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Trial: A private Live Testing session

  • In order to evaluate the effectiveness, problems, strong and week points on this strategy, a trial session will be developed;
  • Implementation difficulties, results and other aspects will be evaluated / fixed by the team before a public set of events is announced;

Trial implementation processes and delegation

"Trial" Live Testing Session Planning




Delegated to




IRC Infrastructure

Get temporary IRC infrastructure and moderation staff for a single trial event.





Testing Repo

A testing repository must be set exclusively for this session. The developers must have the rights to upload to it in real time during the session.






A previously developed ISO must be made, to be used by testers during the session






A Tracker must be accessible by the developer and testers during the session. Results must continue to be available after the session.






Select bugs and corresponding packages, reach their developers to invite for the trial session



EVeryone will study and send a list of packages/bugs to Effenberg0x0 before the next meeting. -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-12 21:59:52



Create omnibus wiki page to support the session. Link, develop or improve related tutorials. Evaluate how much time it would take to have such a content ready for every session.



I've been working with Python scripts that auto read/sort/parse LP and update MoinMoin via API (much like Fedora auto-does it, and Ubuntu QA Reports are done). I can take this one. -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-11 18:54:13



Select small group (5?) of testers, to participate in the trial session.



Cariboo907 already selected a list of testers and will contact them. -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-12 21:59:52



Select small group (5?) of testers, to participate in the trial session.




Endurance and regularity: How to make this strategy sustainable in long-term?

  • Previous strategies have failed in Ubuntu;
  • Other similar activities have also been discontinued or abandoned;
  • Why? Failure to get results (bugs fixed)? No interest from developers, testers? Failure to communicate and create awareness over the initiative? Poor and/or non-functional technical resources? Documentation?

Next steps


  • Team meeting to evaluate this doc (April, 4th, 2100UTC) - OK;

  • Next Team meeting: Mature strategy and delegate tasks (April, 11th, 2100UTC);

  • Plan and host trial session - ?


  • Next Team meeting: Evaluate results, improve process and delegate new tasks (April, 18th, 2100UTC);

  • Communicate Ubuntu Governance Boards and obtain approval;
  • Request support from IRC Team leadership;
  • Inform QA-Related Teams and confirm support for upcoming sessions;
  • Develop and send "open invitation" to developers, via proper channels;
  • Evaluate potential packages and contact developers;
  • Define dates;
  • Publicize to community;

Agenda - Next Team Meetings

Insert topics directly in the bullets below or mail Effenberg0x0 [at] if you'd like me to do it. Please sign your bullets with @SIG@ at the end. It automatically adds your name and timestamp to your comments (when the page is saved, not when previewed), so we can keep track of who said what and when.

Apr. 15th. 2012

Apr. 11th. 2012

  • Discuss previous attempts, linked at the topic "Ubuntu Previous Attempts" in this document (see index). They were completely unknown to me. Why did they fail? What can we learn from them? -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-05 06:59:22

  • Infrastructure: A more "in-depth" look at Fedora's implementation revealed to me some infrastructure we currently do not have: Special repos for Live Testing ISOs, Testing Builds of packages updated during the session, a tracker updated in real time during the session, with testing results of session participants, a system to host each tester hardware profile (relevant for developers to evaluate each test result vs hardware tested). -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-05 06:59:22

  • Mature strategy and delegate tasks -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-06 23:52:38

  • TASK: Everyone will study and suggest a list of packages/bugs, send them to Effenberg0x0 before next meeting.

Apr. 4th. 2012 (kickoff)

Topics discussed at this meeting are being summarized and will be inserted here by Apr. 9th, 2012 (Monday) -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-05 06:43:01 References: