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Ubuntu learning - School

Welcome to the part of Ubuntu learning project that is meant for schools.

If you are a teacher of ICT in some educational institution and you would like to start with different technology in your class, than you came to the right place. We (folks that are already familiar with free and open source technology) understand that there is always a reluctance to try something new. There could be several reasons for that: fear of start, fear how others will accept it (teachers, students, superiors), lack of freedom, a lot of "what if" questions in your head,...

Do not be afraid. You can start with small steps and we will show you how. So, in here you will find:

  • Pedagogical instructions - for real classroom teaching and for e-learning classrooms

  • Link to Ubuntu e-Learning - where materials for School will be (lessons)

  • Ubuntu learning - School teams -> this is a project under construction. Therefore here will be a possibility to join in not only now at the beginning but later on as well. We would be very delighted if we could get the feedback from the school teachers i.e. what are their needs, with what are they struggling, suggestions for improvement etc...