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Create a boot splash experience for Kubuntu

Release Note

Kubuntu includes a new pre-login boot splash


X is due to be started sooner in the boot process than previously and usplash is going away. A splash should be shown to tell the user their computer still cares.

User stories

Mariamne boots her computer and watches pretty graphics while it boots, happy in the knowledge that it'll be up and running shortly.


ksplashx is already run after login.


Use ksplashx as our splash, it has minimal dependencies and is already available to all Kubuntu users.

Have KDM start ksplashx as the first thing it does. Have KDM signal to ksplashx to fade out when the greeter is ready to display.


Start ksplashx Default in the /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup script

Patch KDM to use the code from KSMServer::upAndRunning when its greeter is shown.

UI Changes

The ksplashx Default theme shows a disk loading and will suffice for a startup screen. We could optionally replace it with a distro logo or a circular throbber.