This is JontheEchidna's proposed default Plasma desktop for Kubuntu Intrepid. This article will outline the various changes to the default desktop that I would like to see.


The default KDE4 desktop lacks some features/functionality that the Kubuntu KDE3 default desktop had. We can rectify that and should not let the KDE3 functionality slip by us if we can help it. Polish++


Keep close-ish to Kubuntu-KDE3 default, diverging where necessary/smart. We have the power of Plasma so we shouldn't slave to exactly duplicate KDE3. With that in mind, it might also be cool to have a "kubuntu-plasma-extras" metapackage that would install a few of the best 3rd party applets, along with the [insert kde module with extragear plasmoids here].


Refer to the below screenshot for detailed changes. http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c355/Woremar/intrepidDefaultProp.jpg

  • 1) Place trashcan next to clock, as in KDE3.
  • 2) Enable date and year for clock, disable displaying day, as in KDE3.
  • 3) Move the New device notifier back to between the clock and systray, because I liked it that way in KDE 4.0.x :P ...and it makes sense to group the utility tools.
  • 4) Move the pager next to the systray like it was in KDE3/KDE 4.0.x
  • 5) Add a Quick Access applet from the plasmoid-quickaccess package next to the launcher. Set it to display ~/ and use the user-home.png KDE icon. This replaces the little computer icon that was next to KMenu in KDE3. (plasmoid-quickaccess has to be included in main first.)

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