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Ubuntu Landing Team

The Ubuntu Landing Team is a group of people managing releases of new packages through CI Train, deciding on Touch image promotion, tracking quality of Ubuntu Touch images and related. The Landing Team consists of people from various teams such as Phonedations, Foundations, QA, CI, Community with a common goal of getting high-quality Touch images with proper development velocity.


Please make sure all involved parties have familiarized with the following documentation topics.

For Landers

For Landing Team members

  • LandingTeam/LandingTeamProcess - an overview of how the Landing Team works and manages their workflow

  • LandingTeam/TrainguardDuty - details regarding our Landing Team trainguard duty, handling emergencies and how to keep the train always running

  • LandingTeam/Procedures - a list of step-by-step procedures for several common/uncommon situations that usually require LandingTeam action. This should be the first place to check in case the LandingTeam lead is not around but a typical infrastructure task needs to be done.




Landing team members change over time, so the list might not always be up-to-date.


General landing discussion takes place in #ubuntu-ci-eng, in which queuebot will ping frequently about the progress/statuses of various silos. Landing Team Members should set an IRC highlight for "trainguards" if they want to follow when to assign or publish silos for people. Be warned though that this gets pinged frequently throughout the day.

If you need help troubleshooting a problem with CI Train, you should ping trainguards in #ubuntu-ci-eng.

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