I live in northern Finland. I have been using Linux since 1997 and [x|k]ubuntu since the middle of 2006, been using microcomputers since the advent of the Apple ][+. I've been using OS X since 2002 and OpenBSD on and off since late 2006. I usually maintain a dual-boot system OS X/kubuntu or a triple boot with OS X/kubuntu/OpenBSD

I've worked as a university lecturer, on research and development, and even a help desk via phone-in, walk-in and e-mail.

In 2006 through 2009, I helped run four labs using Ubuntu. Two were small development labs, staffed by undergraduate students. Two were full classroom labs with two dozen Kubuntu computers each, one lab was dual boot OS X / Kubuntu.

I contribute to the Ubuntu Forums as time allows. I've been able to help many people answer their questions about using or getting started with Ubuntu. In over four and a half years, I've averaged close to one post per day, helping to solve many of the questions.

I see Free and Open Source Software as part of the larger general struggle for human rights.

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