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Hi all. For more about me, biographically speaking, you can visit [].

But why I'm here: I'm a journalist who backed into FOSS last year during a campaign as the Green Party's candidate for Insurance Commissioner in California, finding that I could do just as much with free/open source software than I could with commercial software.

The philosophical and social ramifications of free software for all was too intriguing to pass up, so I have become an evangelist for FOSS and I find Ubuntu an excellent vehicle to bring free software to all (as an aside, I am a Debian and Xubuntu user -- love the Xfce desktop!)

I live in Santa Cruz County where I make my living as a copy desk editor for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. My avocation is to enlighten the masses to GNU/Linux and FOSS, and currently I publish Open Source and Free Software Reporter, now on the web at [] and scheduled to be in print as a bimonthly magazine in January 2008. Also, I have established an office for the Tux Project at [] and for HeliOS Solutions West in Felton, Calif. -- a satellite office of HeliOS Solutions in Austin, Texas -- to help convert people to GNU/Linux and FOSS in the area and to provide installation and maintenance services for those using GNU/Linux.


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