It should be possible to use the live CD (or more realistically: DVD) as the device for the persistent storage. This should be done by using packet writing.


The current persistency is complex and really too hard to use. While it should be fixed, it would be nice if one was able to just use a single unit -- a DVD-R (or RW) as a combined live and persistent device.

Use cases

  • Daniel uses lots of different computers, but they all have a DVD-RW writer. He burns the live CD image to a DVD-RW and uses that disc in each computer.


Needs udftools in main and changes casper/wendy.


Outstanding Issues

  • Resolve blocked specs as noted in Launchpad page.


  • Implement support in wendy for UDF. It should be a file system selection and default if the selected device is a DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW.

  • Get udftools into main and possibly into the desktop seed.


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