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The members of the current Lo``Co Council you will hear from are regarding this re approval process are
 * Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski)
 * Alan Pope (popey)
 * Paul Tagliamonte (paultag)
 * Christophe Sauthier (huats)
 * Chris Crisafulli (itnet7)
 * Leandro Gómez (leogg)
The current membership of the council is:

|| '''Wiki Page''' || '''Nickname''' ||
|| [[czajkowski|Laura Czajkowski]] || czajkowski ||
|| ChrisCrisafulli || itnet7 ||
|| [[PaoloSammicheli|Paolo Sammicheli]] ||xdatap1||
|| [[cprofitt|Charles Proffit ]] ||cprofitt||
|| [[GregGrossmeier| Greg Grossmeier]] || greg-g||
|| [[SergioMeneses | Sergio Meneses]] || SergioMeneses ||


Council Resources to help Teams
LoCo Team Approval
LoCo Team Re Approval
Best Practices and Guidelines for Teams
LoCo Council Standards


LoCo Council Meetings IRC
LoCo Council ML <loco-council AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com>


LoCo Council Team Activities
LoCo Council Meeting Agenda
LoCo Council Meeting Minutes
LoCo Council Team Reports


The LoCo Council has been tasked with identifying Approved LoCo teams which were approved over 2 years ago and thus are due for re-approval. The criteria for re approval is the same as for approval which is outlined on the getting approved instructions and the LoCo Council guidelines can be found at the team approval guidelines.

It should be noted that from the day your LoCo is approved, you should continue to document all events and history of your LoCo for this re approval process to make it clear and visible to all.

Re approval Process

The following process is used when identifying and then qualifying a LoCo team for re-approval.

  • The LoCo Council identifies teams which have been approved for more than 2 years, on the LoCo directory

    • The LoCo Council will attempt to contact the LoCo team a reasonable number of times (3) over a reasonable period (1 month). We do this by creating a bug and emailing the team contact.

    • If the LoCo Council receives no response from the LoCo team then the LoCo team will be unapproved

  • The LoCo Council will request that member(s) of the LoCo team attend the next (or another convenient) LoCo Council meeting

  • During the meeting the LoCo Council will go through the same approval process for re-approvals as they do for LoCo team approvals.

  • If the time of the meeting does not suit, that is fine, we can conduct the meeting via the bug as all the information will be stored there.

LoCoCouncil Team

The current membership of the council is:

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