My Interests range from assisting with Documentation, new ubuntu projects and maintaning the .deb files for the project I work on which is :


I can be contacted for this at irc.freenode.net | #delta3d and at ubuntu@heartseed.org.

I also help out as I can in irc.freenode.net | #ubuntu and I am now found in #ubuntu-motu.

I can also be contactd in irc.freenode.net | #heartseed, #neighbors, #religion, #blender and #lemmings.

I frequent the forums for help myself, and to try to help others with problems they may have, and to offer suggestions and comments about topics I am interested in.

As my skills increase I intend to help out in more areas.

I am self employed, and coordinate and own a non-profit game development company called heartseed ( heartseed.org), but I am committed to helping ubuntu grow because not only do I use ubuntu as my main OS, but I find the community wonderful and I thus want to help it grow and thusly make linux better for everyone.

cheers Lee Johnson IRC nick: neighborlee


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