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DRAFT - BRAINDUMP - NOT COMPLETE - WORK IN PROGRESS - I am still thinking about pro/con situations.


There is work on the go by Alan Cox in the kernel to make libata handle PATA disks as well as SATA disks. This would allow for a simpler install image due to all disks becoming sdXY. Alan has a web-place, , where there is a file, STATUS.txt, detailing progress. I will have a look through the files there and then update this page again.


One interface for all things ATA, allow drivers/ide to go away. One namespace for disks whether SCSI or ATA.

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ScottJamesRemnant notes:

  • Requires migrating all references to disks; including boot-loader, /etc/fstab and just about anywhere else they might show up.
  • I'd recommend migrating them to UUID-based paths, rather than /dev/sd*; e.g. UUID=xxx or /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxx for each case.
  • This can be done *before* upgrading (/dev/hd* have uuids too) so that after reboot, everything still works even though they're now on the scsi subsystem
  • And this gives them free removable/swappable disk support (take your root disk out, put it in usb cradle, boot another machine with it and it just works)


Data preservation and migration

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