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  • Contact: HP2133 Contact Needed
  • Make: Hewlett-Packard
  • Brand: Mini-Note
  • Model: 2133
  • Website: HP 2133 Mini-Note

Current Issues/News

  • There are now VIA binary drivers available for 8.10/9.04 (26oct09) Version 86a-u904-50937. This driver is available under the Ubuntu 9.04 selection from the VIA linux portal. Note: RandR is working under 8.10 but fails under 9.04. This driver is recommended for both 8.10 and 9.04 as it brings improvements over previous drivers.
  • Install/Boot may fail (Screen corruption followed by lock up) with the latest BIOS versions. It may be necessary to re-flash the BIOS with an earlier version (download these from the HP website). (Recommend F.04).

Notes for all Versions of Ubuntu

Unless otherwise stated, all versions of Ubuntu require application of CPU Scaling Fix for HP2133.
<HP2133 CPU Scaling Fix>

Notes for 9.10

  • No VIA binaries available yet.
  • External monitor only works if connected at boot time.
  • Audio driver is flaky, sometimes fails to work at all, sometimes disappears after suspend or hibernate but comes back after reboot; when it starts it works fine though.
  • On a fresh install of kubuntu/karmic my wireless wasn't working. It may be related to this bug. I was able to get wlan working by going to Administration> hardware drivers and enable the Broadcom STA which then downloaded drivers e.g. I had to have a working wired connection to finish this. I had wireless working on reboot.

  • Since Karmic uses GRUB2 rather than GRUB to pass boot options, I had to edit /etc/default/grub to implement the CPU scaling fix mentioned above and add "osi=\"!Windows 2006\". The back-slashes are necessary to escape the quotations within the stanza. The full line now looks like this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi_osi=\"!Windows 2006\" quiet splash"

Notes for 9.04

  • Smooth install with xubuntu 9.04 alternate cd. (au hp2133)
  • Most hardware detected and working out of the box. (au hp2133)
  • VIA binary video drivers (26oct09) released. RandR NOT working.
  • When using Openchrome, vga out doesn't work.
  • Sporadic Hard Lockups upon USB Flash drive insertion. (Possibly caused by faulty flash drive)

Notes for 8.10

  • VIA binary video drivers (26oct09) Released. RandR IS working.
  • VIA Unified 2D/DRM driver source version 86a-50283 (21Aug09) Released.
  • VIA binary video drivers (02Dec08) released. Adds support for video output to an external lcd.
  • Sporadic Hard Lockups upon USB Flash drive insertion. (Possibly caused by faulty flash drive)

Notes for 8.04 LTS

  • Wireless NIC (works fine with ndiswrapper, and with the new Broadcom STA driver)

    • Native kernel driver b43.ko doesn't work (misses PIO support according to the logs)
    • b43.ko prevents machine from suspending by crashing
      • Quick fix to disable the problematic driver: echo 'blacklist b43' | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
  • Correct audio driver not available (ADI SoundMax AD1984A)

    • Headphone jack detection doesn't work (fixed with ALSA 1.0.17)

    • Microphone jack and internal microphone not recognized (fixed with ALSA 1.0.17)

  • USB stick might not be mounted automatically (fix in Install Howto)

  • Webcam is detected by UVC driver, but won't display image (green or black image displayed depending on application). Works fine in cheese.

Note: Both wireless NIC and audio driver (along with correct mixer and microphone input) work natively (no ndiswrapper required) out-of-the box with vanilla kernel 2.6.26-rc5. Wireless NIC alone works correctly with If you decide to use this kernel, you're obviously missing VIA's binary unichrome driver, in that case you're left with openchrome which may be a usable alternative to some. You'll also need to recompile the out-of-tree Linux UVC driver by hand for the webcam to work if you use these kernels.

System Info

Machine specs and current state of working hardware: HP2133 System Info

How-To: Installing Ubuntu 9.10 from CD on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP2133 Install 9.10

How-To: Installing XUbuntu 9.04 from CD on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP2133 Install 9.04

How-To: Installing Ubuntu 8.10 from USB/SD Card on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP2133 Install 8.10

  • To install 8.10 via binaries (26oct09) Version 86a-u904-50937. Please see /Jaunty VIA binary setup. Follow this. When finished edit xorg.conf and ENABLE RandR.


  • How to on compiling VIA Unified 2D/DRM driver source version 86a-50283 (21Aug09) for 8.10 CompileSourceHowTo

  • VIA has released version 85a-44597 (02Dec08) binary driver for Ubuntu 8.10 which adds support for video output to an external lcd. Please see /DisplayConfig810 for a full description of how to use the drivers.

How-To: Installing Ubuntu LTS 8.04 from CD on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP2133 Install 8.04

  • Ubuntu forum on Mini-Note user site. Includes pre-packaged Mini-note specific Minbuntu

  • 'Other' Linux forum at HP 2133 Guide

  • Liliputing posts on Minbuntu and Ubuntu (NB this site includes other machines besides Mini-note such as EEE PC)

  • Gentoo HP 2133 hardware Howto -- This includes some notes on running the 3D driver on a non-Ubuntu system. These should be pretty generic and apply to a lot of distros. Also, there are instructions for countering the recent xorg-server-1.5/openchrome breakage that may be applied to Ubuntu with some work.