I, Lars Tangvald, apply for upload rights for package MySQL-5.7|8.0 and MOTU (intended for MySQL reverse dependencies only).

Rationale for application

I am applying because I drive a significant amount of the work on the MySQL packaging, and having upload rights would reduce delays and sponsor workloads. I'm currently working on a transition to MySQL 8.0, and in addition to the MySQL packaging itself, this will involve patching and testing of a multitude of packages that have dependencies on MySQL.

The purpose of universe upload rights would be to have access to upload patches for universe packages that depend on MySQL (similar to the uploads listed at

Having bileto access, which is generally restricted to uploaders, would also be a great help to effectively test the packages.

Who I am

  • Software engineer from Trondheim, Norway
  • Used Ubuntu since ~2005
  • Worked as release engineer for Oracle MySQL since 2015

Worked as a software developer since 2006, generally either backend or fullstack for different companies, until I started in release engineering in MySQL, where I'm responsible for the Debian/Ubuntu packaging as well as other release avenues such as Docker.

My Ubuntu story

Ubuntu was the first Linux distro I installed on my own computer, and I've stuck to it, or variants like Mint, for work systems since then. Mostly as a user until I started at Oracle. I did some limited deb packaging work in a previous job, but taking over the Debian/Ubuntu packaging for MySQL was my first real experience with packaging of any real complexity.

My involvement

I work on MySQL packaging primarily, but this branches off into MySQL's many reverse dependencies. As an example, the transition from MySQL 5.5 to 5.7 required small changes to a lot of packages. I've had various uploads sponsored for MySQL and related packages, as well as supplied patches to others (

Examples of my work

Areas of work

  • Packaging and testing of regular security updates for Debian 7, 8, unstable
  • Development and maintenance of MySQL packaging (generally applied to Debian unstable first, then merged to Ubuntu)
  • Handling MySQL related issues in reverse dependencies (i.e. issues caused by changes in MySQL)

Plans for the future


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