• Real name: Linnéa Björk Timm (But responds better to LadyFrost)

  • From: Skorteby, Sweden

  • Speaks: Swedish, English, Spanish, a bit German and generally too much. Understands a bit French if spoken slowly or written.


My name is Linnéa Björk Timm, but please call me LadyFrost (my name is too long...). I've been an GNU/Linux user for pretty much exactly one year now (august), and my story beginns with Gentoo and Fwvm and all thanks to RobinSonefors (ozamosi). The problem with gentoo was that compiling took so much time I forgot what I wanted the programs for... When ozamosi gave me a keyboard for Christmas I also got SuSE, and tried it out instead. It was gone by the next morning... Anyway, from there I went to Ubuntu. The problem then was that many packages was pretty out of date (we didn't know much about Ubuntu then) so I tried Debian instead and hated it for a while. When we later on got along fine I anyway decided that it was time to go back to Ubuntu (then Hoary Hedgehog) since I really liked the development going on there. I had installed ubuntu (also Hoary) sometime earlier on my laptop and it worked like magic Smile :) So here I am now!
I am a firm believer in Free Software. Without Free Software, no freedom.


  • Swedish translator and administrator ( UbuntuSwedishTransators Translations, Karma)

  • Trying to convince friends and enemies to try out ubuntu. Will give a few talks this autumn at my school (Berzeliusskolan, Linköping, Sweden) with RobinSonefors.

  • Also active in SwedishTeam

  • Helping people with their problems online at #ubuntu-se

Unnecessary facts

  • My desktop computer is called Sithka, my laptop Kenai and my server Dory. All running Ubuntu Smile :)

  • I was at What The Hack this summer and it was wonderful.
  • I use /me way to much, and I also abuse the use of the word "thingy".
  • Has got a website hosted on Dory:

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