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 * I've done a lot of work on the [[ LoCo Team wiki]].  * I've done a lot of work on the [[|Myanmar LoCo Team wiki]].


I'm Bone Pyae Sone from Myanmar formally called Burma. I've been using Ubuntu since August 2011. I think Ubuntu is the best Linux distro around, which is why I am currently a member of the MyanmarTeam, trying to do what I can for Ubuntu. Smile :) I've been a member at the beginning of October 2011.

About Me

I'm a freelance. Working as programmer,blogger, writer, and mainly as a developer. Currently, working on Ubuntu Myanmar wiki .I'm still alive @ Yangon.And Preparing for my life adventure. Learning,Reading and Observing is my hobby. I love music as well. What I'm doing now is learning and analyzing for economic with my lovely sweetheart.


I was introduced to Ubuntu by Kyaw Zay Thu, a friend of Ubuntu MyanmarTeam Leader Ko Ko Ye'. I start using Ubuntu on July 2011 and I like it's UI and performances. So,I start learning ubuntu and share with others. That's the reason why I contribute in MyanmarTeam. Another reason for me to participate in this community is that Ubuntu is open-source which is the freedom of IT field. I started contribute with translating and writing wiki. Currently I am participating in Planning,Translating and Manual teams.

What I've done

Contact Details





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