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This page describes how to perform dapper -> hardy upgrades. Note that hardy is not yet released.

Please refer to the {{{upgrade-manager}}} package when filing any [ bugs] or [ questions or comments] about this.

== Desktop ==
 1. enable the "dapper-proposed" repository
 1. install the updated "update-manager" package
 1. run "update-manager -d"
 1. a button should appear that tells the user that a new distribution version is available

== Server ==
 1. enable the "dapper-proposed repository
 1. install the new "update-manager-core" package
 1. run "do-release-upgrade -d" in a terminal window
 1. follow the steps on the terminal window

For the final version the packages will move from "dapper-proposed" to "dapper-updates". The "-d" (--devel-release) switch will then no longer be needed.
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