• Can we get a list of what needs doing, and the priority of each item, before release? We're probably not likely to get *all* of the bugs fixed before release. - Hobbsee

Member candidates

  • imbrandon ( Brandon Holtsclaw )

  • "kwwii" ( Kenneth Wimer )

Meeting Log

Meeting log can be read there : first part, second part.


First, Riddell asked each one to just tell who (s)he is.

  === Riddell jonathan riddell
  === Lure is Luka Renko
  === allee Achim Bohnet
  === Hobbsee is Sarah Hobbs, she thinks...
  === kwwii is Kenneth Wimer
  === m-onkey Carlos Diener
  === toma is Tom Albers
  === comm[A|n] der is Robert Mueller
  === bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  === `6og Karl Goetz (usually)
  === OculusAquilae is Bastian Holst
  === imbrandon is Brandon Holtsclaw
  === nixternal is Richard Johnson
  11:06  klichota  klichota is Krzysztof Lichota
  === crimsun [n=crimsun@pdpc/supporter/silver/crimsun] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  === kmon Javier monteagudo, just a reader
  === linuxmonkey is Terry Jacob (at least I think I am)

Because of Hobbsee's sleeping state, she asks to report her agenda point for later.


Brandon Holtsclaw - imbrandon

  • He mentions his Wiki page : imbrandon for presentation

  • crimson mentions that imbrandon has been taking an active role in universe-fixing for 6.06

  • imbrandon mentions that bddebian uploaded a lot for him
  • Hobbsee mentions imbrandon fixing kvirc and having been working with him in -motu fixing dh_iconcache
  • Answering Riddell, imbrandon mentions he's been around #kubuntu-devel for 3 months
  • imbrandon mentions his presence mostly on IRC in -motu and #kubuntu, for general help, like install problems and setting up restricted formats for people, sudo understanding and such, and that he spends about 6 hours a day on average on #kubuntu and #kubuntu-offtopic

  • Riddell mentions the fact that imbrandon is no op for the moment and that it'll be fixed
  • Red-Sox mentions that imbrandon helps out a lot for us newbies in #kubuntu-offtopic

  • On Riddell's question will you be able to help us with the RC and final release at all?, imbrandon aggrees: yes (...) i'm here for the long haul

  • Hobbsee mentions how hard it is to answer to people on #kubuntu, because of very high ratio of newbies to people who know what they're talking about and mentions that imbrandon tends to be one of the few people that helps around

  • Tonio_ mentions that he also did a quite interesting bunch of patches

  • Lure: I think we need more people to help newbies in irc and forums - thsi is where Kubuntu is lacking (+25 from Hobbsee)

  • Answering a few questions about involvment in Edgy, imbrandon: i plan on being very active in edgy and kde4 and can definitively be put on Riddell's list of people to throw packaging problems at.

  • i plan on concentrating on kde ( qt4 patches ) but i also lkike to look on malone and help where i can while ideling on irc heling new people

  • imbrandon did sign the Code of Conduct (question from toma)


  • Riddell: well I've not heard much involvement from imbrandon before but what I'm hearing here is good and the testimonials are all positive so I think a +1 from me

  • Hobbsee is debating saying yes, or asking for more contributions before membership...

    • Hobbsee: +1 from the stuff i see in -motu - i'd like to see you in #k-devel though :)

  • allee: many others supported him. +1 from me too.

  • Tonio_: +1 for me although I wasn't here at the beginning

  • toma: +1 for me

11:25  Riddell  seems like +1s all around
11:25  Riddell  thanks for taking the grilling imbrandon and congratulations on being the first kubuntu-member

Kenneth Wimer - kwwii

  • kwwii, presenting himself (he had no Wiki page at that moment):
    • well, I am kenneth wimer, been around linux for a long while

    • worked for another major linux company for 7 years doing all the graphics

    • kde member, kde-hci member, kde-artists ring-master or such

    • since about a 6-8 months using kubuntu

    • in the meantime, a ubuntu-art member

    • did lots of stuff for dapper

    • learning deb packaging recently

  • Riddell: well I know kwwii pretty well, I don't have any questions (...) he did all the dapper artwork for kubuntu

  • Riddell mentions that kwwii is contracted by canonical at the moment

  • To toma's question about being working on kde stuff as well, kwwii answers: "I am part of the oxygen team

  • At that moment, kwwii had NOT signed the Code of Conduct (question from toma)

  • He even had no wiki page (first question from Hobbsee, Tonio_ then precises its importance), but he mentions his blog : http://kwwii.blogspot.com

  • Riddell: he won't get into the kubuntu-members team without signing the conduct


  • Hobbsee: +1 based on the artwork contributions - looking forward to seeing what happens in edgy

  • Tonio_: +1 based of artwork contribution, work done for the linux tag (...)

  • Riddell: +1 from me for kubuntu artwork, top linuxtag help and oxygen goodness

  • toma: +1 for me, although a wiki page describing yourself is badly missing

  • allee: kwwii: then +1 of course!!

11:37  Riddell  +1s all round again, congatulations kwwii

Tom Albers - toma

He has been added during the meeting (not present on agenda):

11:37  Riddell anyone else here for membership?
11:38  toma    Riddell: maybe i should be there?
  • Riddell mentions that toma is our KDE link on the committee

  • toma, presenting himself :
    • well, I'm working on RSIBreak, i was working on digiKam

    • i was a dutch translator before that

  • Tonio_ mentions that toma works on codeine
  • Answering Tonio_, toma mentions he worked on media:/ library and tried to implement it in codeine (upstream implemented it differently)
  • toma then mentioned :
    • next to that, i did some packaging on alioth (debian). learning from allee

    • and code kde-nl member core

  • Answering to Riddell asking what makes him interested in Kubuntu: "i think linux should be easier for the users and i'm seeing kubuntu making a good efford doing so, so i want to help in that area and focuessed on KDE

  • allee mentions toma's upstream work on kipi-plugins
  • Answering Riddell, toma mentions that he attended all kde meetings in Netherlands and no other one.
  • toma: yes, i can not say I have done a lot for kubuntu untill now, but I will be more active, you have to know that the council is a bit of a surprise for me.

    • Riddell: toma: I'm not asking for more kubuntu involvement, as I say we value you for the upstream involvement

  • Answering to Hobbsee, toma confirms that he has signed the Code of Conduct


  • Riddell: toma get a +1 from me for bringing KDE knowledge to kubuntu council, but I think we'd expect more kubuntu contribution for most members so I understand if others vote the other way

  • Hobbsee would like to wait, and see more contributions, but is then happy to approve both membership and kcc status

  • Tonio_: +1 for me, based on the future and the specific case of toma (cc member before beeing a member)

  • allee: I trust/know toma. +1

11:51  Riddell  toma is in the positive then, congratulations and welcome to kubuntu membership

Next point: Figuring out where the work has to be done - Hobbsee

Agenda point is following :

  • Can we get a list of what needs doing, and the priority of each item, before release? We're probably not likely to get *all* of the bugs fixed before release. - Hobbsee


  • Repositories
    • Main is already frozen, all uploads should be mentioned on DapperReleaseRadar or approved by mdz.

    • Universe is excepted to remain open until next tuesday.
  • Bugfixing
    • In Universe, bugfixes should be fine
    • In Main, important bugfixes where it's obvious they won't break other things should be fine too but need aproval first.


Wiki pages

Riddell asked for a Kubuntu version of Testing/Short. imbrandon took it and Odyx proposed to re-read it. imbrandon will have to make Testing/CurrentKubuntu for Release Candidate too if possible.

Release Candidate

Tonight's nightly build will be the first Release Candidate, please start testing from tomorrow morning (european time). Results should be reported to Testing/CurrentKubuntu.

Big priority is to test Ubiquity, which should be able to do anything partman can do. and has smiliar possibilities as the text installer.

  • `6og mentions that ntfs issues have been solved recently, so everyone should be sure to get recent CDs (daily images)
  • imbrandon mentions that it is possible to test with VmWare.

Other major bugs

  • OdyX mentions that konqueror/kaffeine/kmplayer still crashes from time to time on several pages
  • Tonio_ mentions graphical postint scripts (java packages, postfix) in Adept.

  • allee mentions wiki.konqueror.org continuously asking to accept certificate. This seems both a lack in certificate and a konqueror bug (toma confirms).
  • klichota mentions that kdesktop crashes with live CD in QEMU.


  • linuxmonkey mentions RestrictedFormats that needs to be adapted to Kubuntu. OdyX takes it.

  • toma and Hobbsee congratulate Riddell for his newsletter. Riddell indeed mentions the possible suggestions on KubuntuNewsletter.

  • Short discussion about RAM size needed for live. It seems 128 MiB is just fine, a bit slow but fine.

Next meeting

Next meeting is planned on 6th June at 21UTC.

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