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Aqualung project

  • I think this one is best suited for LXDE. It's simple, powerful, and lightweight. Written in pure C/gtk+ without additional desktop-dependent dependencies. (PCMan)
  • John Thng: I have used and liked this player, as the sound quality output is excellent.


  • This is yet another interesting music player. (PCMan)


Exaile project

  • Is it needed? I have not used it myself (Mario Behling)
  • Thomas Chace: I tried it recently and it took forever and loads of CPU load to scan my library(14-15GBs). I eventually had to kill the process. Rhythmbox, however, wuickly scanned my library and was lighter on the CPU.
  • David Sugar -1, between python dependencies and other things, it wanted to add over 170megs disk space to my minimal lxde install. I actually prefer Exaile over Rhytmbox, but not for Lubuntu at that cost :).


Rhythmbox project

  • we also have LXMusic included already (Mario Behling)
  • David Sugar can we get LXMusic running? I imagine we can, and if so, then I agree with Mario...


Consonance project

  • Shae Smittle suggests.

    • Similar interface to Rhythmbox
    • Developer left, may need to be branched by LXDE and updated there.


Asunder project


Audacity project

  • Do we need this? It is not included in Ubuntu by default.
  • In regards to the goal of making lubuntu a tool for people in countries/regions with low bandwidth access, it would be a nice thing to have in order to become an independent radio producer (Mario Behling)

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