I, Leônidas S. Barbosa, apply for core-dev.


Leônidas S. Barbosa

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Who I am

My name is Leônidas S. Barbosa and I'm brazilian. I'm familiar many programming language, mostly with Python and C. I'm an Ubuntu user since 2008 and I'm also member of Ubuntu Security Team.

My Involvement

I have not that involvement in the past in fact. I just did follow Ubuntu as a normal user and developer, and at that time hadn't that knowledge about debian package at all. I could speed up this when I joined Security Team, and so far still learning a bunch of debian package and Ubuntu.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

My work so far has been doing security updates for many packages in main. Mostly of them for ESM releases. As one of the last updates I did ask for sponsor is this one that required rights to be done.

Areas of work

My areas of work involves security updates and bug fixes. For an overview about what I've been work so far/uploaded

Things I could do better

  • Bug fixing
  • Merges
  • Syncs

Plans for the future


  • Become better dev for both Ubuntu and Debian
  • Become a kernel dev

What I like least in Ubuntu

  • The collaboration between Ubuntu and Debian: We have to collaborate closely with Debian as Debian is our upstream; for example we should always forward non-specific Ubuntu changes to Debian. Doing so we will improve Debian and minimize the Ubuntu delta. We should encourage Ubuntu contributing developers to collaborate with Debian too but at the same time encourage the Ubuntu contributing Developers to contribute to Ubuntu.


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I have worked with Leonidas before Canonical and at Canonical. He has always been conscientious and hard working. He loves taking on new challenges and expanding his knowledge base both in breadth and in depth. I saw this when he worked on a kernel crypto driver a while back in old job and now as we work together in expanding the security team's OVAL. His genuine curiosity and ability to quickly consume information results in his always honing his skills. And on top of that he is fun to work with! -- j-latten

I've also worked with Leonidas before Canonical and at Canonical. Leonidas is always eager to help and share his knowledge with others. He's also curious and always trying to learn something new. Since I met him, he has worked with kernel crypto driver, SELinux and a lot of security work for Main packages and is currently the focal point on patching ESM packages. Becoming a coredev would suit him well! -- @Eduardo Barretto@



General feedback

Specific Experiences of working together

Please add good examples of your work together, but also cases that could have handled better.

Areas of Improvement


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