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Xine project


MPlayer project

SMPlayer project

  • (PCMan): Mplayer is the best available lightweight multimedia player. Though written in Qt, it doesn't require any KDE libs and only needs pure Qt4 (just like VLC). Besides, this is one of the most user-friendly among availble GUI frontend for mplayers.
  • +1 (Mario Behling)
  • Luther: Mplayer doesn't work for me some times

  • Druid Of System Mplayer works very well and it doesn't depends on qt4.
  • Christian Johansson: +1
  • FreeAtMind +1, is lighter and good option, better for me than vlc


  • +1 Leszek Lesner
  • +1 Julien Lavergne
  • +1 om26er


VLC project

  • Luther I always thought VLC is a must have for me.. as it handles every format I throw at it, without the need to install additional codecs.

  • Ed Hewitt +1, only if we can get rid of the QT4 dependencies
  • David Sugar: Well, mplayer fits the mission better than most other choices..
    • Asunder -- Music ripping (Shae Smittle)

Video editing software

PiTiVi has gstreamer dependencies Sad :(


  • +1 Leszek Lesner

Very easy editing/cutting and converting videos


Videoediting System: perhaps to professional/complicated ??

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