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How to get help with Lubuntu

You are here because you did not find what you are looking for on Lubuntu Documentation Section. It is very important to start from there as you may find the answer that you need without waiting for someone else to provide you with an answer.

Please read Community support Overview

Lubuntu has many support channels (Forum, Live Chat, Mailing List, etc) each has its unique feature(s) and work differently from the other but at the end, all serve one purpose, that is providing the support to our users.

  • If you don't like Forums and prefer a quick answer to your question or a simple fix to your problem, then you may need to use the Live Chat (IRC) Channel.
  • If you have a simple question or a problem that does not require a long steps to fix, Ask Ubuntu is a good place to start from.
  • Would you like to have a discussion with the developers, members of the team and other Lubuntu Users regarding the development cycle or support for the current release? you need then to look at the mailing list.
  • Forums have great popularity and many users prefer to use - See this Poll. When you have a problem that require many steps to fix (such as a hardware problem), you need the fine most skilled and experienced users to help, you need a future record or reference that you can go back to and you also want to help the community who may have the same issue as yours, it means you need to go for Ubuntu Forums.

Ubuntu Forums

Ubuntu Forums has many sections divided as per the categories and the nature of the content.

Please remember to use the Lubuntu prefix when posting, this will ensure a faster response to your thread. This image shows the setting of it. This is very important so please don't forget that.

Before starting a new thread, please read this simple guide. Also, it is very good idea to search for a similar issue before posting a new thread.

LXDE Forum

Now, there is a dedicated area on LXDE Forum for Lubuntu - Please, see this.

Alternatively, you may use the LXDE forum for questions about LXDE components.

Live Chat

You can ask any Ubuntu question in our text live chat channel. What is IRC?

General Lubuntu Support is #Lubuntu on IRC. We need more volunteers here, if your question is not answered, wait another 45 minutes before reposting. Please read the guide to asking questions: "How to get help on IRC"

Otherwise, most Lubuntu questions can be answered by the Ubuntu Support Channel: #ubuntu. No need to wait, but please provide as much information about the problem as you can.

For more information, please see:

Ask Ubuntu

Do you have a specific question with a specific answer?
Ask on Ask Ubuntu. Tag your post with Lubuntu.

Mailing List

Please read this before joining to any mailing list

Lubuntu Team has two main Mailing Lists:


General and Development discussions, news and specific requests for help can be found on the mailing list : <lubuntu DASH users AT NO SPAM lists DOT ubuntu DOT com>
Read the archives.
Or subscribe to the list.


Specific testing and development discussions, sharing your test results with the team or ask about something can be made on this list.

Please, read The Testing Section here

See also Lubuntu QA Team

Find Lubuntu

See also The Lubuntu Official Community on Google+ and Lubuntu Official Group on Facebook, those are not a real support channels but rather to be used as a channel where you can find news, updates, tips, etc.

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