Improve the website and come up with more concrete branding for Kubuntu


Find Andrew Glen-Young and poke him until the Drupal Screenshot module is approved for use and installed on the web server.

The site changes proposed for at UDS-Karmic are ready to go but waiting on the screenshot module. Have sysadmin install these as soon as the screenshot module is approved.

There is a new design from a contributor called Ofir. We will work with him to improve the design. It is currently available as a Drupal 6 theme and we will switch to it when Drupal 6 is available on our web server. We will also request to the sysadmins to follow up on a database clone so we can migrate changes.

Target Users

We have listed our target users as

0. KDE enthusiasts
1. non-technical home users
2. small businesses and non-profits
3. government and school large rollouts

We should keep these users in mind when taking Kubuntu decisions. We will add them to our website with explanations of why Kubuntu is good for these user groups.


Kubuntu currently lacks a slogan or key marketing messages. There have been some ideas discussed on the mailing list and forums. One idea presented at the meeting was to highlight "friendly" as a word which links in to several key Kubuntu themes (licencing, usability, social, nice community). We should also consider what makes Kubuntu different from Ubuntu Desktop, ideas were discussed of around not being patronising and offering control. We will host an IRC meeting of interested people to converge the ideas into slogans and messages we can use on the website and in other materials.

Loco teams

Kubuntu has made relatively little use of Loco teams. We will gather a list of Kubuntu contacts for each Loco team to be able to coordinate ideas, marketing materials and request resouces.


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