About Me

I lived in China and I worked for Kingsoft Inc. I started to use Linux since 2002. and maintain qterm package for Debian official since 2005[1], now maintain more than 10 packages in Debian[2]. I also push packages to Ubuntu through MOTU since jaunty[3].

Contact Details

My Contributions

My contribution is focused on the package maintaince, especially for the packages related to the Chinese culture. For example:

  • input method: including scim-tables, scim-python, ibus and ibus-* packages.
  • BBS client: qterm and fqterm
  • comaintained some chemistry-related packages: apbs, chemtool, ... (now I have left chemistry industry, so no longer maintain them)
  • some other packages: such as manpages-zh, iptux (an IM client), multiget (download client), llk-linux (game)

Future Plans


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