This is the wiki page for the Lithuanian LoCo Team. Our team provide free support in Lithuanian language on using Ubuntu. You can get support on active Ubuntu.lt Forum or IRC channel #ubuntu at Aitvaras server.


Home page: Ubuntu.lt

Mailing list: ubuntu-lt@lists.ubuntu.com

Discusion and support forum: Ubuntu.lt Forum

IRC chat room at Aitvaras: #ubuntu

IRC chat room at freenode.net: #ubuntu-lt

Launchpad Team: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-lt


Translating Ubuntu to Lithuanian language

See UbuntuLithuanianTranslators for more details.

Ubuntu Book

Book about how to use Ubuntu and migrate from Windows. Book is hosted in Wikibooks project. You can visit and write this book by following address:

„Ubuntu Linux žaliems“

Book is written in Lithuanian language.


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