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## page was renamed from Learning/Materials/Schools
## page was renamed from Learning/Materials/School

Ubuntu learning - Schools project

--- Under construction - work in progres ---

Welcome to the part of Ubuntu learning project that is meant for schools.

If you are a teacher of ICT in some educational institution and you would like to start with different technology in your class, than you came to the right place. We (folks that are already familiar with free and open source technology) understand that there is always a reluctance to try something new. There could be several reasons for that: fear of start, fear how others will accept it (fellow teachers, students, superiors), lack of freedom, a lot of "what if" questions in your head,...

Do not be afraid. You can start with small steps and we will show you how. So, in here you will find:

  • Link to Ubuntu e-Learning - where materials for school will be (final result). We have decided to create materials on e-learning platform because it is a future of learning/teaching and it is taking big impact every day.

  • Ubuntu learning teams for school project -> this is a project under construction. Therefore here will be a possibility to join in not only now at the beginning but later on as well. We would be very delighted if we could get the feedback from the school teachers i.e. what are their needs, with what are they struggling, suggestions for improvement etc...

  • What are our future plans with this project and in what phase are we

Ubuntu learning school project plan

As a teacher you know that before every lesson it is good to create a plan. Here we go.

What is the goal of this project and for who is it for?

Ubuntu learning schools project has a goal to educate ICT teachers how to use Ubuntu and apply gained knowledge in their classrooms. We would like to break the barrier called " fear of new and unfamiliar technology."

Are you planning to do a classic training ?

No. Everything is and will be based on free will. We can't do classic training for several reasons: schools policy who can/can't do the training, every continent/country has its own ICT curriculum, every continent/country has its own certain government body in area of education, it is very expensive. Therefore we have decided to create online materials for teachers and they can use it for free and adapt it to their needs how ever they like. They can also (and it is desirable) join to this project as well an help to develop/maintain it.

  • How are you planning to do this?

We will need volunteers. This project is not small and it needs teams in order to create it in an easier and efficient way.

Plan is to have following teams:

  • Pedagogical team: they will be writing pedagogical instructions for the content development (this has dependency of a platform - app, e-learning, offline learning)(they will have to cooperate narrow with all teams below... Link to the page reserved for Pedagogical team where you will find more details

  • Writing team - they will be writing lessons following pedagogical instructions, preparing other needed content (screenshots and if needed other raw material for design team...) More details on the following page for writing team

  • Design team: they will be taking care of that content on some platform looks clean, visually attractive. More details on the following page for design team

  • Programming team: this team is an optional but it would come great if there will be some necessity to develop some online or offline or mobile apps for learning the content easier...

  • E-learning team (this team would be split in two sub teams): administrating e-learning platform team and creating e-learning content team.

This teams have to cooperate. To make that easier there would have to be a coordinating team who will: check how everything is running, take care of monthly meetings and work progress, think in advance how to improve collaboration and further project development.

To give these teams a starting point we have created separate pages for them. As already mentioned it is possible to join in any of the mentioned team. It is important that you feel comfortable. Even if you are just starting you don't have to worry. We will provide help untill you get into a routine.

  • What areas will you cover?

For a start we will focus only on usage of Ubuntu 12.04.

  • In what phase is the project now

    There is a saying that preparation is 90% of every work. We are now in preparation phase - creating processes/tasks for teams, creating exemplar materials ... This will last for some time. Be patient.

For additional questions about this part of Ubuntu learning project please contact us at our mailing list

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