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  • Contact: HP2133 Contact Needed
  • Make: Hewlett-Packard
  • Brand: Mini-Note
  • Model: 2133
  • Website: HP 2133 Mini-Note

  • Launchpad HP2133 Related Info Quick Link: HP 2133 QuickLink

  • Use Quick Link to find OLD HP2133 setup articles.

Current Issues/News

  • This Page being Re-Worked for a clean informative step by step guide to Ubuntu on the HP2133.
  • There are now VIA binary drivers available for Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04 from the VIA Linux Portal.
  • for Ubuntu 9.10 (Released 04.08.2010)
  • for Ubuntu 10.04 (Released 04.08.2010)
  • Install/Boot may fail (Screen corruption followed by lock up) with the latest BIOS versions. It may be necessary to re-flash the BIOS with an earlier version (download these from the HP website). (Recommend F.04).

Notes for all Versions of Ubuntu

Unless otherwise stated, all versions of Ubuntu require application of the HP2133 CPU Scaling Fix

If you install from USB pen drive you may have problems mounting USB pen drives after install.
See this thread for more information on how to correct the problem: Fix USB mounting

Default Install

Almost non-usable because of weak VIA Chrome9 videocard support in Ubuntu. Software rendering of UNR interface is painful. VIA Binaries must be used for a pleasant experience.

There are minor problems with non-working mic, unstable falling into suspend and wi-fi not always waking up after resume. Known issues:

  • 358793 - UNR jaunty: Slow menu interface, high CPU load (workaround by using traditional menus: Preferences-> Switch Desktop Mode. However, this will turn Ubuntu Netbook Remix into an ordinary Ubuntu Desktop).

  • 365688 - Mic doesn't work in jaunty for VIA VT1708 High Definition Audio

  • 233920 - Sleep on lid close work only 1 time

Fix available for issues:

  • 359291 - Broadcom wi-fi card doesn't work after suspend/hibernate

  • 355918 - resolution problem starting X with the wlan network controler activated - Fixed in Karmic Koala in openchrome 1:0.2.903+svn758-0ubuntu1

[Dirk-Heine Hofstede] I installed it at my HP mini-note 2133, and except that the UNR interface reacts slow (workaround available) I didn't encounter any problems so far. My wi-fi card just ran normal and made connection again after I woke my mini up(I have done this only once yet). I didn't use the build in microphone yet, so I can't say anything about that.

[Dipock Das] I also installed it on my HP mini-note 2133 and did not have any problems. The WIFI runs fine even after suspend/hibernate.

[lean-mini] I updated my Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Karmic Koala to 9.10, the update ran alone, and why in a moment I switched off the wifi, data was saved and reconnect everything was running fine. While at first the touchpad was a little stuck, restarting solved the little problem. Although in the beginning you could hear the sound of drums, then do not reproduced sound. Just an update with the manager and reboot for this to be solved (or at least it happened to me, not if related). Everything is working well. More info http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1312633&highlight=2133