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Kubuntu Newsletter

This is the first Kubuntu newsletter, keeping you up to date with current Kubuntu development.

Shipit For Kubuntu

As part of an increased commitment from Canonical to Kubuntu orders are now being taken for free Kubuntu CDs of version 6.06 to be released at the start of June. You can get free CDs for PC and 64-bit PCs.

Kubuntu at LinuxTag

Kubuntu had a very successful stand at LinuxTag in Germany, many thanks to the German Kubuntu people for answering so many questions for the 4 days. Mirjam kindly wrote us this report

On the Saturday several Kubuntu developers met with KDE developers and Mark Shuttleworth to discuss better collaboration. Mark said how he wants to employ more developers with a KDE background to the Canonical distro team. Canonical will become one of the first KDE Patrons in a new scheme being launched by KDE.