Use Oxygen as the default icon theme in Kubuntu Edgy.


Oxygen is the up-coming KDE icon theme, we should support it and use it to get wide testing of the theme and shiny graphics in Kubuntu.

Use cases

Kenny is jelous of the new icon theme in Ubuntu and wants something equally cool in Kubuntu.

James finds the Crystal icon theme too unusable and always reverts back to kdeclassic, he finds the new Oxygen theme must easier on the eyes.


Complete the most important icons for the theme.


The Oxygen theme is now available in KDE's SVN and packages are available for Kubuntu.

The icons that are most important to complete are those in kdelibs, kdebase and kdepim. We should aim to have those done for Edgy.


Icon testing will be conducted by OpenUsability for the most important icons following their test questionnaire as shown in this example:


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