As a member of the Ubuntu Kernel Team my roles and responsibilities are various. I am heavily involved in maintaining and evolving the current (Maverick) kernel, specialising mainly on the ARM architecture. Working with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and community members alike, I spend a great deal of time conversing with our user base attempting to discover deficiencies in Ubuntu, then finding ways to fix them. Most of my time is devoted to bugs however.

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Ubuntu Contributions

Maverick Development

I've been working at Canonical for the entire life cycle of Maverick, as a consequence I've placed a significant amount of work into it. As already mentioned I specialise mainly on Embedded ARM platforms, specifically Texas Instruments based hardware, thus most of the Maverick input has been aimed at board bring-up and system configuration. I have had the pleasure of supporting Ubuntu on the latest and greatest OMAP3 (Beagle) and OMAP4 (Panda) boards.

Some of the drivers I have worked with (debugged) include; USB, Networking, MMC/SD, Audio, HDMI and Suspend/Resume.

My most significant work on Maverick was working with TI on the HDMI video subsystem.

A complete write-up of the bug can be found on my blog.

Lucid Development

As Lucid is LTS, I spend a significant amount of time searching for and solving bugs which are causing users annoyance. Usually, these bugs have regressed into latter releases, so the fixes can be used to solve issues with even the latest kernels.

With regards to Lucid, my most noteworthy contribution was debugging the MMC subsystem's suspend/resume functionality, again detailed on my blog.


A list of my active (public) bugs can be found on Launchpad.


I can regularly be found on IRC providing user support.

Above and beyond


I recently attended the Ubuntu Hardware Summit it Taipei, Taiwan as a guest seminar speaker.

Here are the slides:


I endeavour to share my (significant) experiences with other Ubuntu developers, our user base and frankly anyone else who cares enough to listen via a blog on Canonical's Voices Blogsite.

You can find me here:


Andy Whitcroft

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Lee is a member of the Ubuntu Kernel Team, in this role he has worked
on a significant number of general kernel bugs debugging these in great
detail and producing fixes for them, working with community members in this
resolution.  In his role he is focused on ARM and as part of that works to
enable Ubuntu on the community held systems, helping to build the Ubuntu
ARM community.  Personally I have found him to be a detailed and focused
individual with a strong drive to find and fix issues, as well as being
a strong communicator.  I strongly recommend him for Ubuntu Membership.
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Oliver Grawert (ogra)

Lee is a pleasure to work with, if you have an issue with exotic hardware he is your man. He bites his teeth into a problem until he understands even the deepest details of the problem to then find the proper solution in the end.

In his role as a kernel developer Lee did plenty outstanding contributions to the Ubuntu kernel without which Ubuntu on ARM for maverick wouldn't have been possible in the quality as we have released it.

Lee is a master of communication who manages to quickly bring together and coordinate the most important experts for solving a problem. He is very active on IRC and helpful to persons asking for support.

The Ubuntu community would miss out massively if he would not become a member, his application has my full support.

Colin King

Lee is able to systematically dig deep into complex and subtle hardware related issues and will work through a problem until it's fully solved. He has worked on various kernel bugs with community members and seen bugs through to completion even when the bugs are non-trivial and hard to corner.

Lee communicates well and is active on IRC making invaluable and helpful contributions. He has been doing sterling kernel related work to support the Ubuntu ARM community.

His application has my full support.

Stefan Bader


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Lee has shown a very systematic approach to problems various times since I know him. He will follow up on a given problem until it is solved.

He also shows good skills when it comes to work with people and the community. Helping and encouraging others.

He definitely should become a Ubuntu member and I fully support his application.


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Jeremy Foshee

Lee has been a tremendous addition to the team. He has proven his ability to collect and understand information relating to a specific problem and then work to resolve the issue in the best possible manner. He has repeatedly solved the difficult to define and diagnose bugs. I enthusiastically support his application. I am certain that his continued display of high quality work will only continue.

Michael Casadevall

Lee has been extremely helpful in resolving kernel bugs and other kernel related issues on various ARM SoCs. He's been great in timely responding to bugs, and help testing kernels and getting patches committed into the Ubuntu kernel trees. I gladly +1 Lee's application for Ubuntu Membership.

Bryan Wu

Lee Jones has been closely working with me in Ubuntu kernel ARM stuff during Maverick cycle. He is quite focused and highly efficient developer in kernel area. With his testing and bug analysing/fixing, our ARM kernel enablement and ARM Ubuntu release run very well. From his blog and communication over IRC/email, I learned a lot things behind the kernel fixing and patch maintaining. I highly support him to apply the Ubuntu membership.

Steve Conklin

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Lee has been a great addition to the kernel team and to the community. His code contributions are well documented, but it's a little harder to show participation in the community. I can vouch that Lee has been active in communicating my IRC and email, and in bugs, and is quick to help solve problems. 

I recommend him for Ubuntu membership.

Steve Conklin
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Ricardo Salveti (rsalveti)

Lee is quite easy to work with, and very helpful when fixing kernel bugs. Very important during last cycle, where he worked closely with OMAP 4 platform, helping maintaining and fixing the omap 4 tree. Great communication over IRC and email, and usually very fast while responding and working with bugs. I'd be happy to see him being part of the Ubuntu community as an Ubuntu member.

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