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 {{attachment:Tip.png}} 06/03/2008 An agreement has been reached between the LOCO team and KEY & ACES organizations to hold an event every Saturday in the faculty of Engineering Ain shams University with a new subject every time and these events will be public so spread the word guys..
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= Credits =

 * [[aboyousif]]

 * [[EricLake]]


  • This page is intended to be the Ubuntu GNU/Linux Local Community LOCO Libyan team page. This page should help distribute and increase the knowledge of GNU/Linux and open source software, and show how it is becoming a key player in the IT market for personal and professional use. Everyone is a key player in this LOCO team for the development of GNU/Linux in Libya, and to expand the use and assist in the migration to open source power. Our purpose as a team from now on is to market the abilities of Ubuntu as a powerful operating system and help people in migrating from other operating systems. We will conduct frequent trainings on how to use Linux, stressing its ease of use. We will also make installation festivals every six months following each new release.


  • We can be contacted any time through:

    Ubuntu Our mailing list mailing list

    Ubuntu Our irc channel: and joining the #ubuntu-ly channel.

    Ubuntu Our forum on Libya Team Forum.

    Ubuntu You may also contact any of the admins at: m.ayad at for any help.

How to join

How to Contribute

  • Ubuntu First of all join our mailing list.

    Ubuntu Find a micro group in your area.

    Ubuntu Try to attend the meetings which will be conducted over irc or in person. Follow the mailing list for information.

    Ubuntu Discuss all your ideas freely.


  • Our most important task at the current time is to introduce GNU/Linux, specifically Ubuntu to the as many people as possible in the Libyan community. We will achieve this by distributing large amounts of Ubuntu master CDs.

Goals for year 2009

  • Ubuntu Help the team grow in technical ability and size.

    Ubuntu Become an Approved LoCo team.

    Ubuntu Being mentioned in the media as Ubuntu and as a LOCO team.

    Ubuntu Be able to switch 100 persons at least by the end of this year to Ubuntu. ( around 150 were switched in 2007)

    Ubuntu Organize an installation fest.

    Ubuntu Start Linux trainings on a professional level.



Meeting will be December 19 Saturday 6:00 pm "Libya Local Time" , all members are welcome to discuss things.

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