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Boot Managers

Boot-Up Manager (BUM)

BUM website

X Tools


Gcompmgr project on Sourceforge

Login Managers


GDM, part of the GNOME project.


SLiM project

  • PCMan: If you consider the usability, GDM is by far the best. Besides, all gtk+ libs are loaded in memory because gdm uses them. So this possible filesystem cache effect might make the loading of LXDE faster. In addition, the core GDM is actually quite lightweight and is almost gtk+ only. The additional dependencies comes from the user-switching applet included in the package, which is gnome-dependent. If that one can be removed from gdm, and get it packaged separately, gdm can be quite clean, I think.

System/Network Monitors


Conky project

System Services


Samba project


  • NFS-common

Window Manager Configuration Tools

Obconf project



Wicd project


Connman project

  • Shae Smittle:

    • Not based on python; quicker?
    • Part of a large project supported by Intel
    • Is it completely usable though?

Network Manager

Network Manager project

  • plus nm-applet can still be an option. It works quite well. Besides, it supports PPPOE, which is widely used in Asia but not supported by Wicd.


Synaptic Package Manager

Synaptic project


  • GParted (by far the best. PCMan)
  • +1 Payne Samad Loh I agree with PCMan, general users prefers more on GUI than CLI

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