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Laura chaired the meeting, and we used mootbot again. We discussed our agenda items,and asked Efrain Valles who had been dealing with Ubuntu El Salvador for a update. Next agenda item was Leadership CoC not given to LoCo Leads this was brought to our attention via a bug and we have two outcomes from the meeting:

  1. LoCo council to rewiew the terminology and better define the word team and report back

  2. Look for more input from the loco contact list on "signing the Leadership CoC" which is what this was all about.

Finally the last agenda item was about the new LoCo Health check which is being run on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in #ubuntu-locoteams

Mexico Team wasn't present and this will be taken to email for follow up Brazilian LoCo was asked to come back with a more detailed wiki page for their application.

It was a marathon meeting which lasted 3 hours so thanks to all those who came and took part! you ROCK!


  • North Carolina LoCo was approved

  • Vietnamese LoCo was approved


Meeting started by czajkowski at 15:00

15:00:48 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda
15:01:49 Topic: Ubuntu El Salvador Update
15:07:58 IDEA _marx_ mediation
15:08:46 ACTION czajkowski the loco council will follow up on this in email
15:09:17 Topic: Leadership CoC not given to LoCo Leads
15:09:40 LINK czajkowski https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bug/392976
15:11:13 LINK czajkowski https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+spec/ubuntu-leadership-code-of-conduct-should-be-signed-by-loco-team-leaders
15:22:25 LINK paultag http://www.ubuntu.com/community/leadership-conduct
15:24:37 ACTION czajkowski LoCO council to rewiew the terminology and better define the word team and report back
15:24:52 ACTION czajkowski look for more input from the loco contact list on "signing the Leadership CoC" which is what this was all about
15:25:26 Topic: LoCo Health check 3rd Tuesday of the month 6-8pm UTC #ubuntu-locoteams
15:26:41 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoHealthCheck
15:29:34 Topic: Mexico LoCo
15:30:55 ACTION czajkowski mexio loco application taken to ML
15:31:14 Topic: Finland LoCo
15:32:10 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FinnishTeam/ReApprovalApplication
15:36:57 LINK heikki http://wiki.ubuntu-fi.org/Yhteis%C3%B6n_kokous (in Finnish....)
15:41:33 VOTE right so please vote on the re approval of Finland LoCo
15:42:28 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5
15:43:00 Topic: Català LoCo
15:43:59 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CatalanTeam/ReapprovalApplication2010
15:47:09 LINK czajkowski http://www.ossbarcamp.com/wp-content/themes/ossbarcamp/logo6.png thanks to ye guys :)
15:50:48 VOTE please vote on the Re approval of the Català LoCo
15:51:35 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5
15:52:22 Topic: DC LoCo Re Approval
15:52:59 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistrictOfColumbiaTeam/DistrictOfColumbiaTeamApprovalApplication
16:04:10 VOTE please vote on the re approval of the DC LoCo
16:04:31 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5
16:05:17 Topic: Denmark LoCo Re approval
16:05:34 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanishTeam/ReApprovalApplication
16:19:36 VOTE please vote on the re approval of the Denmark LoCo
16:19:57 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5
16:20:38 Topic: Approval of North Carolina LoCo
16:21:14 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam
16:26:51 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/ApprovalApplication
16:43:53 VOTE please vote on the Approval of the North Carolina Team
16:44:09 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5
16:45:04 Topic: Brazilian Team Re approval
16:46:33 LINK Pretto https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrazilianTeam/ReApprovalApplication
17:03:50 ACTION czajkowski Brazil LoCo to add more detail to their application and come back to us
17:06:20 Topic: VietnameseTeam
17:06:34 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VietnameseTeam/ApprovalApplication
17:24:27 VOTE Please vote on the Approval of the Vietnamese Team
17:31:59 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 1 abstained. Total: 5
17:33:49 Topic: Russian Team Re approval
17:34:04 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RussianTeam
17:34:25 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RussianTeam/ReApprovalApplication
17:46:55 VOTE please vote on the re approval of the Russian LoCo
17:47:27 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5
17:48:30 Topic: Chilean LoCo re approval
17:49:09 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChileanTeam/ReApprovalApplication
17:58:22 VOTE please vote on the Chilean LoCo Re approval
17:58:41 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5
17:59:25 Topic: German LoCo re approval
17:59:40 LINK czajkowski https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GermanTeamReApprovalApplication2010
18:09:13 VOTE Please vote on the German LoCo Re approval
18:09:28 VOTE RESULT 5 for, 0 against, 0 abstained. Total: 5
Meeting ended at 18:10.

People Present:
  1. czajkowski
  2. stk_
  3. huats
  4. pedro_
  5. _marx_
  6. kjcole_
  7. afterlastangel
  8. CoconutCrab
  9. kamusin
  10. v4vortex
  11. Jiraiya
  12. effie_jayx
  13. celvin
  14. ubottu
  15. bejames
  16. paultag
  17. kwah
  18. akgraner
  19. kjcole
  20. darkness51
  21. JanC
  22. Agafonov
  23. aim1159
  24. itnet7
  25. mhall119
  26. bcurtiswx
  27. dcedata
  28. rhkfin
  29. leogg
  30. Mirv
  31. ninnnu
  32. heikki
  33. Nakkel
  34. happosade
  35. Sysi
  36. Fitzz
  37. Mobe
  38. Crazyguy
  39. jussi
  40. jykae
  41. Andre_Gondim
  42. topyli
  43. ZeiP
  44. jpds
  45. tsdgeos
  46. papapep
  47. alexm
  48. SiscoGarcia
  49. rafael_carreras
  50. Leukim
  51. maco
  52. crimsun
  53. jelkner
  54. sound-1000
  55. sbc
  56. Snigepige
  57. AJenbo
  58. Kimsen1967
  59. jarlen
  60. kjoller
  61. Pretto
  62. holstein
  63. internalkernel
  64. bac
  65. JFo
  66. juliux
  67. _Lux
  68. renewip
  69. khanhpt_
  70. nobawk
  71. tuantub
  72. baongoc124
  73. anyoneofus
  74. Vantrax
  75. paultag_
  76. Claudinux
  77. vadimkansk
  78. madkox
  79. A4Tech
  80. skyrider
  81. cristianvirtual
  82. DobleD
  83. michazoet
  84. \Lux
  85. Standard Logs

    tarted logging meeting in #ubuntu-meeting
    [15:00:31] <czajkowski> Aloha folks
    [15:00:36] <stk_> aloha
    [15:00:42] <huats> hello !
    [15:00:46] <pedro_> hey hey :-)
    [15:00:47] <_marx_> afternoon
    [15:00:48] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda
    [15:00:58] <kjcole_> Greetings Overlords! ;-)
    [15:01:00] <afterlastangel> good morning (2am in Viet Nam)
    [15:01:06] <stk_> 3am
    [15:01:07] <CoconutCrab> 3, not 2
    [15:01:09] <czajkowski> todays agenda and we will be working from the top down in the items then moving onto the teams
    [15:01:12] <czajkowski> ok
    [15:01:14] <kamusin> hey!
    [15:01:18] <stk_> afterlastangel: are you still sleepy nbow, dude
    [15:01:25] <v4vortex> greetings from berlin, germany
    [15:01:39] <stk_> czajkowski: please, go on
    [15:01:41] <stk_> :-)
    [15:01:45] <Jiraiya> greets from franconia, germany ;)
    [15:01:49] <czajkowski> [topic]Ubuntu El Salvador Update
    [15:02:00] <czajkowski> effie_jayx: can you please discuss this
    [15:02:15] <effie_jayx> ok
    [15:03:02] <effie_jayx> I just wanted to follow up on the talks regarding resolving internal issues in ubuntu el salvador
    [15:03:12] <effie_jayx> anyone here from el salvador?
    [15:03:35] <effie_jayx> right
    [15:03:38] <czajkowski> shame
    [15:03:59] <effie_jayx> I guess I will run down the issue for the record and it will be up to the LoCo COuncil to follow up on email
    [15:04:19] <czajkowski> please
    [15:04:34] <celvin> effie_jayx,
    [15:04:36] <effie_jayx> Ubuntu el salvador seems to have fallen in to a bit of fragmentation
    [15:05:19] <effie_jayx> there is a group of people in the members that is pretending not disregard the admins in the Salvador team
    [15:05:58] <effie_jayx> the last we intevinEd IN the issUe
    [15:06:21] <effie_jayx> ubuntu-sv admins had allowed David Cruz back in the team mailing list
    [15:06:53] <effie_jayx> however david believes this did not happen, though I believe admins can prove this wrong
    [15:07:58] <_marx_> [idea] mediation
    [15:07:59] <effie_jayx> and perhaps I believe the fact that issues are not healthy there the LoCo Council can only suggest and try to mend things
    [15:08:00] <czajkowski> ok so the loco council asked the el salvador team here to talk and we've asked a few times
    [15:08:15] <czajkowski> _marx_: please don't
    [15:08:30] <_marx_> k
    [15:08:46] <czajkowski> [action] the loco council will follow up on this in email
    [15:08:51] <czajkowski> effie_jayx: thanks
    [15:08:53] <effie_jayx> czajkowski: it is really shamefull that the parts won-t meet to solve this
    [15:09:11] <effie_jayx> czajkowski: thank you and I will hope this comes to a nice resolve
    [15:09:17] <czajkowski> [topic] Leadership CoC not given to LoCo Leads
    [15:09:40] <czajkowski> [link]https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bug/392976
    [15:09:42] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 392976 in ubuntu-community "Leadership CoC not given to LoCo Leads" [Medium,Confirmed]
    [15:10:08] <czajkowski> this came to light recently and I'm wondering do many locos know about this Leadership CoC
    [15:10:51] <czajkowski> there is also at present no way to sign this Leadership CoC in the same way there is to sign the CoC
    [15:10:57] <czajkowski> and with that we've created a Blueprint
    [15:11:13] <czajkowski> [link]https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+spec/ubuntu-leadership-code-of-conduct-should-be-signed-by-loco-team-leaders
    [15:11:25] <czajkowski> if anyone would like to suggest some ideas on it we'd appreciate it
    [15:11:40] <celvin> David Cruz was readmitted to the mailing list, but on condition that he most to leave the bad attitude and focus to work for the project.
    [15:11:42] <czajkowski> this doesn't just effect locos so we're not sure of the implication
    [15:12:05] <bejames> define "leader"
    [15:12:18] <czajkowski> bejames: yes this is one issue that needs to be defined
    [15:12:26] <paultag> If I may interject
    [15:12:27] <kwah> impossible
    [15:12:30] <czajkowski> so is a leader someone who is in charge of a Mailing list
    [15:12:36] <akgraner> I have a question can you add contacts/leaders as not all team contacts are the leaders?
    [15:12:36] <czajkowski> a webmaster
    [15:12:41] <paultag> whenever someone is in a position is oversight, their actions effect those who the oversee
    [15:13:02] <paultag> it would be natural, therefore, to have anyone who is in a position of oversight to sign the LCoC
    [15:13:21] <czajkowski> akgraner: yes this is true and in many cases a point of contact is what is referred to in some teams as a team leader and this isn't the case
    [15:13:29] <czajkowski> paultag: exactly
    [15:13:48] <akgraner> *nods*
    [15:13:52] <kjcole> Team Janitor might be a more fitting term.
    [15:14:00] <czajkowski> kjcole: nice idea
    [15:14:07] <bejames> does there need to be a separate CoC. can the existing one incorporate leadership as a sub section?
    [15:14:26] <kwah> in my opinion this is useless, people do some stuff, they do it well and others follow because they like what has been done or going on
    [15:14:31] <czajkowski> bejames: the Leadership CoC already exists and is rather long so I think they are rather seperate
    [15:14:33] <kwah> why do we need another formality?
    [15:14:44] <darkness51> i am from el salvador
    [15:15:04] <paultag> kwah, so that when there are issues regarding leadership there is something to be held accountable to
    [15:15:09] <huats> czajkowski, I think the problem is that Leader is a word that is commonly used in many country (that re not necessary english speaking) while Team Janitr is more complicated...
    [15:15:26] <czajkowski> kwah: becasuse there are in parts where it referrs to matters such as graceful stepping down if you are no longer active rather than just remaning idling and not being productive in the team
    [15:15:35] <czajkowski> huats: true
    [15:15:44] <JanC> kwah: basically because soem people think leadership is a gift they got from the gods ;)
    [15:15:52] <czajkowski> huats: so what can we do with the term Team Leader / Point of Contact
    [15:16:20] <kwah> most of the time, in my experience, people do not follow such god-like leaders
    [15:16:29] <kjcole> huats: Admin perhaps? Maintainer?
    [15:16:38] <Agafonov> coordinator
    [15:16:55] <_marx_> +1 Agafonov
    [15:16:56] <paultag> Contact != Administrator in every case
    [15:17:04] <JanC> kwah: I hope so, but there have been several issues about leaders like that who owned the keys to web space, mailing lists, etc.
    [15:17:07] <paultag> Aye, I am liking Coordinator as well
    [15:17:11] <kjcole> +1
    [15:17:21] <huats> Leader seems fine to me
    [15:17:40] <paultag> Do we really need to define this?
    [15:17:47] <_marx_> leader has connotations
    [15:17:51] <czajkowski> paultag: yes.
    [15:17:56] <JanC> I like the term "leader" if explained correctly
    [15:17:59] <kwah> JanC, heh, this should not happen at the first instance and should be written in guidelines for arranging resources
    [15:18:16] <paultag> czajkowski, I think it should be enough to say if you oversee any other member or members you need to sign the LCoC
    [15:18:20] <akgraner> I think many teams have varying positions leadership - and that if a team identifies those positions of leadership - and people agree to those positions - then they need to "sign" the LCoC
    [15:18:26] <aim1159> huats: leader is someone who move a group to some point. lead. coordinator just take people together so they can selfogganise into a working group. Coordinator is better
    [15:18:27] <itnet7> The important part that should be discussed though is that some leaders are not following the leadership CoC, Which makes provisions for team governance
    [15:18:44] <itnet7> It doesn't matter whether they are Team contactcs or not
    [15:19:17] <_marx_> perhaps team contact needs a more clear definition
    [15:19:22] <mhall119> perhaps "team representative"? Has the connotations of contact and responsibility, without the connotations of ownership or authority
    [15:19:30] <JanC> kwah: basically, the LCoC makes it possible for everybody in a leadership position to promise to act properly
    [15:19:31] <czajkowski> so there seesm to be two issues
    [15:19:34] <huats> I agree with JanC, I think a few words can fit, but the important is the explanation that should be given
    [15:19:38] <czajkowski> 1) the word Leader needs to be better defined
    [15:19:43] <bcurtiswx> What about a team leadership structure. There's nothing defined, but think about clubs in college.. you had a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer etc... obviously for LoCo's this would be different
    [15:19:44] <kjcole> Rep is also not a bad choice.
    [15:19:46] <czajkowski> 2) the issue of signing the Leadership CoC
    [15:20:07] <paultag> IMHO 1) I think it should be enough to say if you oversee any other member or members you need to sign the LCoC
    [15:20:16] <paultag> Erm, that is both
    [15:20:22] <huats> I like the representative word too
    [15:20:23] <JanC> bcurtiswx: this differs between locoteam (and clubs)
    [15:20:38] <akgraner> paultag, +1
    [15:20:45] <huats> since a team can have various representatives
    [15:20:52] <JanC> paultag: oversee people or resources
    [15:20:54] <mhall119> paultag: at that point, why not include it as part of the standard CoC?
    [15:21:07] <paultag> JanC, good point.
    [15:21:08] <kwah> mhall119, +1
    [15:21:10] <JanC> it should also apply to server admins etc.
    [15:21:11] <czajkowski> mhall119: as it's very long
    [15:21:20] <czajkowski> but perhaps we can look into it.
    [15:21:22] <paultag> mhall119, I don't disagree, but this is the state that it's in currently, and both documents exist and have existed for a while
    [15:21:25] <mhall119> as even a one-time event organizer may need to step down gracefully
    [15:21:25] <akgraner> I don't think people would read it if it was part of the CoC
    [15:21:56] <mhall119> is the LCoC that long?
    [15:22:02] <paultag> mhall119, no. Let me find it for you
    [15:22:05] <czajkowski> the idea of them being seperate is that if someone wants to become a leader they will take the time to read this dcument mixing it up in the CoC means they may forget about it
    [15:22:05] <akgraner> or that would just glance over it with taking time to pay attention to it fully
    [15:22:07] <paultag> ( for everyone )
    [15:22:18] <Agafonov> will the change of CoC require to re-sign it?
    [15:22:19] <kjcole> And "oversee" suggests I have some sort of magical powers. Yeah, I suppose I can kick people off IRC, mailing lists, etc.
    [15:22:19] <JanC> mhall119: peopel don't read anything longer than 1 small paragraph ;)
    [15:22:23] <czajkowski> mhall119: it's linked on the blueprint
    [15:22:24] * kwah thinks that he saw it only once... shortly
    [15:22:25] <paultag> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/leadership-conduct
    [15:22:28] <mhall119> czajkowski: hopefully we don't have people forgetting about what's in the CoC that often
    [15:22:34] <czajkowski> mhall119: we do :)
    [15:22:48] <mhall119> hmm, that is kind of long to be an add-on
    [15:22:53] <czajkowski> mhall119: :)
    [15:23:00] <czajkowski> right so what I' suggest is the following
    [15:23:07] <kjcole> And get sucked into petty debates about such decisions, but please, no.
    [15:23:18] <czajkowski> 1 - LoCO council to rewiew the terminalogyy and better define the word team and report back
    [15:23:50] <czajkowski> secondly look for more input from the loco contact list on "signing the Leadership CoC" which is what this was all about
    [15:24:09] <paultag> I think that is a thoughtful move.
    [15:24:13] <czajkowski> ok
    [15:24:16] <itnet7> ditto
    [15:24:18] <huats> czajkowski, +1
    [15:24:18] <mhall119> should thouse be in [ACTION] tags?
    [15:24:19] <czajkowski> as I just dont want to run out of time
    [15:24:24] <kwah> 1 is about word Leader ?
    [15:24:29] <_marx_> +1 on the second
    [15:24:37] <czajkowski> [action] LoCO council to rewiew the terminalogyy and better define the word team and report back
    [15:24:52] <czajkowski> [action] look for more input from the loco contact list on "signing the Leadership CoC" which is what this was all about
    [15:25:00] <czajkowski> mhall119: wanted to check first before I made the decision
    [15:25:04] <mhall119> ok
    [15:25:09] <_marx_> hopefully all terminology
    [15:25:26] <czajkowski> [topic] LoCo Health check 3rd Tuesday of the month 6-8pm UTC #ubuntu-locoteams
    [15:25:53] <czajkowski> I just wanted to announce we're setting up a loco health check session on IRC once a month for teams to come along and ask questions
    [15:25:57] <dcedata> hi all :)
    [15:26:00] <czajkowski> if they need a hand with events or want to ask for advice
    [15:26:13] <czajkowski> we'll cover topics you want help with
    [15:26:23] * rhkfin seuraa kahta kanavaa ja kattoo Housea samanaikaisesti.. katotaan mikä kärsii.. kaikki luultavasti..
    [15:26:26] <czajkowski> and also be inviting people in to give feedback on areas
    [15:26:41] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoHealthCheck
    [15:26:48] <rhkfin> (sorry!)
    [15:26:56] <czajkowski> will be mailing out to teams shortly but if you have items you'd like covered please let me know
    [15:27:00] <czajkowski> any thoughts on this ?
    [15:27:28] <kwah> why not just a mailing list discussion?
    [15:27:32] <_marx_> mailing to all loco teams?
    [15:27:42] <itnet7> kwah: you're not forced to attend
    [15:27:49] <itnet7> and the logs will be available
    [15:27:51] <czajkowski> because mails drag on and this is just to help teams who want to ask questions
    [15:27:54] <kwah> itnet7, got it, just asking
    [15:27:55] <czajkowski> and also get feedback on topics
    [15:28:01] <bejames> downside of IRC is time zones. It's 6:30am in Aus :(
    [15:28:05] <itnet7> kwah: didn't mean it that way :-)
    [15:28:09] <czajkowski> kwah: you may not want to come , that's fine others may want to
    [15:28:17] <itnet7> it has some really good potential though!
    [15:28:32] <czajkowski> if you;d like topics covered please let us know
    [15:28:40] <leogg> if there are people from the Spanish community that needs help, I'll be more than glad to translate during the session
    [15:28:50] <czajkowski> leogg: thank you
    [15:28:51] <kwah> czajkowski, with followups on mailing list? like digest etc?
    [15:29:01] <czajkowski> kwah: I'll post the logs
    [15:29:04] <leogg> czajkowski: you're welcome
    [15:29:09] <kwah> good
    [15:29:14] <czajkowski> right moving on to Approvals/Re approvals
    [15:29:34] <czajkowski> [topic] Mexico LoCo
    [15:29:43] <czajkowski> who's here from Mexico ????
    [15:30:18] <czajkowski> no?
    [15:30:26] <paultag> Hurmm.
    [15:30:40] <czajkowski> ok we'll move on
    [15:30:55] <czajkowski> [action] mexio loco application taken to ML
    [15:31:14] <czajkowski> [topic] Finland LoCo
    [15:31:22] <czajkowski> who's here from Finland ??
    [15:31:25] <Mirv> o/
    [15:31:26] <ninnnu> o/
    [15:31:26] <rhkfin> \o/
    [15:31:26] <heikki> o/
    [15:31:28] <Nakkel> o/
    [15:31:30] <happosade> O/
    [15:31:30] <Sysi> o/
    [15:31:30] <Fitzz> o/
    [15:31:32] <Mobe> o/
    [15:31:32] <Crazyguy> o/
    [15:31:35] <itnet7> Nice!!
    [15:31:38] <paultag> Holy-
    [15:31:38] <huats> nice to see you guys !
    [15:31:40] <leogg> :O
    [15:31:43] <paultag> Nice showing!
    [15:31:43] <jussi> o/
    [15:31:48] <Mirv> hello
    [15:31:50] <czajkowski> ALOHA!! :D
    [15:31:58] <mhall119> wow
    [15:32:00] <jykae> o/
    [15:32:05] <Andre_Gondim> o/
    [15:32:06] <kjcole> What, no right handed people? ;-)
    [15:32:08] <paultag> Well done, guys and gals :)
    [15:32:10] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FinnishTeam/ReApprovalApplication
    [15:32:42] <czajkowski> Mirv: hey so want to tell us what ye guys have been up to
    [15:33:01] <topyli> o/
    [15:33:05] <jussi> czajkowski: we have been busy :D
    [15:33:21] <Mirv> czajkowski: lately the focus has been understandably on lucid, and there is in addition to other preparation work a nice big corporate-co-operation release party happening in May
    [15:33:42] <Mirv> we've existed since Februrary 2005 so we've a rather long history already
    [15:33:56] <Mirv> I dug out the original approval IRC meeting one day
    [15:34:03] <ZeiP> \o
    [15:34:25] <czajkowski> right so how do you organise things? who does what or how does it work
    [15:35:14] <Mirv> we've a joint discussion channels of IRC, mailing lists and forums, on the focus of using mailing lists and forums for any important stuff
    [15:35:29] <Mirv> we lack in formal organization, but compensate with "just do it" attitude
    [15:35:53] <paultag> Mirv, You guys have a very large network of members, have you guys used that and contributed to events such as the Global Jam ( or smiler ), or done translations?
    [15:36:03] <Mirv> bi-weekly meetings are nowadays held on IRC
    [15:36:07] <jussi> Regular meetings happen on irc.
    [15:36:09] <Mirv> (with AJAX IRC links offered)
    [15:36:15] <paultag> similar * :)
    [15:36:20] <czajkowski> Mirv: nice do you post the minutes of the meeting to the mailing list or post to the forum ?
    [15:36:39] <Mirv> paultag: we've participated in eg. open weeks when translated sessions were tried, among else.
    [15:36:46] <Mirv> cjohnston: wiki, actually
    [15:36:57] <heikki> http://wiki.ubuntu-fi.org/Yhteis%C3%B6n_kokous (in Finnish....)
    [15:36:59] <jussi> Usually the minutes are translated into nglish for those with limited finnish abilities.
    [15:37:12] <Mirv> meant that to czajkowski
    [15:37:14] <jussi> Just give in the english irc channel though.
    [15:37:19] <czajkowski> ok
    [15:37:21] <czajkowski> good to know
    [15:37:31] <czajkowski> Mirv: is there any issue you;ve had to overcome ?
    [15:38:17] <Mirv> czajkowski: mainly the lack of organization leading to lack of people willing to pull the strings needed
    [15:38:26] <Mirv> others can correct me :)
    [15:38:27] <czajkowski> Mirv: so how did you overcome this ?
    [15:39:06] <czajkowski> or anyone else jump in :)
    [15:39:10] <Mirv> czajkowski: well this bi-weekly meeting, which is quite new actually, solved at least part of the problem since current issues are actually formally dealt with
    [15:39:44] <czajkowski> Mirv: so meetings helped, good to know
    [15:39:45] <Mirv> czajkowski: and well, in the past there was a bit of a problem with ubuntu.fi, which we then happily co-operated with so it joined ubuntu-fi.org
    [15:39:45] <czajkowski> ok
    [15:39:55] <rhkfin> The lack of coordination and commitment are maybe the issues we have. The irc meetings help us overcome the lack of coordination nicely, though.
    [15:40:02] <czajkowski> rhkfin: thanks
    [15:40:03] <czajkowski> ok
    [15:40:11] <czajkowski> itnet7: huats paultag leogg any other comments ?
    [15:40:20] * jpds hugs http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com/ while he's at it.
    [15:40:27] <itnet7> Not really, I was wondering a bit
    [15:40:27] <Mobe> and teams should report their progress on the meeting, so they are more responsible nowadays
    [15:40:30] <paultag> I'm good czajkowski
    [15:40:30] <huats> honnestly I haven't
    [15:40:41] <czajkowski> Mobe: exactly
    [15:40:42] <itnet7> why they aren't using the standard wiki pages, although theirs are very nice!
    [15:40:45] <huats> I am impressed by the very good work you are doing
    [15:40:46] <leogg> none, quite impressive team
    [15:40:56] <itnet7> But that's about it
    [15:41:14] <itnet7> Just wouldn't want to lose everything over hosting discrepancies
    [15:41:29] <Mirv> itnet7: the l10n of wiki.ubuntu.com is not perfect, among else
    [15:41:33] <czajkowski> [vote]right so please vote on the re approval of Finland LoCo
    [15:41:39] <czajkowski> +1
    [15:41:43] <paultag> +1
    [15:41:48] <leogg> +1
    [15:41:49] <itnet7> +1
    [15:41:52] <paultag> I have no reservations, really good showing
    [15:42:01] <huats> +1
    [15:42:10] <czajkowski> #endvote
    [15:42:20] <czajkowski> me and the bot are gonna have a falling out
    [15:42:28] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [15:42:39] <itnet7> :-P
    [15:42:39] <Mirv> (btw *ubuntu-fi.org is on Canonical servers)
    [15:42:41] <czajkowski> Congrats finland!
    [15:42:45] <rhkfin> Kiitos - thanks you!
    [15:42:45] <itnet7> darn bots!
    [15:42:48] <Mirv> thank you :)
    [15:42:51] <heikki> thanks!
    [15:42:53] <leogg> great job finland!
    [15:42:54] <topyli> thanks all for hearing us
    [15:43:00] <itnet7> Good Job ubuntu-fi.org
    [15:43:00] <czajkowski> [topic]Català LoCo
    [15:43:01] <Nakkel> Thank you! :)
    [15:43:10] <czajkowski> who's here from the Català LoCo???
    [15:43:12] <itnet7> Thanks Mirv wasn't sure about that good to know!
    [15:43:26] <tsdgeos> o/
    [15:43:26] <papapep> \o/
    [15:43:30] <alexm> o/
    [15:43:32] <czajkowski> I was wondering :)
    [15:43:34] <SiscoGarcia> \o/
    [15:43:34] <rafael_carreras> o/
    [15:43:35] <czajkowski> welcome folks
    [15:43:45] <paultag> Howdy Català :)
    [15:43:51] <papapep> hi!
    [15:43:59] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CatalanTeam/ReapprovalApplication2010
    [15:44:12] <Leukim> o/
    [15:44:22] <itnet7> Hey there rafael_carreras alexm and team!!
    [15:44:29] <SiscoGarcia> hi!
    [15:44:34] <alexm> itnet7: cheers!
    [15:44:37] <czajkowski> rafael_carreras: care to tell us about your team
    [15:44:42] <rafael_carreras> hi itnet7
    [15:44:52] <rafael_carreras> ok
    [15:45:19] <rafael_carreras> we are here for a long time
    [15:45:30] <rafael_carreras> and you can see a lot of things done
    [15:45:40] <czajkowski> that you are ,you've done a lot and were great hosts in Barcelona
    [15:45:54] <rafael_carreras> thanks
    [15:45:58] <alexm> czajkowski: thanks :)
    [15:46:04] <itnet7> Very Solid Team!
    [15:46:07] <paultag> rafael_carreras, Same question to you guys, you guys seem very active, have you used your member network to do testing, translations, and other related sports?
    [15:46:35] <rafael_carreras> we run Global Jams every six months
    [15:46:56] <paultag> rafael_carreras, Outstanding. I saw the Ubuntu Remix for Català, and I love it. Really great idea, by the way.
    [15:46:57] <czajkowski> rafael_carreras: have you had any issue since you first were approved?
    [15:47:01] <rafael_carreras> we have another team for translations
    [15:47:09] <czajkowski> http://www.ossbarcamp.com/wp-content/themes/ossbarcamp/logo6.png thanks to ye guys :)
    [15:47:27] <rafael_carreras> czajkowski: i don't remember big issues
    [15:47:39] <rafael_carreras> or small, right now
    [15:47:41] <czajkowski> rafael_carreras: how do you share out items that need to be done?
    [15:48:04] <rafael_carreras> on our special team mailing list
    [15:48:09] <rafael_carreras> and wiki
    [15:48:32] <czajkowski> special? how special?
    [15:48:37] <rafael_carreras> we have a todo list somewhere in the wiki
    [15:48:52] <rafael_carreras> we have two separete ailing lists
    [15:49:12] <rafael_carreras> one for technical issues and another for team related events
    [15:49:18] <czajkowski> nice idea
    [15:49:20] <SiscoGarcia> and another one for translations
    [15:49:25] <paultag> interesting idea
    [15:49:28] <rafael_carreras> right
    [15:49:30] <paultag> how is that working for you guys rafael_carreras?
    [15:49:32] <papapep> czajkowski, to avoid too much organization noise in the helping list
    [15:49:41] <czajkowski> rafael_carreras: and others, any other comments to make to the council before we vote?
    [15:49:42] <leogg> rafael_carreras: is the events list an open list?
    [15:50:15] <alexm> leogg: it is and the archive is public
    [15:50:17] <rafael_carreras> paultag: i think rather nicely, problem could be non-communication between lists
    [15:50:20] <papapep> leogg, all the loco resources are fully open
    [15:50:30] <rafael_carreras> leoog yes, it is
    [15:50:34] <SiscoGarcia> we've intended to have mainly translated lucid version https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+lang/ca/
    [15:50:41] <leogg> alexm, papapep, cool
    [15:50:48] <czajkowski> [vote] please vote on the Re approval of the Català LoCo
    [15:50:52] <czajkowski> SiscoGarcia: nice
    [15:50:56] <czajkowski> +1
    [15:50:56] <paultag> +1
    [15:51:00] <itnet7> +1
    [15:51:00] <leogg> +1
    [15:51:09] <SiscoGarcia> czajkowski, thanks
    [15:51:27] <paultag> keep up the great work rafael_carreras and the Català team :)
    [15:51:35] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [15:51:36] <rafael_carreras> thanks paultag
    [15:51:50] <huats> Continue like that !
    [15:51:53] <papapep> thanks to all :)
    [15:51:55] <Leukim> :)
    [15:51:57] <rafael_carreras> thaks all
    [15:52:00] <alexm> thanks!!!
    [15:52:03] <SiscoGarcia> thanks everybody
    [15:52:04] <czajkowski> congrats
    [15:52:05] <leogg> awesome ubuntaires! :)
    [15:52:10] <SiscoGarcia> ;)
    [15:52:11] <itnet7> Very good job thanks for all your teams efforts!!
    [15:52:12] <papapep> leogg ;)
    [15:52:22] <czajkowski> [topic]DC LoCo Re Approval
    [15:52:38] <paultag> Ah, yes, some Americans :)
    [15:52:41] <czajkowski> DC team ?
    [15:52:44] <maco> hiya
    [15:52:45] <bcurtiswx> o/
    [15:52:47] <crimsun> hi.
    [15:52:55] * maco pokes kjcole
    [15:52:55] <kjcole> L0
    [15:52:59] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistrictOfColumbiaTeam/DistrictOfColumbiaTeamApprovalApplication
    [15:53:09] <itnet7> hey there maco, crimsun \o/
    [15:53:11] <maco> do we get the longest team name award?
    [15:53:20] <paultag> maco, :)
    [15:53:47] <czajkowski> maco: did you name it
    [15:53:52] <czajkowski> bah
    [15:53:53] <czajkowski> nm
    [15:54:00] <paultag> So, who is contact?
    [15:54:08] <paultag> Tell us a bit about the last few events you have held
    [15:54:31] <itnet7> :-)
    [15:54:31] <huats> hello maco and crimsun
    [15:54:32] <maco> i suggested something like PlaceInTheUSThatIsNotAState(Yet)ButMaybeSomeDay....
    [15:54:32] <kjcole> I've always favored Brain-Washington.
    [15:54:33] <bcurtiswx> first parts too close to my name, i'd get too many e-mails
    [15:54:44] <kjcole> C'est moi.
    [15:54:49] <paultag> kjcole, :)
    [15:54:58] <maco> czajkowski: when we learned it was supposed to be the full state name not the abbreviation, we were making jokes about the fact that we dont live in a state
    [15:55:01] <paultag> kjcole, So, tell us a bit about your LoCo, some of the best events you have had in the last two years
    [15:55:03] <kjcole> We've been around since the early days.
    [15:55:15] <kjcole> We have t
    [15:55:23] <kjcole> Damned keyboard....
    [15:55:27] <paultag> take your time ;)
    [15:56:15] <kjcole> we have Installfests, and show up at large events to distribute cds.
    [15:56:33] <jelkner> we have yearly presence at a folk festival
    [15:56:38] <czajkowski> so howw are events organised, how do you figure who does what ?
    [15:56:39] <kjcole> FOSE and takoma park folk fest are real regulars.
    [15:56:58] <jelkner> the email list and irc channel
    [15:57:01] <kjcole> I generally find opportunities and send out mailings
    [15:57:05] <maco> and wait for people to raise their hands
    [15:57:15] <jelkner> which they mostly do ;-)
    [15:57:19] <czajkowski> good
    [15:57:29] <itnet7> How many of your members participate in the weekly bugjams?
    [15:57:34] <kjcole> I am a prime example of why "leader" is a bad term and "contact" is a good one.
    [15:57:44] <itnet7> :-) kjcole !
    [15:57:46] <paultag> kjcole, Aye, I'm in the same boat as you ;)
    [15:57:56] <maco> 5-ish?
    [15:57:57] <czajkowski> kjcole: we have a similar issue over here in ireland, but not on topic now :)
    [15:58:05] <bcurtiswx> 5-ish in the bugjams
    [15:58:07] <maco> theres a core group of about 5 people who do most of the stuff
    [15:58:12] <itnet7> thanks maco and bcurtiswx
    [15:58:25] <jelkner> kjcole leads by example, and does a darn good job of it!
    [15:58:35] <paultag> maco, I know you are MOTU, but how productive are the regulars?
    [15:58:37] <itnet7> thanks jelkner !
    [15:58:46] <paultag> I meant that as nicely as I can
    [15:58:56] <kjcole> Lately, there has been an increase in opportunities (Digital Capital Week, DC Community Broadband Summit, etc.)
    [15:58:59] <paultag> that came off bad. How much do you get done on a weekly basis *
    [15:59:05] <afterlastangel> as
    [15:59:10] <maco> paultag: well crimsun's a core dev and a regular ;-) and we've got another guy in the loco going for MOTU at the next meeting...
    [15:59:19] <paultag> maco, killer!
    [15:59:21] <itnet7> very cool!
    [15:59:29] <crimsun> I think our technical contributions to the distributions stand by themselves.
    [15:59:35] <jelkner> we are active in the USR project
    [15:59:39] <bcurtiswx> im learning Python to better patch and eventually go for MOTU
    [15:59:46] <jelkner> and the motu is packaging a lot of python stuff
    [15:59:47] <bcurtiswx> other than my Bug Traiging
    [15:59:50] <czajkowski> so how do you cater for the regular user and get them to become more active??
    [15:59:53] <kjcole> Some of us do a fair amount of collaboration, cross-pollination w/ OLPC
    [15:59:56] <jelkner> (the aspiring motu, that is)
    [16:00:28] <crimsun> czajkowski: several of us speak (have spoken) at various conferences and user group meetings.
    [16:00:35] <czajkowski> crimsun: oh nice idea
    [16:00:40] <maco> czajkowski: regular folks are always welcome to the bugjams if they'd like to learn. one of the now-regular bug jammers, ted, just showed up one day to a jam for a "how to triage" lesson
    [16:00:58] <czajkowski> oh great good to hear
    [16:01:01] <maco> i think that was a Global Jam ago
    [16:01:11] <paultag> maco, do many people become "regulars" after that first bit of getting involved?
    [16:01:11] <itnet7> and have also given plenary sessions at UDS :-)
    [16:01:12] <czajkowski> so where do you see yourselves in the next 2 years?
    [16:01:17] <czajkowski> how do you plan to go forward
    [16:01:53] <kjcole> Retired on a beach.;-)
    [16:02:23] * jelkner can answer that in a limited fashion, since he is specifically involved in the edu stuff
    [16:02:35] <czajkowski> jelkner: fire ahead :)
    [16:02:54] <jelkner> we will continue to support and test the Ubuntu Sugar Remix project
    [16:02:54] <maco> paultag: we dont get a whole lot of new folks showing up at events, but the only one i know of who showed up once and not again did so because she moved away for uni
    [16:03:12] <paultag> maco, outstanding.
    [16:03:13] <czajkowski> btw, nice layout of your roadmpa, very clear
    [16:03:14] <jelkner> we will work on getting TurtleArt and other Sugar software ported to gnome
    [16:03:16] <czajkowski> *roadmap
    [16:04:10] <czajkowski> [vote] please vote on the re approval of the DC LoCo
    [16:04:11] <jelkner> we will develop educational materials for teaching python on Ubuntu
    [16:04:19] <paultag> +1
    [16:04:20] <maco> jelkner: ssshh time ;-)
    [16:04:21] <czajkowski> +1
    [16:04:21] <itnet7> very cool jelkner
    [16:04:23] <itnet7> +1
    [16:04:27] <leogg> +1
    [16:04:31] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [16:04:35] <czajkowski> Congrats DC Loco
    [16:04:40] <czajkowski> keep up the good work
    [16:04:42] <huats> congrats
    [16:04:43] <itnet7> Very nice work DC!!
    [16:04:45] <kjcole> A lot of us have a jones for the education crowd, and if things go well with DC Public Library, I'm hoping to se opportunity there.
    [16:04:47] <paultag> great job DC loco. Keep up the great work kjcole
    [16:04:51] <crimsun> thanks, folks
    [16:04:52] <leogg> congrats!
    [16:04:54] <bcurtiswx> thanks all
    [16:05:00] <czajkowski> right we're going to keep going
    [16:05:01] <kjcole> Thanks.
    [16:05:04] <jelkner> thanks
    [16:05:17] <czajkowski> [topic]Denmark LoCo Re approval
    [16:05:34] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanishTeam/ReApprovalApplication
    [16:05:48] <czajkowski> Denmark ???
    [16:05:49] <sound-1000> \o
    [16:05:51] <czajkowski> who's here ?
    [16:05:51] <sbc> o/
    [16:05:55] <Snigepige> o/
    [16:06:01] <AJenbo> \o
    [16:06:04] <Kimsen1967> \o
    [16:06:12] <czajkowski> Aloha :)
    [16:06:22] <jarlen> o/
    [16:06:29] <jarlen> we made it :-)
    [16:06:31] <huats> hello dannemark
    [16:06:45] <sound-1000> hello world
    [16:06:46] <czajkowski> is Jesper here?
    [16:06:51] <jarlen> I'm Jesper
    [16:07:02] <czajkowski> jarlen: okie dokie.
    [16:07:16] <czajkowski> jarlen: can you tell us how you're loco is doing and how ye've done things since your approval
    [16:07:19] <czajkowski> please
    [16:08:25] <jarlen> Well, I've believe we're doing allright. About 2 years ago we formed an official organization in Denmark with a board.
    [16:09:21] <jarlen> This board is mostly for legal purposes, to be able to handle bank accounts and money, the team is mainly handled by a twice-monthly meeting
    [16:09:32] <czajkowski> jarlen: meetings on IRC?
    [16:09:38] <jarlen> Yes, IRC-meeting
    [16:09:39] <jarlen> s
    [16:09:54] <czajkowski> jarlen: are the minutes published publically for those who can't attend ?
    [16:10:01] <jarlen> Most day-to-day stuff is handled on a mailing lists though
    [16:10:18] <jarlen> Yes, we have logs and summaries of our meetings
    [16:10:42] <jarlen> and the schedule is usually handled about a week in advance, so people can try to prepare
    [16:11:01] <czajkowski> I see ont he roadmap you have a Lucid+1 Bootcamp can you tell us some more about this ?
    [16:11:12] <kjoller> Just in time, I see :)
    [16:11:16] <itnet7> That did seem very intersting!
    [16:11:27] <kjoller> The Lucid+1 Bootcamp is a local mini version of UDS
    [16:11:42] <kjoller> (I've never been to UDS, so I can be mistaken)
    [16:11:44] <jarlen> Yes, well our main focus the past long time has been on real life events, mostly release parties, and attending larger events
    [16:12:07] <jarlen> the bootcamp is a new idea, which kjoller presented when we started planning Lucid release
    [16:12:28] <huats> very interesting indeed
    [16:12:43] <kjoller> The basic concept is to meet somewhere central in the country and make project-plans for the next 6 months
    [16:12:49] <jarlen> Where we'll try to get the team together for a community oriented event where we will try to summarize our release party, and start planning the next one
    [16:13:07] <leogg> jarlen: how do you elect the board members of the organization?
    [16:13:22] <czajkowski> oh neat idea, so a day to work on a roadmap face to face?
    [16:13:31] <jarlen> czajkowski: pretty much, yes
    [16:13:32] <kjoller> czajkowski: Excactly
    [16:13:47] <itnet7> nice Idea!
    [16:13:59] <huats> yep I think so
    [16:14:02] <bejames> Is there an existing wiki that we can use to capture all these great ideas that the LOCOs are mentioning?
    [16:14:04] <czajkowski> oh please do let us know how you get on with this
    [16:14:10] <czajkowski> it sounds like a great idea
    [16:14:12] <jarlen> leogg: we have a yearly meeting, announced about a month in advance, which focuses on the legal part of the team
    [16:14:31] <JanC> jarlen: taht's a legal requirement, I suppose?
    [16:14:38] <itnet7> bejames: another good idea!
    [16:14:43] <jarlen> JanC: it is indeed
    [16:14:47] <Pretto> bejames: that is a good idea too
    [16:14:54] <JanC> jarlen: and mostly a formality probably?
    [16:14:56] <leogg> bejames: +1 :)
    [16:15:33] <czajkowski> jarlen: might be an idea to mail the loco contact list and let them know about this kind of idea ?
    [16:15:36] <jarlen> JanC: well, yes, it's a legal issue, but we try to use it for pragmatic purposes as well
    [16:15:43] <czajkowski> other teams may be interested in hearing about it
    [16:16:11] <jarlen> by trying to get new people to take part in the new board, and the elections, thereby promoting participation frmo new people
    [16:16:30] <jarlen> czajkowski: indeed, we should do that when we get a bit better overview of what's gonna happen
    [16:16:38] <paultag> jarlen, Have you guys been working on translating Ubuntu at all?
    [16:16:39] <czajkowski> jarlen: sounds like a plan!
    [16:17:07] <czajkowski> any other comments from the team that you want to tell the council ?
    [16:17:27] <jarlen> paultag: Most open source translations into danish is handled by Dansk-gruppen (danish group), they have been doing a great job for a long time before Ubuntu even existed
    [16:17:40] <paultag> jarlen, are any LoCo members a part of that team?
    [16:17:54] <AJenbo> o/
    [16:17:58] <jarlen> so no, we havn't done much through the LoCo, but encouraged people to join dansk-gruppen, and a lot of our members do a great job there
    [16:18:03] <paultag> Cool
    [16:18:04] <huats> ok any developper ?
    [16:18:24] <jarlen> including AJenbo who also organized a translation jam for the last global jam, some weeks ago
    [16:18:36] <itnet7> Thanks AJenbo !
    [16:18:38] <jarlen> we have at least 1 MOTU, that I'm aware of
    [16:18:54] <paultag> aye, thanks AJenbo :)
    [16:18:55] <huats> ok great
    [16:18:58] <jarlen> and an #ubuntu IRC op, I believe
    [16:19:22] <huats> So you are active in many aspects
    [16:19:25] <huats> which is great
    [16:19:33] <czajkowski> ok so I think we're ready to vote
    [16:19:36] <czajkowski> [vote] please vote on the re approval of the Denmark LoCo
    [16:19:39] <jarlen> and we've gotten a handfull of official Ubuntu members during the last couple of months
    [16:19:44] <czajkowski> +1
    [16:19:46] <paultag> +1
    [16:19:47] <itnet7> +1
    [16:19:51] <jarlen> and we're still running our podcast :-)
    [16:19:54] <leogg> +1
    [16:19:57] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [16:20:03] <czajkowski> congrats folks
    [16:20:11] <paultag> well done. Keep up the great work jarlen
    [16:20:13] <leogg> congrats dk!
    [16:20:13] <itnet7> Very nice work Congratulations!
    [16:20:18] * jarlen bows
    [16:20:20] <paultag> AJenbo, keep hacking away. Great work with translations
    [16:20:21] <jarlen> thanks a lot :-)
    [16:20:21] <sound-1000> thanks
    [16:20:23] * sbc cheers
    [16:20:31] <Snigepige> thnx
    [16:20:38] <czajkowski> [topic] Approval of North Carolina LoCo
    [16:20:44] <itnet7> Woohoo!!
    [16:20:45] <czajkowski> who's here from the NC Team
    [16:20:48] <akgraner> o/
    [16:20:49] <holstein> NC in the house.. w00t
    [16:20:51] * czajkowski waits to be run over
    [16:20:52] <czajkowski> :)
    [16:20:54] <_marx_> yo
    [16:20:56] <internalkernel> w00t w00t!!
    [16:21:01] * paultag steps back
    [16:21:02] <_marx_> winston-salem here
    [16:21:08] <AJenbo> paultag, thanks :)
    [16:21:14] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam
    [16:21:18] <czajkowski> Aloha folks
    [16:21:25] <akgraner> hey
    [16:21:37] <AJenbo> paultag, hacking on linuxBios as we speek ^^
    [16:21:56] <akgraner> what do you want to know 1st from us? :-)
    [16:21:58] <holstein> hello czajkowski
    [16:22:04] <bac> \o
    [16:22:32] <czajkowski> ok so can akgraner please tell us a bit about the loco please
    [16:22:42] <czajkowski> how did ye start off ?
    [16:22:59] <akgraner> yeppers - it was started in 2007 by vivardi
    [16:23:12] <akgraner> we have the mailing list, forums Irc
    [16:23:31] <akgraner> FB, twitter, identi.ca and a new blog site as well
    [16:23:53] <akgraner> we have been growing slow but steady since then
    [16:24:04] <akgraner> now we are in 4 major areas of NC
    [16:24:07] <czajkowski> good to hear
    [16:24:21] <czajkowski> so you've been around 3 years, what made you decide to go now for approval ??
    [16:24:22] <akgraner> _marx_, can you add to that at all?
    [16:24:45] <akgraner> we are really active and would like to get the benefits afforded to approved teams
    [16:25:11] <akgraner> such as the CD packs, and when we are at conferences the conference materials
    [16:25:21] <_marx_> being one of those US states that takes 8 hours to drive across we have developed small teams across the state
    [16:25:27] <akgraner> in order to represent the community as an "official" team'
    [16:25:37] <czajkowski> akgraner: ok
    [16:26:28] <czajkowski> So how does the team organise events>?
    [16:26:43] <akgraner> we have many different approaches
    [16:26:51] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/ApprovalApplication
    [16:26:55] <akgraner> but basically - we decided what we want to do
    [16:27:01] <akgraner> then we pick a place
    [16:27:06] <akgraner> and a time
    [16:27:14] <leogg> akgraner: nice application :)
    [16:27:14] <akgraner> then we start inviting people
    [16:27:25] <akgraner> leogg, thanks :-)
    [16:27:34] <akgraner> teamwork :-)
    [16:27:41] <paultag> akgraner, So, what's some of the best events you have done in the last year - two years?
    [16:27:43] <holstein> IRC helps, #ubuntu-us-nc is usually pretty active
    [16:27:54] <akgraner> Global Jams, Helped with Southeast Linux Fest, Helped Plan and Staff Atlanta Linux Fest, Ubuntu Hours in Winston and Asheville, Team helping lead 2 LUG groups - WNCLUG and GCLUG group. We've have members that have also helped with Ubuntu User Days, as well as Ubuntu Open Week. We plan multiple release parties each cycyle as well.
    [16:28:20] <paultag> akgraner, I also met you at OLF, there were some NC guys and gals that came out my way IIRC
    [16:28:34] <akgraner> oh yeah we were at OLF too
    [16:28:36] <akgraner> :-)
    [16:28:37] <paultag> akgraner, :)
    [16:28:40] <afterlastangel> af
    [16:29:00] <paultag> akgraner, What's your plan moving forward if you get approved?
    [16:29:24] <akgraner> we want to maintain those things we have been doing
    [16:29:35] <internalkernel> keep promoting and converting... :)
    [16:29:47] <_marx_> improve on global jams
    [16:29:50] <akgraner> exactly
    [16:29:51] <leogg> akgraner: you're planning on getting involved in the US mentorship project? As of today, do you collaborate with other LoCo teams in the US or abroad?
    [16:30:03] <akgraner> also helping more in the greater ubuntu community
    [16:30:15] <JFo> yep
    [16:30:21] <akgraner> getting more people involved with ubuntu projects across the board
    [16:30:23] <JFo> like giving talks all over the place :)
    [16:30:39] <akgraner> leogg, yes - CA, and FL ad well as GA
    [16:31:03] <huats> This is something that I really enjoy in US LoCo is the inter loco actions :)
    [16:31:04] <leogg> akgraner: nice! :)
    [16:31:09] <akgraner> abroad - I helped the Israel team learn mootbot-uk
    [16:31:09] <huats> so keep doing that
    [16:31:38] <akgraner> we are also looking at ways to get Ubuntu to the military bases
    [16:31:45] <akgraner> slow process but in time
    [16:31:48] <czajkowski> akgraner: _marx_ what have ye found difficult to do and how have you overcome this??
    [16:31:57] <paultag> Ah! Never even thought of that. Interesting akgraner, how has that been working?
    [16:32:37] <_marx_> czajkowski: building a more involved membership i think has been the most difficult
    [16:32:49] <internalkernel> I'd have to second that _marx_
    [16:32:55] <akgraner> paultag, slow as you have to get someone to let you promote it at various meetings on post - so it is two fold - create a demand through the free stuff, and then also help promote the GSA schedule stuff
    [16:33:20] <_marx_> we have more facebook members that launchpad members
    [16:33:29] <paultag> akgraner, :)
    [16:33:38] <akgraner> yes the mailing list is not as active as it could be...I think we need to pay more attention to the care and feeding of the forums
    [16:33:41] <internalkernel> and having several areas that are very active which are not very local to each other...
    [16:34:06] <czajkowski> _marx_: and how have you delt with that ?
    [16:34:41] <akgraner> however there is a core group of people who meet almost daily in irc and we come up with ways to cope and new ideas to try an pitch to the teams
    [16:35:03] <_marx_> by trying to find new users and tickle the brains of existing users / members
    [16:35:10] <itnet7> :-)
    [16:35:16] <internalkernel> and that has reflected in our the increase in involvement
    [16:35:19] <paultag> akgraner, What's been the biggest issue you guys and gals have faced WRT starting and maintaining the LoCo
    [16:35:34] <JFo> having such a large state :)
    [16:35:51] <akgraner> biggest issue - to me was figuring out how to divide and conquer so to say
    [16:35:52] <paultag> JFo, Heard that! I'm over in Ohio :)
    [16:36:02] <paultag> akgraner, interesting, do you mind going into that a bit more?
    [16:36:06] <JFo> we tend to drive a lot :)
    [16:36:06] <_marx_> we started slowly due to a lack of push from the founder
    [16:36:10] <JFo> paultag, :)
    [16:36:23] <czajkowski> akgraner: are there any issues your team has encountered and how have you handled them?
    [16:36:38] <_marx_> i started pushing in late 08 early 09
    [16:37:05] <akgraner> so the team has naturally divided into 4 areas - then we have those natural leaders that arise in those areas
    [16:37:28] <paultag> akgraner, has the collaboration been stable and sustained?
    [16:37:34] <akgraner> and from their we coordinate or efforts
    [16:37:43] * bejames afk - taking the kids to school :(
    [16:38:07] <akgraner> yes since early 2009 - things have been gaining momentum and flowing nicely
    [16:38:11] <paultag> Outstanding
    [16:38:30] <holstein> the lines of communication are always open
    [16:38:40] <akgraner> _marx_, holstein, bac JFo internalkernel anything to add?
    [16:38:56] <internalkernel> we rock...
    [16:39:02] * holstein just happy to be here :)
    [16:39:04] <_marx_> irc regulars are much of the core group
    [16:39:23] <akgraner> we also hold 2 meetings per month
    [16:39:28] <akgraner> which helps
    [16:39:39] <JFo> we do indeed rock :-)
    [16:39:42] <_marx_> instituted two ubuntu hours in the state
    [16:39:43] <internalkernel> we host the WNClug meeting first Saturday in ASheville every month...
    [16:39:45] <akgraner> using mootbot-uk helps get the logs out faster and in an organized manner
    [16:39:53] <czajkowski> _marx_: I was there when you go the channel logged, has this helped getting folks who don't use irc interested, do you have many people on IRC who have ops??
    [16:40:08] <holstein> yup, the WNCLUG is all about ubuntu
    [16:40:19] <bac> akgraner: did you mention our release parties? we've had one or two for the last three releases i believe.
    [16:40:25] <_marx_> czajkowski: 3 ops
    [16:40:25] <holstein> lucid release party next meeting
    [16:40:28] <huats> Had you faced some conflicts ? and how did you handle them ?
    [16:40:34] <holstein> in asheville
    [16:40:36] <akgraner> bac, yep mentioned them
    [16:40:48] <czajkowski> ok so I think we're ready to vote guys
    [16:40:59] <huats> czajkowski, I asked a question :)
    [16:41:10] <huats> Have you faced some conflicts ? and how did you handle them ?
    [16:41:21] <czajkowski> huats: sorry thought bac answered that
    [16:41:33] <akgraner> huats, yes - I think early on - my enthusiasm for community was overwhelming at times
    [16:41:40] <_marx_> huats: none we haven't been able to resolve amickably
    [16:41:43] <czajkowski> just a tad :)
    [16:41:51] <itnet7> no, not you akgraner !
    [16:41:55] <huats> czajkowski, sorry I haven't seen the answer... damn chocolate which is not at the same level than the computer :)
    [16:41:56] <itnet7> ;-P
    [16:41:59] <JFo> lol
    [16:42:06] <akgraner> and this caused some - moments of hold up...wait.. what..
    [16:42:11] <JFo> hee hee
    [16:42:21] <czajkowski> _marx_: can you elaborate please?
    [16:42:57] <_marx_> well private messages, and emails, how are you?
    [16:43:21] <huats> akgraner, enthusiams is more than needed and you have plenty so that is great :)
    [16:43:21] <JFo> I was very involved for a while, but my current position has pulled me away a bit. I was glad to see internalkernel and holstein step up both before I pulled away and have continued to increase their involvement since.
    [16:43:29] <_marx_> yeah, i know emacs sux etc...
    [16:43:32] <czajkowski> good stuff
    [16:43:42] <huats> great, thanks for the answer then
    [16:43:47] <holstein> JFo: :)
    [16:43:50] <JFo> :)
    [16:43:53] <czajkowski> [vote] please vote on the Approval of the North Carolina Team
    [16:43:57] <czajkowski> +1
    [16:43:58] <paultag> +1
    [16:43:58] <itnet7> +1
    [16:43:59] <leogg> +1
    [16:44:02] <czajkowski> kinda ano brainer really :)
    [16:44:09] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [16:44:20] <paultag> Outstanding work akgraner, and I saw that you got the Fridge editor spot. Be sure to get something about this up there :)
    [16:44:22] <czajkowski> congrats North Carolina!
    [16:44:25] <paultag> Great job NC!
    [16:44:25] <leogg> great job guys!
    [16:44:28] <internalkernel> w00t!
    [16:44:28] <bac> \o/
    [16:44:34] <akgraner> I will :-) Thanks everyone
    [16:44:36] <itnet7> Congratulations akgraner and Team, Y'all have worked real hard!! Good Job!
    [16:44:39] <JFo> thanks :)
    [16:44:41] <huats> Keep doing good stuffs !
    [16:44:48] <internalkernel> thanks everyone!
    [16:44:51] * _marx_ goes to dance under the maple trees
    [16:44:53] <holstein> thanks
    [16:44:57] <internalkernel> maple trees?
    [16:44:59] <akgraner> huats, we will do our best!
    [16:45:04] <czajkowski> [topic]Brazilian Team Re approval
    [16:45:08] <Andre_Gondim> \o/
    [16:45:14] <Pretto> \O/
    [16:46:04] <leogg> olá! :p
    [16:46:10] <czajkowski> Aloha folks
    [16:46:16] <Pretto> can we start?
    [16:46:19] <Pretto> :D
    [16:46:27] <paultag> you may Pretto, give us the run-down :)
    [16:46:33] <Pretto> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrazilianTeam/ReApprovalApplication
    [16:47:51] <Pretto> well, we still doing our best here in Brazil, I proundly say that we are the 3? most active team in translation
    [16:48:25] <Pretto> we started promoting jams on irc to translation and documentation
    [16:48:51] <Pretto> next 27? we will make a wiki takeover for lucid
    [16:49:48] <Pretto> ubuntu-br are always invited to participate in community events and even business events
    [16:50:29] <czajkowski> on your reapproal page you don't really tell us about events you've been doing since you've been approved
    [16:50:31] <Pretto> we have a vey active irc support
    [16:50:44] <Pretto> very*
    [16:50:53] <Andre_Gondim> =]
    [16:51:43] <Pretto> czajkowski: that can be viewed here http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-br
    [16:51:52] <czajkowski> Pretto: Andre_Gondim can you tell us what you've been doing since you've been approved please?
    [16:52:49] <Pretto> czajkowski: since approved we were been on the greatest events heree
    [16:53:04] <Andre_Gondim> We invited and promoved the regional mail lists to do some events, like that the Pretto reported
    [16:53:06] <Pretto> czajkowski: Like FISL and Latinoware
    [16:53:12] <czajkowski> Pretto: on the LD those are events in the future
    [16:53:16] <czajkowski> what have you done in the past
    [16:53:55] <Pretto> czajkowski: told ya about that two ones, and always present at Installfests
    [16:54:08] <leogg> Pretto: do you collaborate upstream with translations?
    [16:54:13] <Andre_Gondim> last year I spoker with the team in to events
    [16:54:28] <huats> Pretto, how are you dealing with such a big country ? you mention many teams is there a collaboration ?
    [16:54:46] <Andre_Gondim> leogg, yes, specially with gnome and kde
    [16:55:10] <Andre_Gondim> czajkowski, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations you can see our participation here
    [16:55:12] <Pretto> leogg: not recently, as council member and developer i am most active on mailing list and irc
    [16:55:22] <leogg> Andre_Gondim: great :)
    [16:55:30] <paultag> Pretto, How are the BZ Forums?
    [16:55:39] <Andre_Gondim> leogg, ow, and Pidgin too
    [16:55:56] <Pretto> paultag: our forum numbers 355.314 Mensages and 61.133 Topics by 46.751 Users in http://ubuntuforum-br.org/
    [16:56:14] <paultag> Pretto, FYI the link on the wiki is broken ( http://forum.ubuntu-br.org/ )
    [16:56:23] <paultag> Pretto, the application *
    [16:56:43] <Pretto> paultag: that is why we will have a wiki takeover next week
    [16:57:05] <paultag> OK
    [16:57:07] <itnet7> Pretto: Does your team participate in Ubuntu Hours, or any other re-occuring face to face team events?
    [16:57:58] <Pretto> itnet7: not really, our subteams does that, like ubuntu-br-sp
    [16:58:21] <huats> Pretto, So it is realted to my previous question : how are you dealing with such a big country ? you mention many teams is there a collaboration ?
    [16:59:25] <czajkowski> Pretto: Andre_Gondim ok we're not going to vote
    [16:59:30] <Pretto> huats: we are trying to keep subteams in contact, those events alway tries to get one member for a subteam to attend at another event
    [16:59:30] <czajkowski> but we'd like to make a suggestion
    [16:59:52] <czajkowski> you application is lacking details and we'd like to see more information on this and then come back
    [17:00:33] * kwah wondering what other details are needed
    [17:00:48] <kwah> czajkowski, may you be more specific? if I may ask
    [17:01:00] <czajkowski> kwah: sure, is this your team ?
    [17:01:01] <Pretto> czajkowski: ok, I will fill all information needed there for the next time, I thougt that additional information could be said here
    [17:01:09] <paultag> kwah, a list of events that the team has had a presence at, or run would be a great start
    [17:01:26] <kwah> czajkowski, nope, but we may face the same questions
    [17:01:30] <kwah> Russian
    [17:01:42] <czajkowski> kwah: you can see by the previous teams we've gone through tonight, they've laid out very easily to read all the events they've run
    [17:01:46] <czajkowski> linked to posts
    [17:01:47] <czajkowski> had photos
    [17:02:21] <czajkowski> it's not a vote on their approval more we'd like to see more detail and then come back
    [17:02:26] <kwah> pt_BR + google translate would suffice?
    [17:02:57] <kwah> I think that the guys also having problems with a lack of manpower to translate everything back and forth
    [17:03:10] <itnet7> kwah: They are doing an outstanding job
    [17:03:21] <itnet7> but, they need to fine tune a bit is all
    [17:03:25] <kwah> itnet7, thats why I have asked
    [17:03:33] <itnet7> We look for well rounded teams for re-approval
    [17:03:50] <czajkowski> [action] Brazil LoCo to add more detail to their application and come back to us
    [17:03:53] <itnet7> and it doesn't appear that there has been much public activity and advocacy since last year
    [17:04:06] <itnet7> at least to us based on their current wiki
    [17:04:11] <paultag> OK, ;et
    [17:04:13] <itnet7> re-approval wiki that is
    [17:04:16] <paultag> OK, Let's move on
    [17:04:17] <czajkowski> now ther are 4 teams left
    [17:04:24] <kwah> Pretto, nice job! good luck next time
    [17:04:25] <afterlastangel> and no time left?
    [17:04:28] <Pretto> czajkowski: thak you, I can see that we missed the Experience point
    [17:04:32] <itnet7> Thanks Pretto !
    [17:04:33] <juliux> don?t say now time;)
    [17:04:36] <paultag> thank you Pretto, we look forward to reviewing you again
    [17:04:37] <czajkowski> Pretto: thanks for understanding
    [17:04:38] <Pretto> kwah: thank you
    [17:05:03] <huats> juliux, who said no time ?
    [17:05:04] <huats> :)
    [17:05:06] <czajkowski> we've 2 options, either keep going but folks may have to go or we can meet up next week at the same time ?
    [17:05:10] <kwah> D>B>3@0D89 8< <0;>
    [17:05:11] <Pretto> czajkowski: next meeting is ok?
    [17:05:16] <czajkowski> Pretto: sure
    [17:05:19] <itnet7> I can continue on
    [17:05:22] <paultag> I can continue
    [17:05:25] <kwah> pardon...
    [17:05:35] <juliux> czajkowski: the german team is still here;)
    [17:05:47] <_Lux> Yes and we like to go on ...
    [17:05:51] * kamusin Chilean Team is still here too :)
    [17:05:53] <v4vortex> indeed it is!
    [17:06:01] <Jiraiya> and still awake *drinking coffee*
    [17:06:02] <kwah> Russian o/
    [17:06:04] <czajkowski> right
    [17:06:05] <afterlastangel> :-s
    [17:06:06] * _Lux thinks it is too late to give up ;-)
    [17:06:09] <renewip> dear folks, please continue, we've been waiting for 2hours+
    [17:06:13] <juliux> _Lux: +1
    [17:06:15] <stk_> We are still waiiting
    [17:06:16] <kwah> +1
    [17:06:19] <stk_> we are from Vietnam
    [17:06:19] <afterlastangel> ;)
    [17:06:20] <czajkowski> [topic] VietnameseTeam
    [17:06:24] <itnet7> Nice!!
    [17:06:28] <afterlastangel> >:)
    [17:06:28] <renewip> \m/
    [17:06:31] <khanhpt_> \*
    [17:06:33] <afterlastangel> I'm here
    [17:06:34] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VietnameseTeam/ApprovalApplication
    [17:06:35] <nobawk> */
    [17:06:36] <CoconutCrab> */
    [17:06:37] <czajkowski> ok folks
    [17:06:40] <afterlastangel> So
    [17:06:45] <tuantub> */
    [17:06:53] <baongoc124> *\
    [17:06:54] <stk_> */
    [17:06:57] <anyoneofus> */
    [17:06:57] <afterlastangel> what do you want to know about us?
    [17:07:11] <czajkowski> well you're new, so tell us how you formed and what you do
    [17:07:19] <afterlastangel> Ok
    [17:07:32] <juliux> perhaps we can proceed a little bit faster&
    [17:07:34] <afterlastangel> We's started from 2007, in tuxfarmily
    [17:07:40] <afterlastangel> ok
    [17:08:08] <afterlastangel> It the past, we just meet in the forum to discuss about ubuntu and help each other
    [17:08:17] <afterlastangel> but don't had many plan to do
    [17:08:33] <czajkowski> juliux: going as fast as I can, been here just as long :)
    [17:08:42] <afterlastangel> Ok
    [17:08:46] <czajkowski> afterlastangel: so how do you organise things?
    [17:09:05] <czajkowski> you've been active in 2009
    [17:09:05] <afterlastangel> because we are young and have few experience
    [17:09:16] <afterlastangel> czajkowski: yes
    [17:09:21] <afterlastangel> just from this time
    [17:09:30] <afterlastangel> we have some team to work
    [17:09:45] <afterlastangel> khanhpt_: lead the localization team,
    [17:10:02] <afterlastangel> nobawk: for the IRC
    [17:10:09] <afterlastangel> and me for the forum
    [17:10:45] <leogg> afterlastangel: can you tell a bit more on your project with the schools?
    [17:10:46] <afterlastangel> event outside the Internet's held by some active members
    [17:10:51] <afterlastangel> Ok
    [17:10:51] <czajkowski> so 3 of you out of 118 members in launchpad and 11475
    [17:11:01] <afterlastangel> no
    [17:11:53] <CoconutCrab> excuse us
    [17:12:02] <czajkowski> take your time
    [17:12:03] <CoconutCrab> please let me answer in place of him
    [17:12:17] <czajkowski> ok
    [17:12:20] <afterlastangel> I think most of them hear about Ubuntu in Viet Nam and come to us for more information about ubuntu
    [17:12:35] <CoconutCrab> it is 5 PM here in Viet Nam and we have been waited for awhile so he might not be in the best condition
    [17:12:54] <CoconutCrab> afterlastangel, is that okay with you?
    [17:13:02] <stk_> sed s/5 PM/5 AM/
    [17:13:16] <afterlastangel> so 3 of you out of 118 members in launchpad and 11475
    [17:13:20] <CoconutCrab> so let me begin from the start, I will make it quick
    [17:13:27] <czajkowski> wow 5am
    [17:13:29] <Vantrax> wow 5 am, thats some dedication
    [17:13:31] <CoconutCrab> we have been around for quite a while, since 2005
    [17:13:37] <Vantrax> well done guys for holding on
    [17:13:39] <czajkowski> well done and thank you very much for being patient and staying we appreciate it
    [17:13:57] <CoconutCrab> first we were are small community composed of hobby-ist
    [17:14:15] <CoconutCrab> and most of us are very young, I believe more than 95% are still in college or high school
    [17:14:30] <CoconutCrab> so our organizing method is a little bit different
    [17:14:57] <CoconutCrab> while there are some members dedicated to some tasks
    [17:14:58] <czajkowski> CoconutCrab: how have you delt with this? what have you done to get interest
    [17:15:38] <CoconutCrab> czajkowski, you mean deal with the fact that we are still young ?
    [17:15:43] <itnet7> afterlastangel: What is your roadmap, do you see the team getting more involved in Conferences, and events?
    [17:16:07] <czajkowski> CoconutCrab: yes and getting people to do things?
    [17:16:18] <renewip> we organise seminars in schools/campus since most of us are students, besides, we have online support, IRC forums, mailing list
    [17:16:20] <CoconutCrab> czajkowski, we mostly communicate via forum and IRC
    [17:16:26] <czajkowski> ok
    [17:16:41] <CoconutCrab> when we need something done, we asked everyone on the forum
    [17:16:52] <czajkowski> I dont see any mention of IRC meetings, do you have any ?
    [17:17:00] <CoconutCrab> and we have the advantage of being young, everyone is always eager to join
    [17:17:06] <CoconutCrab> so it is really easy to get interest
    [17:17:41] <CoconutCrab> in term of meetings, we often do it informally
    [17:17:58] <CoconutCrab> because as a community, we are really close to each other
    [17:18:17] <CoconutCrab> so communication can be done via phone, or face to face meeting
    [17:18:28] <CoconutCrab> still, when there is important task that need to be done
    [17:18:48] <CoconutCrab> like the preparation for this appoval process, we hold a meeting for it
    [17:18:50] <czajkowski> have you had any issues?
    [17:19:01] <CoconutCrab> czajkowski, yes, we have some
    [17:19:13] <CoconutCrab> for example, being young has its advantages
    [17:19:20] <CoconutCrab> but also have some bad sides too
    [17:19:25] <czajkowski> such as? how have you dealt with them
    [17:19:37] <CoconutCrab> like in the examination season, there aren't many people active
    [17:19:45] <czajkowski> ok
    [17:19:47] <CoconutCrab> because most of us are busy with the exams :P
    [17:19:59] <JanC> CoconutCrab: it might be good to also attract some older people in the future
    [17:20:10] <huats> CoconutCrab do you have in your team any Ubuntu Member or Developpers that are more involved in some aspect of the worldwide Ubuntu community ?
    [17:20:15] <CoconutCrab> but after 5 years, some of us already graduated so it isn't too serious these days
    [17:20:28] <CoconutCrab> JanC, I understand
    [17:21:11] <afterlastangel> Let's me explain our plan for school
    [17:21:34] <CoconutCrab> huats, we are still trying to get more involved witht he international community
    [17:21:56] <CoconutCrab> but for now, we have some members that are debian developers, the upstream of Ubuntu
    [17:22:17] <leogg> CoconutCrab: do you the language issue has been a barrier for you?
    [17:22:29] <afterlastangel> leogg: I think so
    [17:22:33] <paultag_> CoconutCrab, Oh interesting. Have they worked with the MOTU at all?
    [17:22:33] <CoconutCrab> like Le Quoc Tuan, he has just become a debian developer recently
    [17:23:07] <CoconutCrab> to be honest, quite some of us are quite good at understanding english, the majority of us don't
    [17:23:28] <CoconutCrab> that is why we are very active in localizing Ubuntu for Vietnamese people
    [17:23:31] <leogg> afterlastangel, CoconutCrab, :)
    [17:23:37] <afterlastangel> leogg: And we the the the language barrier can be break by translation and help from ubuntu-vn community
    [17:23:57] <leogg> afterlastangel: that's right!
    [17:23:59] <CoconutCrab> as you can see, in the last years, we were involved in some translation projects like MOST
    [17:24:02] <afterlastangel> Let's I explain the eudcation's plans
    [17:24:07] <CoconutCrab> which was funded by the governement
    [17:24:12] <CoconutCrab> afterlastangel, please wait
    [17:24:15] <CoconutCrab> one last answer
    [17:24:21] <CoconutCrab> for paultag
    [17:24:23] <paultag_> :)
    [17:24:27] <czajkowski> [vote] Please vote on the Approval of the Vietnamese Team
    [17:24:33] <paultag_> one sec czajkowski
    [17:24:51] <paultag_> go ahead CoconutCrab
    [17:25:17] <CoconutCrab> paultag, we still have many thing to learn, and we are eager to get involved with MOTU in the future
    [17:25:33] <CoconutCrab> for now, sadly, I can say we haven't done much with MOTU
    [17:26:08] <CoconutCrab> one reason for that is we are still have to learn
    [17:26:29] <CoconutCrab> in the college, high school*
    [17:26:33] <afterlastangel> as the loco team we have many chances to learn from other community around the world
    [17:26:45] <afterlastangel> And know that we're not alone
    [17:27:02] <leogg> CoconutCrab: and the collaboration with the Debian folks will sure help :)
    [17:27:08] <CoconutCrab> and so our schedule isn't stable enough to dedicate to such important tasks like maintain packages
    [17:27:15] <CoconutCrab> leogg, sure :)
    [17:28:06] <CoconutCrab> if you have any other questions, please ask
    [17:28:09] <renewip> we really want to join the Ubuntu world to learn more experience/knowledge and everything from teams over the world
    [17:28:17] <JanC> if you have a debian developer, he certainly can help with ubuntu packages too (and does so by default, as we pull their packages)
    [17:28:26] <paultag_> JanC, totally
    [17:28:27] <huats> CoconutCrab we might talk later about collaboration with the motu mentoring team
    [17:28:34] <JanC> maybe he can also teach soem more of you :
    [17:28:37] <huats> (since I am part of it)
    [17:28:41] <CoconutCrab> huats, gladly :)
    [17:29:13] <CoconutCrab> oh, one more reason for that
    [17:29:22] <renewip> JanC: we actually have some un-official developers who program and package their own DEBs
    [17:29:37] <huats> CoconutCrab please contact me in a few days since we are working on redefinig the process....
    [17:29:43] <huats> and Pretto too :)
    [17:29:48] <czajkowski> ok we're ready to vite
    [17:29:50] <czajkowski> *vote
    [17:29:58] <CoconutCrab> okay
    [17:30:15] <CoconutCrab> huats, yes, I will ask the one who is in charge of developing in our community
    [17:30:16] <leogg> I'm happy to give +1
    [17:30:20] <paultag> +1
    [17:30:26] <itnet7> we +1
    [17:30:32] <leogg> +1
    [17:30:36] <czajkowski> +0
    [17:30:37] <Claudinux> +1
    [17:30:48] <paultag> Claudinux, council members only, please :)
    [17:31:00] <Claudinux> paultag, sorry :)
    [17:31:04] <CoconutCrab> :)
    [17:31:07] <afterlastangel> Thank you
    [17:31:10] <itnet7> I have to explain something thought about the vote we just did afterlastangel
    [17:31:26] <afterlastangel> Ok
    [17:31:29] <czajkowski> itnet7: you need to vote
    [17:31:36] <czajkowski> or are we missing one
    [17:31:37] <itnet7> The LoCo Council really likes what we see and feels that you are off to a great start
    [17:31:49] <itnet7> +1
    [17:31:52] <itnet7> Sorry
    [17:31:59] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [17:32:13] <czajkowski> final vote was 4
    [17:32:39] <itnet7> We would like for you to continue to work on Advocacy and irc-meetings that are published for others to learn more about your team and it's activities
    [17:32:55] <itnet7> in 90 days we would like to get and update from you on your progress
    [17:33:26] <CoconutCrab> I understand
    [17:33:46] <czajkowski> ok so moving on
    [17:33:49] <czajkowski> [topic]Russian Team Re approval
    [17:33:51] <afterlastangel> We could disscuss more in the mailling list, now time for other team, good luck
    [17:33:55] <itnet7> I will contact you more offline
    [17:33:58] <kwah> o/
    [17:34:00] <kwah> here
    [17:34:03] <stk_> thank you very much, you all
    [17:34:04] <aim1159> o/
    [17:34:04] <vadimkansk> o|-<
    [17:34:04] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RussianTeam
    [17:34:05] <itnet7> Hey there kwah !
    [17:34:08] <madkox> o/
    [17:34:11] <Agafonov> o/
    [17:34:12] <A4Tech> o/
    [17:34:15] <CoconutCrab> thank you :)
    [17:34:16] <leogg> great job vietnam!
    [17:34:22] <paultag> thank you CoconutCrab :)
    [17:34:25] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RussianTeam/ReApprovalApplication
    [17:34:28] <paultag> Howdy kwah
    [17:34:32] <kwah> I heard there were complains about big countries...
    [17:34:57] <huats> no complains, questions :)
    [17:35:11] <CoconutCrab> so I will leave it to Russian team, guess it is time for us to get some sleep
    [17:35:14] <CoconutCrab> thank you again
    [17:35:19] <kwah> By the way, I raised the question to our contact who invited us and never heard back
    [17:35:20] <paultag> thank you for staying up late CoconutCrab
    [17:35:37] <kwah> in this respect
    [17:36:21] <kwah> Russia is big. Russians are everywhere.
    [17:36:30] <aim1159> just to remember for all the audience - our team not the country, but language-based
    [17:36:54] <kwah> Therefore our team focuses on Russian speaking community wold-wide
    [17:37:01] <vadimkansk> :)
    [17:37:20] <czajkowski> ok so can you tell us a little about your structure and how you do things
    [17:37:24] <czajkowski> organise events and your team?
    [17:37:29] <huats> kwah, oh. I don't know why but I haven't seen your question (and I well received your email) my fault sorry
    [17:37:56] <Agafonov> huats: I've emailed one too
    [17:38:05] <Agafonov> * once
    [17:38:10] <kwah> So, the main idea is information: consolidation of information about all aspects
    [17:38:31] <kwah> And spread it by all possible means
    [17:38:53] <kwah> From web-site forum IRC to participation in local events
    [17:38:58] <paultag> kwah, what have been some of your more notable events in the last two years?
    [17:39:01] <Agafonov> Structure may be seen here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ru/+members
    [17:39:13] <huats> Agafonov they were both in the same email thread that was unread :( I don't know why :( (I have experienced email issue lately is it the cause...) once again I am sorry
    [17:39:37] <Agafonov> huats: np, we are ready
    [17:40:38] <czajkowski> ok so have you had any issues with getting things done ?
    [17:40:42] <kwah> For example, participation of various local teams in the last Software Freedom
    [17:40:43] <Agafonov> paultag: we were approved one year ago
    [17:40:52] <kwah> Day
    [17:41:04] <paultag> Agafonov, Sorry :) , what have been your more notable events since your approval?
    [17:41:06] <kwah> czajkowski, yes, who does not
    [17:41:19] <kwah> but we try to do what we can
    [17:41:23] <czajkowski> kwah: how have you dealt with them?
    [17:41:24] <kwah> mainly leading by example
    [17:41:42] <kwah> communicating what needs to be done etc
    [17:41:46] <czajkowski> ok
    [17:41:55] <kwah> e.g. IdeaPool, Tasks at our wiki
    [17:42:11] <czajkowski> nods
    [17:42:11] <czajkowski> ok
    [17:42:20] <czajkowski> so what do you plan to do in the next 2 years?
    [17:42:34] <Agafonov> czajkowski: one big problem was - unabe to get 9.10 CDs due to import laws
    [17:42:40] <kwah> What we have been doing
    [17:43:05] <paultag> Agafonov, How did you deal with that issue?
    [17:43:08] <kwah> One of the biggest points of attention - to get more people involved
    [17:43:22] <Agafonov> paultag: we cannot rewrite laws
    [17:43:40] <Agafonov> we ordered shipit small packs
    [17:43:46] <paultag> Ah
    [17:43:57] <paultag> Agafonov, Did you end up burning CDs for large events?
    [17:43:57] <kwah> Therefore all possible means of transparent presentation what is going on in the team and around it
    [17:44:33] <Agafonov> paultag: sure
    [17:45:12] <kwah> paultag, for disk exchange we have special forum topics
    [17:45:34] <kwah> where everyone can offer their help or request it
    [17:45:37] <kwah> if in need
    [17:45:39] <paultag> kwah, I'd love to hear more about how you worked around this issue, it might be useful to other LoCos with the same situation
    [17:46:03] <_Lux> paultag: Could you take that offline?
    [17:46:12] <paultag> _Lux, Yes, good idea.
    [17:46:17] <aim1159> paultag: guess no other loco's (outside Russia) have russian customs burocracy machine ;)
    [17:46:22] <kwah> paultag, we ll work on it again
    [17:46:27] <Agafonov> paultag: no, we end up with CD get back to shiping company
    [17:46:42] <czajkowski> ok i think we're ready to vote
    [17:46:55] <czajkowski> [vote] please vote on the re approval of the Russian LoCo
    [17:47:02] <czajkowski> +1
    [17:47:05] <itnet7> +1
    [17:47:09] <paultag> +1
    [17:47:14] <leogg> +1
    [17:47:14] <itnet7> Very good job!
    [17:47:27] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [17:47:29] <kwah> Thanks everyone
    [17:47:32] <paultag> Well done, thank you kwah
    [17:47:33] <Agafonov> \o/
    [17:47:41] <czajkowski> ok well done and btw nice application very easy to read and navigate
    [17:47:42] <A4Tech> :)
    [17:47:44] <aim1159> hurrraaaaay! :)
    [17:47:44] <czajkowski> always helps
    [17:47:47] <madkox> =)
    [17:47:48] <leogg> thank you kwah Agafonov
    [17:47:52] <kwah> czajkowski, team work
    [17:47:55] <skyrider> Thanks everyone
    [17:47:55] <huats> congrats
    [17:47:55] <czajkowski> is there anyone here from the Chilli Loco
    [17:48:03] <cristianvirtual> o/
    [17:48:06] <DobleD> \O/
    [17:48:07] <czajkowski> *Chilean
    [17:48:11] <pedro_> yeah _o/!
    [17:48:12] <Vantrax> lol
    [17:48:16] <czajkowski> right
    [17:48:27] <huats> pedro_, \o/
    [17:48:30] <czajkowski> [topic]Chilean LoCo re approval
    [17:48:35] <cristianvirtual> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChileanTeam/ReApprovalApplication
    [17:48:35] * pedro_ hugs huats
    [17:49:09] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChileanTeam/ReApprovalApplication
    [17:49:16] <czajkowski> Thanks for coming guys
    [17:49:27] <czajkowski> I know it's been a hard few months for ye so well done
    [17:49:48] <huats> First of all I'd like to thank you for being here, and to agreed to be reapproved even with the hard times you had
    [17:49:59] <cristianvirtual> thanks
    [17:50:15] <cristianvirtual> Our team is very active we are one of the most biggest Linux communities in Chile, we are always invited to different kinds of events, but due to the natural disaster (Earthquake and Tsunami) that affected us during February our LoCo team has not been so active as before, but we're working even harder than before to revitalize it and to make our LoCo team a rocking one again.
    [17:50:24] <czajkowski> nice wiki page, so clear and easy to read
    [17:50:40] <czajkowski> cristianvirtual: you are doing an amazing job
    [17:50:46] <Pretto> congratulations kwah
    [17:51:02] <cristianvirtual> czajkowski: not just me, all our team
    [17:51:20] <huats> cristianvirtual, that was directed to the team I think :)
    [17:51:35] <czajkowski> yup
    [17:51:44] <czajkowski> so can you tell me how you guys do things please?
    [17:51:50] <czajkowski> how are you organised ?
    [17:52:08] <cristianvirtual> We are organized in diferent teams: Web, Forums, marketing and council.
    [17:52:16] <cristianvirtual> We have regular meetings once a month by IRC with the community and also a few days before this meeting, our council had a meeting.
    [17:52:36] <czajkowski> how do you get peope to become active and take on roles in those areas?
    [17:53:55] <cristianvirtual> ur team is divided in small teams every single of team responsible for a part of the things we're doing for example, we have one for the website dedicated to only that
    [17:54:11] <czajkowski> *nods*
    [17:54:24] <cristianvirtual> so, every leader of the group have a mentor proccess for new member of the team
    [17:54:31] <czajkowski> oh nice idea
    [17:54:40] <czajkowski> so you teach new people so they learn
    [17:54:46] <huats> pedro_, do you run session focussed on the bug triagging ?
    [17:54:48] <czajkowski> I like that idea
    [17:54:54] <huats> czajkowski, I like it too
    [17:55:02] <cristianvirtual> so if you're a new person we ask you to decide in which part of the team you'd like to work
    [17:55:28] <pedro_> huats: yeah we do that every once in a while and specially for the bug jams
    [17:55:49] <pedro_> huats: in the past we organized bug jams once per month and we gave classes about triaging
    [17:56:02] <pedro_> but due to the earthquake we slowed down a little bit on that
    [17:56:13] <czajkowski> of course that's understandable
    [17:56:20] <pedro_> as cristianvirtual said we're working to try to bring those kind of events to live again
    [17:56:22] <czajkowski> I think your team is doign a great job
    [17:56:28] <pedro_> it's being hard though
    [17:56:32] <huats> pedro_, great
    [17:56:35] <itnet7> definitely
    [17:56:53] <leogg> awesome job
    [17:57:01] <huats> I really like to see very very experience people like you, giving sessions... it helps a lot really
    [17:57:13] <pedro_> I guess czajkowski was asking about problems on the teams and all that, we had the same issue that the Russian folks with the CD taxes
    [17:57:21] <czajkowski> ok
    [17:57:29] <pedro_> what we did was ask to every person on the team to give a little of money to pay those
    [17:57:44] <pedro_> and for future activies we're just asking for a small set of originals CDS
    [17:57:46] <pedro_> and burning the rest
    [17:57:47] <huats> pedro_, I have told cristianvirtual to talk to maria for that
    [17:57:51] <pedro_> it's cheaper for us that way
    [17:58:03] <cristianvirtual> huats: done! ;)
    [17:58:06] <huats> :)
    [17:58:11] <pedro_> and recently maria (from canonica) gave us a great news about that too
    [17:58:14] <czajkowski> ok so I think we're ready to vote
    [17:58:22] <czajkowski> [vote] please vote on the Chilean LoCo Re approval
    [17:58:26] <itnet7> +1
    [17:58:27] <leogg> +1
    [17:58:27] <huats> pedro_, great then !
    [17:58:27] <czajkowski> +1
    [17:58:29] <paultag> +1
    [17:58:30] <czajkowski> amazing team
    [17:58:32] <czajkowski> well done
    [17:58:36] <pedro_> huats: yeah !
    [17:58:41] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [17:58:41] <huats> congrats !
    [17:58:45] <paultag> Well done guys
    [17:58:46] <cristianvirtual> yeah!
    [17:58:47] <czajkowski> whoo congrats folks
    [17:58:49] <huats> keep doing that
    [17:58:50] <leogg> excelente trabajo, Chile!
    [17:58:57] <itnet7> Very Good Job!! You all have worked so hard!!
    [17:59:00] <pedro_> thanks a lot friends!
    [17:59:05] * pedro_ hugs you all
    [17:59:16] <cristianvirtual> :D
    [17:59:25] <czajkowski> [topic] German LoCo re approval
    [17:59:28] <paultag> Hallo Deutschland! Wie geht es euch?
    [17:59:29] <juliux> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GermanTeamReApprovalApplication2010
    [17:59:40] <czajkowski> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GermanTeamReApprovalApplication2010
    [17:59:41] <_Lux> paultag: Gut, danke
    [17:59:43] <juliux> \o/
    [17:59:45] <v4vortex> \o
    [17:59:46] <_Lux> o/
    [17:59:49] <czajkowski> ok
    [17:59:50] <Jiraiya> kann mich nicht beklagen :)
    [17:59:51] <czajkowski> aloha folks
    [17:59:53] <Jiraiya> o/
    [17:59:56] <huats> hey there my friend juliux
    [17:59:58] <juliux> The German Ubuntu LoCo Team does a lot of Ubuntu related work in different areas. We started in 2004 with mailinglists, forum, IRC. Since this time all platforms for user support grow steadily. Since 2005 we have a legal entity called ubuntu Deutschland e.V. (German Ubuntu association) for all legal effects and financial issues
    [18:00:00] <michazoet> \o/
    [18:00:01] <_Lux> Good Morning czajkowski
    [18:00:07] <juliux> The assocation is the supporting institute for the German Ubuntu Communities. Since 2006 we are doing a lot of conference appearances and release parties. Starting 2007 we have our yearly Ubuntu conference called Ubucon
    [18:00:16] <juliux> At the moment we are busy to improve the integration of all parts of the team especially to integrate the Ubuntu developer. But this is a long time goal;)
    [18:00:20] <juliux> And sorry for the late wiki pages changes.
    [18:00:21] <czajkowski> I think juliux is rather prepared :(
    [18:00:22] <czajkowski> :)
    [18:00:22] <juliux> ;)
    [18:00:31] <juliux> czajkowski: ;)
    [18:00:32] * _Lux and Julius prepared the text ;-)
    [18:00:36] <paultag> juliux, it's OK, I'm actually on the -de mailing list, so it's no problem :)
    [18:00:36] <czajkowski> so tell us how you organise folks into doing things
    [18:00:48] <juliux> btw i think that was the fast reapproval ever;) only one week preparation
    [18:00:54] <juliux> paultag: cool
    [18:01:19] <_Lux> czajkowski: What exactly do you want to know?
    [18:01:44] <_Lux> Unfortunately we are a very splitted team, working on different aspects of Communiy
    [18:02:14] <_Lux> One of our main tasks is to integrate all back into one big team
    [18:02:17] <czajkowski> yes how do you orgnise that
    [18:02:40] <juliux> in the past we used mailinglists for that and face to face discussions
    [18:02:43] <_Lux> We have a central mailing list for LoCo-Activities which we use to coordinate
    [18:02:59] <_Lux> Last week we started an IRC round table
    [18:03:17] <v4vortex> yes, and it was a good start!
    [18:03:30] <Jiraiya> indeed
    [18:03:46] <itnet7> _Lux: How many people attend your Ubucon's?
    [18:04:09] <_Lux> itnet7: 150-200 (correct juliux?)
    [18:04:23] <itnet7> Very nice turnouts!
    [18:04:35] <_Lux> itnet7: They are coming from all over Germany and Switzerland and Austria
    [18:04:48] <huats> and may be France next time :)
    [18:05:06] <_Lux> We are in Germany not so big in size but big in terms of people
    [18:05:13] <paultag> juliux, _Lux, how have the translation efforts from within the LoCo been going for German?
    [18:05:20] <czajkowski> yes I've seen your jams they are rather impressive
    [18:05:24] <juliux> itnet7: in 2008 we had 200 in 2009 300
    [18:05:54] <itnet7> That is really great!
    [18:06:03] <juliux> paultag: the translation team is more working for upstream translations
    [18:06:07] <czajkowski> Have you faced any issues??
    [18:06:10] <juliux> paultag: most of them are translation for gnome and kde
    [18:06:36] <juliux> czajkowski: yes;) splitting a locoteam into to parts kubuntu and ubuntu
    [18:06:37] <paultag> juliux, Outstanding. I caught a glimpse of that about a year ago when I had a small change for Evolution :)
    [18:06:45] <\Lux> paultag: We have a very active translation team whcih has an onw forum in our officical forum
    [18:06:56] <paultag> \Lux, would you mind posting those links?
    [18:06:59] <czajkowski> juliux: how did ye go about solving that issue ?
    [18:07:02] <\Lux> mompls
    [18:07:04] <juliux> czajkowski: but that happens allreay in 2005/2006
    [18:07:27] <juliux> czajkowski: the solutions that we have to locoteams so we are only covering *buntu but not kubutnu
    [18:07:35] <\Lux> paultag: Here it is: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/forum/lokalisierung/
    [18:07:39] <paultag> thank you \Lux :)
    [18:07:48] <juliux> czajkowski: they are doing there own thing but there are some contact points at fairs or at the ubucon
    [18:07:54] <czajkowski> ok
    [18:07:55] <\Lux> paultag: welcome
    [18:07:56] <czajkowski> sound sgood
    [18:08:04] <czajkowski> are there any other comments you'd like to make to the council
    [18:08:09] <juliux> paultag: the cfp is still open;)
    [18:08:12] <czajkowski> itnet7: leogg huats paultag any other comments
    [18:08:19] <huats> juliux, please correct the team contact, since it was still smurf on the wiki page (may be you have already changed that)
    [18:08:24] <paultag> I'm all set, thank you czajkowski :)
    [18:08:32] <juliux> huats: _Lux and i will take that over
    [18:08:43] <paultag> juliux, my German is that of a three year old ;)
    [18:08:45] <huats> otherwise please continue that way !
    [18:08:50] <itnet7> Not really, I am very impressed with their team!
    [18:08:52] <paultag> juliux, but I'd love to watch :)
    [18:08:57] <\Lux> paultag: like my English
    [18:09:10] <paultag> \Lux, :)
    [18:09:13] <czajkowski> [vote] Please vote on the German LoCo Re approval
    [18:09:15] <paultag> +1
    [18:09:17] <itnet7> +1
    [18:09:19] <leogg> +1
    [18:09:21] <czajkowski> +1
    [18:09:28] <czajkowski> [endvote]
    [18:09:32] <czajkowski> whoooo
    [18:09:32] <itnet7> Very cool!!!
    [18:09:35] <paultag> Really outstanding work \Lux, juliux. Keep up the great work
    [18:09:36] <czajkowski> very nice
    [18:09:37] <czajkowski> well done
    [18:09:40] <juliux> \o/
    [18:09:45] <juliux> thank you very much
    [18:09:49] <huats> congrats german team !
    [18:09:50] <\Lux> thanks a lot \o/
    [18:09:54] <itnet7> \o/ juliux and team!
    [18:09:55] <czajkowski> 9 LoCo teams re approved and 2 new teams approved tonight!
    [18:09:56] <Jiraiya> thank you guys :)
    [18:10:02] <juliux> sleep well!
    [18:10:04] <v4vortex> yes, thanks a lot
    [18:10:05] <czajkowski> [endmeeting]
    [18:10:22] <czajkowski> #endmeeting
    Meeting ended.

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