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Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda (czajkowski, 20:00:07)

  • Hungarian Loco Re approval

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HungarianTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012 (czajkowski, 20:01:39)

ACTION: czajkowski update LP with team (czajkowski, 20:13:16)

  • Colorado LoCo reapprocal

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012 (stokes91, 20:14:48)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012 (czajkowski, 20:15:39)

Meeting ended at 20:31:03 UTC.


  • please vote on the reapproval of the Colorado loco
    • For: 0 Against: 0 Abstained: 4
  • please vote on the Hungarian loco reapproval
    • For: 4 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

Action items

  • czajkowski update LP with team

Action items, by person

  • czajkowski
  • * czajkowski update LP with team

People present (lines said)

  • czajkowski (64)
  • meetingology (23)
  • effiejayx (17)
  • toros (15)
  • stokes91 (15)
  • FunnyLookinHat (11)

  • nealmcb (11)
  • huats (9)
  • ttbro1 (9)
  • itnet7 (8)
  • joey (8)
  • hajni (6)
  • med_ (4)
  • Garheade (4)
  • P05TMAN (3)
  • mfisch (2)
  • ulysses (2)
  • kweinert (2)
  • jimbaker (2)
  • lamont (1)

Full Log

  • 19:59:43 <czajkowski> #startmeeting

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    19:59:43 <meetingology>

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    19:59:47 <huats> I am here Smile :)

    20:00:00 <joey> me

    20:00:07 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda

    20:00:08 <stokes91> o/

    20:00:34 <czajkowski> firstly welcome to our loco council we've had a bit of a reshuffle

    20:00:38 <czajkowski> so effiejayx welcome aboard

    20:00:53 <czajkowski> we have aplogies from coolbhavi

    20:00:55 <effiejayx> thanks Smile :)

    20:01:15 <czajkowski> toros: ping

    20:01:21 <toros> czajkowski: we are here

    20:01:27 <toros> hello

    20:01:29 <ulysses> o/

    20:01:34 <czajkowski> #topic Hungarian Loco Re approval

    20:01:39 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HungarianTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    20:02:04 <czajkowski> toros: so thanks for coming to the meeting

    20:02:10 <czajkowski> how is the loco doing?

    20:02:38 <toros> pretty well... we are preparing for the new release

    20:02:44 <lamont> joey: meh

    20:03:03 <czajkowski> nods

    20:03:06 <czajkowski> nice wiki page

    20:03:13 <toros> thank you

    20:03:35 <ttbro1> toros: I have to say that the wiki page is very impressive Smile :)

    20:03:36 <czajkowski> so how has your team grown over the last 2 years?

    20:04:05 <toros> we have many new users on our site... as far as I remember, we had somewhere around 18000 in 2010

    20:04:14 <toros> right now we have 26000 registered users

    20:04:22 <toros> we have some new activists

    20:04:37 <toros> I hope some of them will become Ubuntu member sooner or later

    20:04:50 <ttbro1> wow, that a lot O.o

    20:04:57 <huats> Smile :)

    20:05:00 <huats> great !

    20:05:01 <czajkowski> impressive list http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-hu/events/history

    20:05:16 <itnet7> I really thought you did well on your teams Wiki, good work on the Team Reports too!

    20:05:26 <effiejayx> toros, you seem to participate in many projects to foster free software in eduation and public sector, do you colaborate with other COmunity Projects_

    20:05:29 <effiejayx> ?

    20:05:42 <toros> effiejayx: yes.

    20:06:04 <effiejayx> toros, could you elaborate on your experience sharing, who have you shared with?

    20:06:05 <toros> we collaborate with the FSF.hu foundation

    20:06:19 <toros> and sometimes also with other small communities

    20:06:27 <huats> Have you been able to use the UDS to improve your loco participation ?

    20:07:03 <effiejayx> toros, any colaborative work with debian folks?

    20:07:18 <toros> huats: not really, but it was a great experience for us

    20:07:33 <czajkowski> if any other members of the loco want to add stuff please feel free to chat also

    20:07:43 <toros> effiejayx: no, there isn't really an active debian community in Hungary

    20:07:47 <czajkowski> I see on your road map you've a plan to do: We are going to update our Ubuntu version for the secondary school leaving exam based on Ubuntu 13.04. Can you tell us some more about this

    20:07:58 <czajkowski> as that seems a rather large task

    20:07:58 <toros> there are many Debian users, but they aren't really active locally

    20:08:08 <effiejayx> toros, ohhh how strange.

    20:08:50 <hajni> czajkowski, i am responsible for that project - we have a special version of ubuntu adjusted to the needs of the hungarian ICT secondary school leaving examination

    20:09:25 <czajkowski> hajni: oh can you tell us about that

    20:09:33 <czajkowski> I'm sure a lot of locos would be intersted in hearing about this

    20:09:35 <ttbro1> yes please

    20:09:38 <hajni> czajkowski, we would like to promote students to take that exam on ubuntu instead of windows

    20:10:23 <czajkowski> do you have to work with the schools or goverment with this?

    20:10:54 <hajni> the first step is to make the software environment officially accepted by the hungarian office of education

    20:11:45 <hajni> it was a rather long process, but we managed to deal with the administrative difficulties

    20:12:03 <itnet7> Good work on that hajni !

    20:12:04 <czajkowski> hajni: please do post this to the loco contacts list

    20:12:11 <czajkowski> it would be great to hear about this kinda project

    20:12:16 <effiejayx> that's great hajni

    20:12:21 <czajkowski> ok any other comments before we go to a vote

    20:12:26 <huats> ready to vote

    20:12:29 <effiejayx> ready

    20:12:30 <hajni> czajkowski, ok, sure

    20:12:35 <czajkowski> #voters effiejayx itnet7 huats czajkowski

    20:12:35 <meetingology> Current voters: czajkowski effiejayx huats itnet7

    20:12:50 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the Hungarian loco reapproval

    20:12:50 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the Hungarian loco reapproval

    20:12:50 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:12:53 <itnet7> +1

    20:12:53 <meetingology> +1 received from itnet7

    20:12:55 <huats> +1

    20:12:55 <meetingology> +1 received from huats

    20:12:56 <effiejayx> +1

    20:12:56 <meetingology> +1 received from effiejayx

    20:12:58 <czajkowski> +1 fantasic work

    20:12:58 <meetingology> +1 fantasic work received from czajkowski

    20:13:05 <czajkowski> #endvote

    20:13:05 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the Hungarian loco reapproval

    20:13:05 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0

    20:13:05 <meetingology> Motion carried

    20:13:10 <nealmcb> hajni: I'd also love to hear more about the exam work you're doing. what does the exam itself cover?

    20:13:12 <toros> thank you!

    20:13:13 <huats> keep doing that way !

    20:13:16 <czajkowski> #action czajkowski update LP with team 20:13:16 * meetingology czajkowski update LP with team

    20:13:18 <ulysses> thank you

    20:13:20 <itnet7> Very good job Ubuntu-Hu!!

    20:13:23 <nealmcb> Congrats!

    20:13:38 <hajni> thank you

    20:13:45 <P05TMAN> Woot-woot

    20:13:47 <effiejayx> congratulations ubuntu hungary LoCo Team,

    20:13:49 <Garheade> Congrats

    20:13:50 <czajkowski> #topic Colorado LoCo reapprocal

    20:14:22 <ttbro1> Congrats to Ubuntu-hu, they done a great job Smile :)

    20:14:26 <czajkowski> stokes91: welcome aboard

    20:14:39 <stokes91> Hello!

    20:14:48 <stokes91> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    20:15:39 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012

    20:15:43 <czajkowski> sorry dropped off there

    20:15:51 <czajkowski> stokes91: so how is the locoo doing ?

    20:15:51 <ttbro1> I have to admit, that is a small membership base :/

    20:16:20 <stokes91> Well, I have really just begun myself

    20:16:31 <stokes91> From the people I have met, we are excited to ramp up involvement

    20:16:43 <Garheade> He's doing a fine job.

    20:16:54 <P05TMAN> Second that

    20:17:02 <nealmcb> Indeed!

    20:17:03 <czajkowski> well anyone can talk in here so if others from the team want to voice stuff please do

    20:17:07 <FunnyLookinHat> Just an FYI - I was the previous team lead and I handed off a transition to stokes91 about 1 month ago.

    20:17:43 <czajkowski> nods

    20:17:50 <FunnyLookinHat> Since stokes91 has taken over, he's been pretty busy planning informal get-togethers, getting ready for the release party, and trying to brainstorm ( on his own and amongst other team members ) for ideas to increase LoCo activity.

    20:17:50 <czajkowski> FunnyLookinHat: so how have the previous 2 years been ?

    20:18:01 <FunnyLookinHat> czajkowski, Slow and steady.

    20:18:11 <FunnyLookinHat> We've tried a few different things besides the usual release parties, and had mixed results.

    20:18:12 <stokes91> My first meetin with the group was at the Ubuntu Hour at the Falling Rock, and I met a number of the acive members here.

    20:18:22 <czajkowski> I don't see many events on http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/coloradoteam/events/history do you guys have them listed elsewhere?

    20:18:35 <FunnyLookinHat> So we're going to just keep tweaking the formula to see "what works" in Colorado.

    20:19:00 <FunnyLookinHat> czajkowski, We informally partner with a few local meetups that bulk up our activity

    20:19:12 <FunnyLookinHat> This is the most popular one: http://www.meetup.com/The-Denver-Boulder-Linux-Meetup-Group/

    20:19:15 <mfisch> the size of the state makes it a bit difficult to attend events regularly for some people

    20:19:31 <stokes91> FRom the feedback I have received from active members and less-active but interested people, my plan is to have many more smaller meetups with diversified topics to interest larger numbers of small groups.

    20:19:36 <FunnyLookinHat> Kevin organizes that meetup and generally works closely with the LoCo when he needs more Ubuntu related content.

    20:19:52 <czajkowski> stokes91: nice idea

    20:19:54 <czajkowski> that does help

    20:20:10 <czajkowski> and every loco is so different the one plan for all doesn't work so you need to find something that works for your team

    20:20:11 <stokes91> Of course in tandem with what we have established already works [;

    20:20:23 <ttbro1> that will help indeed stokes 91

    20:20:51 <stokes91> Thx!

    20:21:00 <czajkowski> nods

    20:21:02 <czajkowski> sounds like a plan

    20:21:10 <jimbaker> this partnership sounds like a good idea. for example, i just presented juju to the boulder linux user group. there was some overlap in members attending from the ubuntu loco. likely we could have increased that with better coordination

    20:21:16 <FunnyLookinHat> Ultimately - the biggest thing the LoCo needs is a new leader who has much more free time - and that just happens to be stokes91 Smile :)

    20:21:22 <nealmcb> One of the bigger outreach activies we've done over the years is not listed as an event, but is noted on the reapplicaion page. Jim Hutchinson has led our participation in the local Colorado Technology in Education meeting. Too bad Jim isn't here to update on the 2011 event.

    20:21:24 <FunnyLookinHat> jimbaker, +1

    20:21:43 <ttbro1> stokes91: your welcome and I wish all the best in the vote Smile :)

    20:21:58 <czajkowski> nods

    20:22:19 <czajkowski> FunnyLookinHat: yes that also helps and youv'e done a great job keeping the team going till someone else could take the torch from you

    20:22:24 <effiejayx> well I see some good spirits to make this team rock harder that it does now

    20:22:34 <nealmcb> We also distribute CDs to other groups like the Boulder Linux User Group and the DevOps group

    20:22:50 <czajkowski> nealmcb: great

    20:22:58 <czajkowski> nealmcb: random I know, but how do you distribute them

    20:22:58 <nealmcb> And Jim Baker just gave a juju talk for the BLUG

    20:23:04 <czajkowski> I'm always curious on how teams do that

    20:23:14 <joey> stokes91: can you take an action to get in touch with Jim H to see if there's another TIE event for this year?

    20:23:33 <joey> stokes91: via the email list should be good. That's always been a very worthwhile event.

    20:23:47 <stokes91> Absolutely.

    20:24:07 <joey> Thanks stokes91

    20:24:28 <nealmcb> The BLUG has a raffle at the end of each meeting, and/or we just hand out to those that are interested

    20:24:29 <czajkowski> ok any other comments before we vote folks?

    20:24:40 <effiejayx> FunnyLookinHat, I believe The Colorado US team should document this things a bit better.

    20:24:58 <FunnyLookinHat> effiejayx, totally agree, we'll make that a point for the next two years

    20:25:16 <P05TMAN> I'd be happy to assist in documentation.

    20:25:18 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the reapproval of the Colorado loco

    20:25:18 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the reapproval of the Colorado loco

    20:25:18 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:25:27 <Garheade> effie: I think several of use have noticed the need for better documentation 20:25:28 * med_ votes for

    20:25:36 <ttbro1> +0

    20:25:39 <effiejayx> also to be honest, the work the team has done is good, but it needs to be more constant and also published somewere of other locos to see

    20:25:40 <med_> +1

    20:25:45 <Garheade> +1

    20:25:47 <czajkowski> med_: only council can vote

    20:25:53 <mfisch> good try med_! Wink ;) 20:26:09 * med_ was in another meeting....

    20:26:10 <kweinert> +1

    20:26:19 <itnet7> +0 I like the direction your going, but I think the team does need a little time

    20:26:19 <meetingology> +0 I like the direction your going, but I think the team does need a little time received from itnet7

    20:26:28 <itnet7> to get back up to speed

    20:26:34 <czajkowski> +0 I'm just not seeing activity and I'd love you guys to come back in 6+ months with more stuff documnted.

    20:26:34 <meetingology> +0 I'm just not seeing activity and I'd love you guys to come back in 6+ months with more stuff documnted. received from czajkowski

    20:26:35 <kweinert> (sorry)

    20:26:58 <czajkowski> huats: effiejayx

    20:27:01 <effiejayx> +0 It has a group of people willing to make magic happen

    20:27:01 <meetingology> +0 It has a group of people willing to make magic happen received from effiejayx 20:27:36 * czajkowski prods huats

    20:28:12 <huats> +0

    20:28:12 <meetingology> +0 received from huats

    20:28:18 <czajkowski> #endvote

    20:28:18 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the reapproval of the Colorado loco

    20:28:18 <meetingology> Votes for:0 Votes against:0 Abstentions:4

    20:28:18 <meetingology> Deadlock, casting vote may be used

    20:28:21 <joey> I think the good news is that the colorado loco has a lot of folks here for this meeting. That should demonstrate that the group is alive. Smile :-)

    20:28:28 <czajkowski> joey: exactly

    20:28:29 <stokes91> Okay, cool. What does this mean we need to do in the mean time?

    20:28:30 <nealmcb> Are there any models from other big sparse US states you could point us to for ideas?

    20:28:46 <joey> stokes91: that means we have 6 months to put on a good showing and come back

    20:28:49 <czajkowski> stokes91: so it means keep up the actiity and good work you're doing

    20:28:57 <effiejayx> joey, alive and kicking indeed, We hope to see you next cycle

    20:29:04 <czajkowski> but we;d love to have you back in a few months when more stuff has been done or documetned

    20:29:08 <stokes91> Okay cool beans!

    20:29:10 <effiejayx> I can follow up on your work if needed

    20:29:15 <nealmcb> So we remain an active team, but for a more limited time?

    20:29:17 <czajkowski> nealmcb: the Florida loco does amazing work

    20:29:19 <itnet7> If the team keeps up the momentum, I don't think you'll have any problems when you return and apply

    20:29:21 <czajkowski> nealmcb: itnet7 is your man

    20:29:23 <huats> it is clearly a way to tell you : we have seen your efforts, but we would like you to continue that way in the next months !

    20:29:31 <stokes91> We can do it.

    20:29:36 <nealmcb> Smile :)

    20:29:37 <med_> indeed we can.

    20:29:37 <joey> stokes91: and here's the public apology for being so tied up at work that I'm not able to really help. Sad :-(

    20:29:38 <czajkowski> stokes91: you can always email the loco coucnil for ideas or help we're here to help you

    20:29:42 <jimbaker> cool Smile :)

    20:29:44 <itnet7> nealmcb and stokes91 you can ping me anytime

    20:29:55 <ttbro1> stoke 91: I'm sorry that you lose but I do wish you guys all the best in the future Smile :)

    20:29:59 <czajkowski> so what this means to the team is it will naturally expire from the approved locoteams on the 22th of this month

    20:30:06 <czajkowski> but we do want to see you guys back

    20:30:16 <stokes91> Sounds good, I am definitely not chalking this up as a loss,

    20:30:26 <nealmcb> Oh dear....

    20:30:40 <czajkowski> stokes91: nop please dont take that away from this meeting

    20:30:44 <joey> Some trivia: Colorado was the first US State loco team approved and the 2nd US Loco team approved (the first one was a city)

    20:30:49 <effiejayx> stokes91, thank you for stepping up for LoCo Contact and please do ask any questions you may have

    20:30:57 <stokes91> Absolutely.

    20:31:03 <czajkowski> #endmeeting

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