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General Comments

  • Bookmarks of browsers: Web sites of LXDE and its forums should be added by default. (PCMan)
    • I plan on having all the relative links, (Ubuntu, LXDE, LubuntuWiki, etc.) on the Bookmarks Toolbar by default on a Lubuntu install, similar to what Mint, fedora, and other Distros do. (Dave Slaughter)

    • Lets plan together, which links to include. I would like to set up a start page, e.g. (Mario Behling)
    • Are there any browser plugins, we should include by default?
    • I would also like us to define the search engines. Can we make them dependent on the language the system is installed?



Claws Mail project


Sylpheed project

  • Shae Smittle: Surveys I held for U-lite showed people preferred Sylpheed to Claws

  • I never found either of them to easily allow formatting in composing outgoing messages.
    • Using an external editor to compose mail and copy it to the mail program is no less resource-hungry than using Thunderbird, is it? (Robin Arnaud)


Balsa project



Pidgin project


Emesene project

  • The best MSN only messenger I think. (PCMan)


aMSN project

  • Luther: I haven't tried Emesene, but I am happy with aMSN


XChat project


Irssi project

  • We have pidgin already. maybe they are good, but as I said I would like to keep the image as small as possible.



gFTP project

Filezilla 3

Filezilla project

  • Do we need a FTP program by default? Shae Smittle

  • For FTP, I believe that filezilla can do much better than gftp. It's powerful, feature-complete, and have very good support to different filename encodings (gftp cannot handle this correctly). (PCMan)
  • Filezilla had issues before in Linux and with our own server (LXDE) some time ago. I dont know how it is now. Gftp worked out of the box. So I did not check more about problems with Filezilla. Have a chat with Mwei maybe. (Mario Behling)



Transmission project


  • Let us decide on one browser. I am for Firefox at the moment, but might favour to switch Midori in a later release. Does anyone know how to add our own plugins, change the default start page and add other search engines to Firefox?


Mozilla project

  • Shae Smittle +1 I think Firefox is the best browser at the moment for this project. Surveys I held for U-lite showed people preferred Firefox to Opera, Midori, and Kazehakase.

  • Definatly too resource hungry for something aimed at legacy machines.
  • +1 Luther Firefox with extensions beats the rest hands down IMHO.


Kazehakase project

  • Luther: I added this as it is lighter than firefox. It is for people who want a lighter browser.

  • Used this and I can safely say it is a worthy replacement to Firefox and much snappier on my test rig.


Midori project

  • Luther: I added this as it is lighter than firefox. It is for people who want a lighter browser. This is quite new.

  • IMHO, Midori can be good in the future. However it's not yet ready for real production use since it's too unstable.
  • I have tried the ver 0.1.2, it can't even login to facebook, I didn't try the newer version I'm not used to compiling


Arora project

  • Arora still has few bugs, but it is stable, fast and user-friendly.
  • I have tried the ver 0.6, yes its fast and user-friendy and less bug than midori 0.1.2
  • A very nice browser, but requires the qt toolkit and still has a few bugs


  • If proprietary software is acceptable, this one is absolutely most suitable. (PCMan)
  • Payne Samad Loh In my experience opera 9.64 sometimes crashes, i'm not sure about other versions.

  • I think proprietary is no choice here. Alternatives are widely adapted and I favour the concept of Open Source. It is also in line with the Ubuntu community. (Mario Behling)

CHM Viewer

xCHM project

  • IMHO this is not needed by default (PCMan)
    • +1 (Mario Behling)
  • Will people switching from windows expect to open CHM files by default?

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