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Hi guys,

thanks for stopping by to have a look at my page. If you want to know me better you should probably try to find me somewhere and ask me something Smile :-)

about me

I'm just another linux enthusiast and so called evangelist.

I do linux and security trainings as a freelancer since 2000 and did my UCP (ubuntu certified professional) as well as the ubuntu official instructor test in may '07 (during which I had a great time in Stuttgart, thanks again Billy and Chris).

personal stuff

Just some personal stuff:

  • I'm 31 years old, married and have one lovely daughter and now even one lovely boy so far.
  • If I am not working on someone's PC (including mine) I most likely will be humming an 80's song - sometimes I combine these two hobbies Smile :-)

  • If you've come to know me in IRC you should know I am the man for (try to be) funny remarks and overlengthy descriptions for things that tend to finally work Smile :-) good example for that is here

my projects at this time

These are some of my projects:

working on right now

Thanks to persia I am trying to get rid of gtk1.2 in favour of gtk2 in old packages. Some notes on that:

  • change debian/control
    • change builddeps libgtk1.2-dev to libgtk2.0-dev (most common change)

    • remove builddeps libgdk-imlib (seems integrated now)

    • change builddeps libgnome-dev to libgnomeui-dev (??? not so sure about this one)

  • change Makefiles
    • gtk-config --cflags => pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0

    • gtk-config --libs => pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0

  • change Source
    • Drop calls to gtk_tooltips_set_colors


    • Drop includes of gdk-imlib.h

    • Change calls to gnome_about_new (old arguments title,version,author,desc,pixmap, new title,version,desc,author,NULL,NULL,NULL)

Good reference (should have found it earlier):

Process of creating the according debdiff:

  • apt-get source package

  • look for existing patches, take a trailing number XX
  • change debian/control if needed
  • cdbs-edit-patch ''XX-port-to-gtk2.patch''

  • edit your stuff
  • exit

  • make sure DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL are set properly

  • dch -D hardy -v ''new_package_version'' -i

  • if the previous version didn't end with "ubuntuX" you'll have to run update-maintainer (from package ubuntu-dev-tools)

  • debuild -S

  • cd ..

  • download the source from Hardy again (.dsc and .diff.gz) as you probably have overwritten them
  • debdiff packagename_oldversion.dsc packagename_newversion.dsc > packagename_newversion.debdiff

  • check that everything ending up in packagename_newversion.debdiff was changed by you
    • if there are other changes you'll need to filter them out
    • make sure that if a patch (within the debdiff) was created that it changes nothing in debian dir
  • Create bug report ported from obsolete GTK1.2 to GTK2

    • attach debdiff
    • subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors

    • set it to "confirmed"
  • Strip all debian/ stuff from package

  • send patch to debian's BTS via reportbug-ng

Where to look for upstream packages changelogs and bugreports:

Report patches to upstream according to: with tool reportbug-ng


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