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Documents we will be focusing on for DapperDrake


The documents for BreezyBadger where thrown together at the last minute. Some of the Kubuntu doc team were working on docs that are now scheduled for Dapper, instead of things that were going to get released in Breezy. The About Kubuntu and Kubuntu Release Notes took a lot of last minute work to finish. We should not repeat this in Dapper as it is going to be supported for 5 years.

Use cases

Maisie wants to know what's new in Kubuntu Dapper, she looks up the quick guide to find out.

Konqi wants to know the Kubuntu way of using MSN Messenger, he looks up the Kubuntu Desktop Guide to find out.


Documentation for Kubuntu Dapper, i.e. creating documents for the desktop.

We will use Ubuntu's documentation for the server and non-desktop parts.


The goal is for three important documents to be updated and finished.

The Kubuntu Desktop Guide will take over from the currently incomplete FAQGuide and Kubuntu User Guide.

The Kubuntu Release Notes should be merged into the website/e-mail Release Announcement, as in Breezy there is a lot of duplication here.


The Release Notes will be used in e-mail and website announcements for the pre-releases and final release.

The QuickTour has been defered to Dapper+1 and will be worked after that.

Work on the User Guide has been stopped and the DesktopGuide has taken its place which will mirror the Ubuntu Desktop Guide (see DocteamPlansDapper). Rather than a list of applications available in Kubuntu, the Desktop Guide will show the user how to perform common tasks such as installing a program or adding a new user. Around half the User Guide document is currently written, we should preserve this where it fits in to the Desktop Guide. There is also an unofficial Kubuntu FAQ (http://kudos.berlios.de/).

JonathanJesse will be working on an Adept User Manual to replace his Kynaptic User Guide that he wrote for BreezyBadger, see AdeptGuide for the spec. The Adept Guide will be included in KDE's SVN to accompany Adept.


We will use the same source packaging as the Ubuntu docs, keeping a separate binary package for kubuntu-docs. We will also ship Ubuntu docs where they apply to Kubuntu such as ServerGuide and UbuntuPackagingGuide

We will also use the same translation infrastructure as the Ubuntu docs. This will require us to keep to the string freeze for Ubuntu's release schedule.

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