Richard Birnie and Ralph Janke were grilled and given membership.

bzr packaging

James_w gave us an intro to what he's doing, said that there would be more information published soon with tools and archives to follow soon. We will follow this up on the mailing list.

UDS Topics

We approved the topics listed at KubuntuJauntySpecs

Beta 1 Packaging

Jonathan Tomas will lead KDE 4.2 Beta 1 packaging, which will go into Jaunty and Intrepid backports into kubuntu-experimental

Bug status

Jonathan Tomas gave us some stats on bugs. We have quite a few but not unexpectedly high. 4.2 will lower a small but significant % of bugs.


It was noted that the kubuntu-users mailing list had a lot of long rambling threads which hid the support that the list is best for. New moderators will be appointed and will close threads which get off support. Guidelines for the list will be drawn up and posted to the list and new subscribers. (claydoh, apachelogger, Nightrose, anyone who volunteers)

intrepid third party KDE 3 release

Someone has made a repository of KDE 3 packages for intrepid and encourages its use on ubuntuforums. They use a high epoch so upgrades will be impossible, and are also unsupported and untested. We were generally grumpy that he had not contacted the Kubuntu developers. Arby will post a warning on the forum thread and apachelogger will send a polite but firm e-mail to the rouge packager.


Tm_T had a baby, yay.

See you at UDS.

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