Alan presented the an addition to the LoCoTeamContact wiki page in LoCoTeamContact/ProposedAddition , This addition further highlights the role of the loCo Team Contact as a source for news for both the Local Community he represents and the wider Ubuntu Community. This proposal was approved and since merged into the LoCoTeamContact wiki entry.


Introducing the New Members of the LoCo Council

The LoCo Council welcomed new members, Lauraczajkowski, ChristopheSauthier (huats), ChrisCrisafulli (itnet7). These members we elected from an open call to the community and the final 3 were picked between the LoCo Council members and the Community Council.

A blog post and other notices on this must be made available in a short while.


Reapproval Process Progress

Efrain suggested a quick check on actions pending before the reapproval process for LoCo Teams begin.

  • has to czajkowski document the process.
  • popey double check the list in the blueprint.
  • all educate the LoCo teams on the reaproval process.

There is a tentative date for the completion of these actions and being optimistic we can begin the process in january 2010.


State of LoCo Governance Docs

Efrain suggested the revision of the docs in LoCoTeamKnowledgeBase#Running%20a%20Team making sure that these docs are up to date with regards the new Leadership Code of Conduct. and Also document better the functions of the LoCo Council, what we do and how we interact with the LoCo Community, ie: Announcing LoCo team contact Changes, Team Approvals, and even newcommer teams. This makes the LoCo Council available to all teams at all levels.

LoCo Week and LoCo Doc Day


LoCo Week and LoCo Doc Day

Jorge presented these two events to the LoCo Council looking for a driver for each event. EfrainValles volunteered for LoCo Doc Day. the LoCo Council is looking for some more clarification on the idea of a LoCo week.


Tunisian LoCo as a legal entity

nizarus asked about LoCo's as legal entities, he has already emailed the Community Council on this issue and the response has been to contact Canonical Legal for trademark permisions if they were interested, but they were also reminded that that legal entity would not be in anyway endorsed nor legally supported by canonical. Only trademark permission is provided. nizarus indicated that he has tried to contact Canonical Legal through the website form and Christophe mentioned that initial contact takes a while and he shared his experience with the french team as a legal entity.

LoCo Team Approvals

Country or area

Wiki page









Belarus has been around for quite some time but still needs to consolidate its resources and document and promote their achievements to the wider Ubuntu Community. They are making good progress. Belarus was asked to return once it has more experience.

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