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Inkscape project

  • Is this needed? It is not included in Ubuntu by default. (Shae Smittle)
  • CDRigby Suggest to leave this out. As Shae notes, it is not part of the Ubuntu desktop base installation. It is a good program, but with a specialist audience.

  • I suggest against including this. This is a tool for artist, not general population. A simple tool which can do basic image editing should be enough.
  • I agree that this should be left out.


GIMP project

  • Luther: Am wondering if you should include a less complex graphics application as well, such as Cinepaint or Nathive? Never used them before though.

  • Dave:The reason I am thinking of going with Gimp is that it is something that everyone knows, and is the most used, and common image editor for Linux, as well as being in the Ubuntu base repositories.

  • +1 Mario Behling
  • Luther: Yes, I fully agree with you Dave. What I am wondering is, whether there is a need to have a less complex application as well. To clarify, I am suggesting that Lubuntu has 2 image editing applications eg, Gimp + Nathive for instance. More to target users who don't like Gimp (yes there are plenty around) and only want to do simple editing like MS Paint.

  • Simple applications are good, but we should try to keep the image rather small I think (Mario Behling)
    • PCMan: Simple image editing programs are good, but will this confuse the users? Why there are two programs doing the same thing? Most of the time when you open a image file, you just want to view them. GPicView can do this well. If you really want to edit an image file, a program like MS paint in Windows is apparently not enough. IMO, however, GIMP is not user-friendly at all and the UI is quite weird for general users. So a simpler alternative is a good idea.
  • Payne Samad Loh: I agree with PCMan, me myself still not familiar using GIMP, and I think the simpler alternative image editor should be lighter than GIMP which can save spaces.
  • Robin Arnaud: +1 to Payne. GIMP is not at all user friendly, let alone "newbie-friendly." The simpler and more lightweight the better.


ePDFView project

  • Shae Smittle suggests.

  • Luther +1

  • +1 (Payne Samad Loh) I have to say yes, PDF are very common document



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