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  • Contact: HP2133 Contact Needed
  • Make: Hewlett-Packard
  • Brand: Mini-Note
  • Model: 2133
  • Website: HP 2133 Mini-Note

Current Issues/News

  • There are now Via binary drivers available for 9.04 (26oct09) Version 86a-u904-50937. (Working at 80% warp capacity)
  • Install/Boot may fail (Screen corruption followed by lock up) with the latest BIOS versions. It may be necessary to re-flash the BIOS with an earlier version (download these from the HP website). (Recommend F.04).

Notes for 9.10

  • No Via binaries available yet.
  • external monitor only works if connected at boot time.
  • audio driver is flaky, sometimes fails to work at all, sometimes disappears after suspend or hibernate but comes back after reboot; when it starts it works fine though.

Notes for 9.04

  • Smooth install with xubuntu 9.04 alternate cd. (au hp2133)
  • Most(all?) hardware detected and working out of the box. (au hp2133)
  • Via binary video drivers (26oct09) Working at 80% warp capacity.
  • When using Openchrome, vga out doesn't work.

Notes for 8.10

  • VIA has recently released (02Dec08) a binary driver for Ubuntu 8.10 which adds support for video output to an external lcd. Please see /DisplayConfig810 for a full description of how to use the drivers.

  • How to on compiling Via Unified 2D/DRM driver source version 86a-50283 (21Aug09) for 8.10 CompileSourceHowTo

  • Sporadic Hard Lockups upon USB Flash drive insertion.

Notes for 8.04 LTS

  • CPU Scaling (fix in Install Howto)

  • Wireless NIC (works fine with ndiswrapper, and with the new Broadcom STA driver)

    • Native kernel driver b43.ko doesn't work (misses PIO support according to the logs)
    • b43.ko prevents machine from suspending by crashing
      • Quick fix to disable the problematic driver: echo 'blacklist b43' | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
  • Correct audio driver not available (ADI SoundMax AD1984A)

    • Headphone jack detection doesn't work (fixed with ALSA 1.0.17)

    • Microphone jack and internal microphone not recognized (fixed with ALSA 1.0.17)

  • USB stick might not be mounted automatically (fix in Install Howto)

  • Webcam is detected by UVC driver, but won't display image (green or black image displayed depending on application). Works fine in cheese.

Note: Both wireless NIC and audio driver (along with correct mixer and microphone input) work natively (no ndiswrapper required) out-of-the box with vanilla kernel 2.6.26-rc5. Wireless NIC alone works correctly with If you decide to use this kernel, you're obviously missing VIA's binary unichrome driver, in that case you're left with openchrome which may be a usable alternative to some. You'll also need to recompile the out-of-tree Linux UVC driver by hand for the webcam to work if you use these kernels.

System Info

Machine specs and current state of working hardware: HP2133 System Info

How-To: Installing Ubuntu 9.10 from CD on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP2133 Install 9.10

How-To: Installing XUbuntu 9.04 from CD on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP2133 Install 9.04

How-To: Installing Ubuntu 8.10 from USB/SD Card on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP2133 Install 8.10

How-To: Installing Ubuntu LTS 8.04 from CD on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP2133 Install 8.04

Additional Info

  • The various forum posts below are good places to watch for the solution to this and other quirks. If you find solutions, please update this Wiki.

  • Ubuntu forum on Mini-Note user site. Includes pre-packaged Mini-note specific Minbuntu

  • 'Other' Linux forum at HP 2133 Guide

  • Liliputing posts on Minbuntu and Ubuntu (NB this site includes other machines besides Mini-note such as EEE PC)

  • Gentoo HP 2133 hardware Howto -- This includes some notes on running the 3D driver on a non-Ubuntu system. These should be pretty generic and apply to a lot of distros. Also, there are instructions for countering the recent xorg-server-1.5/openchrome breakage that may be applied to Ubuntu with some work.