2 KDE3 for now, looking forward for 9.10? I don't know. -- ped 2009-04-21 06:17:11

    • Just so you know, these problems have nothing to do with KDE3.5, aside from a missing display configuration feature that never really existed in the first place. What I would do, if you want them fixed, is to try the standard Kubuntu LiveCD, and when these problems occur again, file as many bugs as are necessary on Launchpad.
  • Downloads do not work anymore due to exceeded server bandwith -- rfh 2009-04-14 20:25:27

  • Downloads are back up -- kb9vqf 2009-04-19 23:22:39

  • I prefer KDE 3.5 cause KDE 4 is actually slower and uses too much RAM memory and other graphical resources. I already downloaded this Kubuntu Jaunty KDE3.5 in my IMB Thinkpad T40 and have serious problems with wifi pcicards : I tried the original CISCO PCI wireless not supported, then continued with 2 PCMCIA (1 dlink DWL G630 and a TPLINK TL-WN510G with Atheros chip) and 1 usb D-link device DWL-G122 . All of them have been working throuh Feisty Fawn till Intrepid without supporting problems till your nice work, guys. Can you help? Ben.
  • Carried out update from Hardy to Jaunty. Issue on a Dell Inspiron 1300 with broadcom wireless card. Wi-fi functionality is disabled and cannot be activated via either Konsole or the system settings menu. 'dmesg' states that the firmware is too new and suggests a URL for downloading an older tarball. Further details can be found on on the following bug report link: . Another issue is where is network-manager-kde applet? I can see nothing in the system tray that I can use to check network connection. The network connection obviously works, but a system tray applet would be nice. I read elsewhere that knetworkmanager is buggy. Edit: Also, having some problems with graphical sudo: not able to use either "kdesu" or "kdesudo" in the konsole. It returns an error window with "command not found"written. This is in spite of the fact that kdesudo package is actually installed... --TWO

    • Try installing kdesudo-kde3 and knetworkmanager-kde3

* I'm very confused about what is a stable release. I currently use kubuntu Hardy 8.04 and am used to the minor bugs in it. Jaunty is now out but I can't figure out if it's beta or stable? I prefer KDE to Gnome but I want stability above all. I don't want to try something new until it's been fully tested and I can't figure out whether it has been or not. Perhaps this could be made clearer when releases are made. -- Jesse

  • As far as I understand, any new final release is considered a stable release and any supported older release is considered as stable. Only Alpha, Beta and Release Candidate (RC) versions of Kubuntu are considered unstable officially. I think the latest KDE 4 version is considered stable, but there is the likelihood of programs which have not yet been fully ported from KDE 3. Somebody else will have to confirm the stability of the latest KDE 4 Kubuntu as I have opted for the KDE 3 RC version of Jaunty. The way I see it, if your current system works fine for you then I don't see much reason to have to update, unless you like to be on the bleeding edge, or think that there is missing functionality. --TWO

* Added kde3 next to kde4 on jaunty (1 day after upgrading from 8.04/kde3 -> 9.04/kde4 and removing kde3 on 8.04 first using "apt-get remove '.*kde.*'" to allow a succesful upgrade). While installing kde3 on jaunty it barfed with "Errors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/network-manager-kde-kde3_1%3a0.7svn864988-0ubuntu5_i386.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)" after which I continued using "dpkg --configure -a". Hope this is the right fix.

* thanks a lot! kde4 was too slow, konsole kde4 session didn't restore tabs, and kio slave for fish and samba didn't work well in quanta on kde4. thanks again !

* I found this page today -- better later than never -- but anyway, I am happy Kubuntu provides KDE3, and as it is written on the page, it will provide it in the next release too. A relief for me, because I rely on several KDE3 features that are simply missing in KDE4 (and won't be reimplemented any soon). Thank you very much for your work!

*Thanks a lot for you work. I regard KDE4 as nowhere near ready and introducing a lot of bad ideas in terms of look and feel. One thing tho: what is a good place for setting the environment variables? I put them in ~/.profile but would like them system wide rather, adding them to /etc/environment screwed up my system, couldn't log in. Another thing: I use xfce4 with remix, but I don't see kde3 apps in the xfce menu which makes adding new starters a hassle. Can I have KDE3 entries in the Xfce menu somehow? --Dexter Filmore

* Great to see that you have created a version of KPDF that can rotate pages!!! Is this also available as a stand-alone package, or can I only download it as part of the whole image file? -- Rolf Sander

* Nice. I used a slightly modified approach by using .kde from my backup, as I had made the mistake of "upgrading" to vanilla 9.04 - I am now safely back with KDE3. Thanks! - Tom the Melaniephile

* I m a kde fan for nearly 10 years, since the first mandrake upload from gael duval including kde. I never seen such a buggy KDE as KDE4 . . . Imho, what was called kde 4.2.* should have been called kde4 alphacrashymissingfeatures, if you were not providing kde3 i would have downgraded ubuntu, or switched to another distro still providing the stable, featurefull and beautiful kde 3.5. I ll perhaps give kde4 another chance in 2 years but right now i lost enough time with it.

So far, so good

I've been using KDE for three years as a "daily driver" and dabbled with it before that on SuSE, RHEL, and even Solaris before switching to Kubuntu. I've used the same desktop for all those years (in most cases, the same config files). When 8.10 (or whichever version first shipped with KDE 4) I was really, really disappointed to learn that I couldn't have my old desktop back. I actually use Kubuntu at work and can't afford to spend *days* getting my desktop usable, so until I found the remix, I stayed with 8.04 (8.04.1 ... 8.04.2 ...). Everything works great in the remix. Kudos to all of you that worked on it!

So the writing *is* on the wall and eventually there will be no one updating KDE 3. I'm not a Luddite and don't mind using new software (did I mention I've gone from Solaris to SuSE to Kubuntu?) but I really, really need to not spend time dinking with the desktop just to be able to do my work. The KDE devs don't seem to understand that and don't seem to have allowed for backwards compatibility of the desktop (not talking underlying software mecahnisms, which I could not care any less about but user experience).

So for those of you who have dabbled more extensively with KDE 4, have you found a way to make your desktop look like the desktops of old? (I don't even know what my setup is called - Widget Style says "Keramik", Windo Decoration says "Crystal" - mean anything?) - plaws, 2009-11-03 2159 UTC

== Problem with acpi thinkpad X200s ==;

Hello I just installed 9.04 on my thinkpad X200s, however acpi seems not to work properly. Sometimes the batterie monitor pops up, some times after restarting it does not. I tried out 8.04 (which I can't use since the wireless card is not supported) and the batterie monitor pops up without a problem. Looks like a KDE bug to me. ~~~~:

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