About me

I am mostly interested in free technologies advocacy (including formats, content, licensing) & training for new users, with an emphasis on security.

I also work as an "open-technologies" advocate & coach (software, hardware, formats, licenses) in and around Chicoutimi, QC, Canada, focusing on security and migration issues.

Some links about me:




Plans & vision for Ubuntu

I see Ubuntu becoming an essential tool to make Gnu/Linux more accessible to everyone, starting with my parents and close friends. I feel it's a community that is open enough to let anyone participate to the extent of their abilities and availability.

In Quebec, as part of the Ubuntu-QC team

  • Actively marketing and selling Ubuntu-related services locally:
  • * Desktop migration and support
  • * Training
  • Participating or organizing events with Ubuntu mentions / presence

Local organizations

I am a member of and/or helped founding the following organizations:


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