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I'm Bone Pyae Sone from Myanmar (previously called Burma). I've been using Ubuntu since August 2011. For me,Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distro around. I am currently a core member of the MyanmarTeam and trying to do what I can for Ubuntu Local Community. Smile :) I've been a member at the beginning of 2011.

About Me

I'm a freelance. Working as programmer,blogger, writer, editor and mainly as a developer. Currently, working on Ubuntu Myanmar wiki .Currently,living @ my lovely hometown,Yangon and Preparing for my life adventure. Learning,Reading and Observing is my hobby. I love music as well. What I'm doing now is learning and analyzing for economic with my lovely sweetheart. Contribute in Ubuntu Community and still running to catch up with the Linux.


I was introduced to Ubuntu by Kyaw Zay Thu, one of the Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo team's core member and I amazed it's desktop's effect. I started to learn and use Ubuntu on July 2011 and loving it's performances. So,I started to join Ko Ko Ye, Team leader of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and contribute as much as I can. This's the short detail of how and why I join MyanmarTeam. Another reason for me to participate in this community is that Ubuntu is open-source which is the freedom of IT field. I started contribute with translating and writing wiki. Currently I am participating in Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team's (currently unapprove team)Planning,Translating and Manual teams.

What I've done

Future Goals!!!

  • To support and expand Ubuntu Community in my country,Myanmar.
  • Our LoCo team to be approved by Ubuntu LoCo Council.

  • Participate in Ubuntu global events with Myanmar LoCo Team.

  • To achieve membership at Ubuntu Community.

Contact Details





bonepyaesone at #ubuntu-mm on