People sometimes prefer Firefox over Konqueror on Kubuntu. So, they go ahead, install it, but then become mad that it doesn't fit in with the enviroment...as there are no GTK themes!


Because Firefox uses GTK to draw its widgets, it looks rather ugly without any GTK themes. People are being driven away from or are not liking Kubuntu because of that particular problem.


This specification deals with improving the appearance of GTK based applications (such as Firefox) under Kubuntu.

Use Cases

  • James enjoys using Firefox more than Konqueror because of all the good reviews it's been getting. When he launches Firefox, he is left with a very ugly and inconsistant interface..while the rest of his desktop looks so nice!


We just need to ship a GTK theme and set it by default, and allow it to still blend in even with heavily customized KDE desktops...now would that keep people using Kubuntu or what?


All we need to do is ship Kubuntu, but with a nice looking GTK theme (like Ubuntulooks or Clearlooks) and KDE's "Apply Colors to non-KDE Applications" option turned on by default. It's as easy as pie! It's so easy, a Caveman could do it!


Warbo: I have found KDE's applying of colours to GTK quite hit-and-miss (the colours are usually fine, but the widgets can get messed up). I think a better approach would be a GTK theme which mimics Kubuntu's default theme. This has the disadvantage that it will not conform to changed themes, but if users are changing their QT theme then changing their GTK theme is not such a big leap (as long as it is easy to do from within KDE).


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