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Kubuntu must support all possible languages - i.e, whatever Qt supports.

The problem is, kubuntu uses much more than Qt - we have OOo, FireFox, etc. So, all supported languages should be intersection of the sets that are supported under all of them. This means co-ordinating between ICU, Pango and Qt. Mozilla, in particular, requires a special compile time option (with a patch also I think), to enable *proper* pango rendering (not pango-lite/whatever)

We should try to achieve a sitautation where a supported language/script must be supported across all applications, and if an application does not work, it should be removed from the base and equivalents that do work should be used instead.

Stuff that works


  • text system uses underlying Qt text shaping engine. So most (if not all) languages supported by Qt are supported here.

Stuff that doesnt work


  • do not work well with Indic family - should be replaced with KEdit.

Amarok & Kaffeine

  • do not display internationalized strings (at least French strings).

Support Levels

  • Text rendering and XKB input methods
  • Input methods (beyond xkb support)
  • Language services
    • locale
    • spell-checker

Optional compliance levels

  • Advanced rendering - requirements for advanced typography
  • Grammar checker/helper

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