Meeting on June 5 2010

  • Date: Saturday 5 June, 2010

  • Start: 16:00

  • End: 17:15

  • Timezone: GMT +2 Beirut Time

  • Where: Starbucks DownTown, Beirut, Lebanon

  • Chaired By: Ubuntu-LB Team


  • Elijah El-Lazkani
  • Khalil Harake
  • Rami Omar
  • Youssef Chaker
  • Danny Abukalam
  • Munir Nabti
  • Jocelyn Habib

Meeting Minutes:

  • Talked about the OpenSource software project for windows

  • Mounir talked about Hibr project and Opened his location to host our meeting (Thank you )
  • Talked about ubuntu lb problems (specially members activation issue now is solved )
  • Talked about wiki Arabic translation
  • Talked about Ubuntu-lb mailing list for members for active members (Not done by Ubuntu we need to host it on our site)
  • Identify the active members and who can help us in several subjects based on their expertise and free time
  • Talking about legalizing Ubuntu-lb in Lebanon (means
  • Free Remote Support services for Ubuntu users specially beginners (not enterprise support)
  • More interviews on TV
  • Promoting Ubuntu in schools (let them grow with Ubuntu )
  • Presentation development

Ubuntu Please feel free to discuss any subject on the mailing list .

Meeting on 02/10/2009

  • Date: 02/10/2009

  • Start: 20:00

  • End: 22:00

  • Timezone: GMT +2 Beirut Time

  • Where: #Ubuntu-LB Channel on FreeNode Network

  • Chaired By: Jad Joubran (aka. Jad-J)


  • Jad-J
  • Armageddon
  • JAD
  • mapfn
  • youssefchaker
  • Black_Phantom
  • matata
  • bold-ally
  • JosephMarc

  • rapacity
  • compengi
  • Liquid-
  • SilentRequiem-

  • ubot2

Meeting logs:

  • The meeting complete logs can be found here.

  • The report thread on the mailing list can be found here.

Discussed topics:

  1. Decide the target of the presentation: Universities or schools.
  2. Create a team to write presentation.
  3. Choose an outline for the presentation [in progress]


  1. The presentation should be aimed to University students and then we will continue our project and expand to schools.
  2. The team includes the following volunteers:
    • Jad-J
    • JAD
    • JosephMarc

    • Black_Phantom
    • Eljak
    • Ubuntu you can still add you name and/or nickname here.

  3. The project will be posted on launchpad including the deadline and everything.

  4. Here are the suggested outlines of the presentation (feel free to give your opinion or to add your own outline): LebanonTeam/Presentations

Meeting on 23/12/2008

  • Date: 23/12/2008

  • Timezone: GMT +2 Beirut Time

  • Chaired By: Jocelyn Habib

  • Topic: Presentation

Topics To Be Discussed:

  1. What is Linux.
  2. Why using Ubuntu.
  3. Overview about Open Source.
  4. How to Ubuntu.
  5. Differences between Microsoft Windows and Linux/GNU.

Not placed meeting

  • Date: 21/08/2008

  • Start: 21:00

  • End: 22:00

  • Timezone: GMT +2 Beirut Time

  • Where: #Ubuntu-LB Channel on FreeNode Network

  • Chaired By: Jocelyn Habib

Did not take place

Minutes for the last meeting held on 03/10/2007

  • Date: 03/10/2007

  • Start: 21:00

  • End: 22:00

  • Place: #Ubuntu-LB Channel on FreeNode Network

  • Chaired By: Roland Abou Younes

Topics discussed:

  1. The idea of support and its relation to community.
    • - The bigger and more active the community is, the more effective it's support.
  2. We need to spread the word Ubuntu more.
    • - With the help of sponsors (like Dell)

Main Approaches:

  1. Universities/Schools
  2. Hardware Providers
  3. Setup Fests
  4. Offer help train support for IT people creating Server/Desktop setups
  5. Sponsors

Hoping to see you all in the next meeting.

Minutes for the last meeting held on 08/01/2007

  • Date: 08/01/2007

  • Place: Dunkin Donuts (None-smoking area)- Zalka main road.

  • Time: 8:30PM


  • Karine Alouf
  • Michel Ajaka
  • Jocylen Habib
  • Rami Omar


  • Nancy Zakhour
  • Elias El khoury
  • Rabih Habchy
  • Serouj Jamijian
  • Elie Helou
  • Elie Khalife
  • Houssam Bachour
  • Joe hanna.

Topics discussed:

  1. What is our team? What is our aim of creating such a community here in Lebanon?
  2. What is Ubuntu? A detailed discussion about history and development.
  3. Trying Ubuntu: Starting live CDs, taking brief hints about the graphical interface of it.
  4. Logo issue: suggested to wait till the due date:15/01/2007 to end the voting issue.
  5. Extra discussions:
    • Preparation for the invitation to the CS (Computer Science) club in the NDU.

The meeting ended at 10:00PM. Hoping to see you all in the next meeting.

For suggesting more subjects to discuss please drop an email on our Mailing list

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