The ability to control the video output, changing between laptop screen / dualhead mirror and changing resolution to fit the attached monitor or beamer.


Ubuntu should be great for laptops. laptops are typically hooked up to beamers ad-hoc, and it should be a quick and deterministic process.

Use cases

* Charlotta is sitting in a meeting and is asked to show her slides for a full Ubuntu roll-out. She's in the middle of something in OpenOffice that she does not want to save, so no logging out. She is handed the beamer monitor cord, and has about 20 seconds of things to say before the laptop has to show the slides on the beamer. The beamer uses 1024x768, her laptop uses 1400x1050. She wants the laptop to show a mirror of the image on the beamer.

* Adam is relaxing at home. He wants to listen to some music on his stereo. So he hooks up the laptop to the TV, and wants a nice screen showing XMMS and some visualizations.

* Ulrik is at a conference. He wants to show of Ubuntu bling by using Xgl when demoing some code and an app on the big screen. He keeps a different console on his laptop monitor though. Before the presentation, he attaches the monitor cable, and chooses to have one resolution on the CRT out, and a different one one the laptop DFT. He pushes "Apply", and it happens.


No idea. Need help finding some application that can force Xorg to do this kind of stuff.

Hint: Start with Xorg developers.

Xorg on laptops doesn't automagically detect both outputs (internal LCD + external) either.


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